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I can show an arrow by selecting the 'direction' in the properties tab for an association. 

From the ArchiMate Spec and the book "Enterprise Architecture at Work" you can use plateaus to represent the baseline and target architecture with triggering between them. You can either put the application components inside the plateaus on the diagram or create a aggregation relationship between the plateau and the application component.

I am developing a roadmap between Baseline to the Target architecture.
If there are multiple (legacy )application components converging to the same (Target ) component, how can we depict it in  a roadmap.
Can I draw an association between each legacy component to the Target component, with a source to destination arrow or is there some way better.

Thanks for all the help provided in this forum folks.


I am developing a Roadmap between Baseline and Target Architectures. In the roadmaps I am showing Archimate 3 application components transition  in a timeline . Some of these components are dependent on certain other components. Can a dependency be shown using connectors with Arrows showing association or there is something better ?

This would seem to be something to do with the implementation and migration concepts? such as deliverables?

You just need to know whereabouts the off-screen object is.
Where again the pan&zoom window is helpful.


Can I show a dependency between 2 Application components (both are Archimate 3 Application components) using quick Link ?  If yes  is there any particular property the quick link needs to have ?

Thanks in advance

How can I use quick link (or any other method) to connect 2 objects if these are not on the same screen ?


I am building a roadmap between Baseline and Target Architecture. However one application component can only be displayed once in the roadmap. In this case there are a number of baseline components that are converging to this Target Application component. How can I show this application convergence in the roadmap ?


General Board / Can I use Export/Import for a single component ?
« on: May 22, 2019, 04:26:51 am »
Can I use the Export/Import (to CSV) for a single component like a class ? for example import multiple components but not the complete diagram in Sparx ?

I am asking the question as the database of company applications including data like  application sunset date and other metadata is maintained in a different system for a number of applications. I need to  import is as a csv in Sparx.

Another question.
How is the metadata (for example Application EOL date) treated by Sparx, if it has not been defined in it.



Sure you can, because the roadmap diagram is not restricted to the package it belongs, I mean, the roadmap is a type of diagram that allows you to represent phases in a timeline. So you can represent you phases in this kind of diagram. You can even create the diagram in a package different from baseline or target archicture packages

Can I create a roadmap between a baseline architecture diagram and a target architecture diagram between that are in 2 different packages ?


Thanks for the response. How do we create connectors between diagrams in 2 different packages ? Not clear to me. thanks again

Hi ,
I wanted to get an advise on best practice for the following:
1. For an enterprise, are the Baseline Architecture diagrams and Target Architecture diagrams in the same package or different package ?
(I kept both in the same Package, however I note that if I change one application component in Target Architecture it also  changes corresponding  component in Baseline architecture as well). In this case it is not required, as I wanted to show the enhancement in Target Architecture.

Thanks in advance for your advise

General Board / Re: Sparx Best Practices doc ?
« on: May 17, 2019, 02:24:01 am »
Hi ,
Thanks for the response. Yes,  I understand what you mean. I have basically used one element that is being used across different Sparx representations (for example Baseline, Target and Roadmaps). This single element is linked to these 3 diagrams so that one change in element is reflected across 3 diagrams (in my example). Anything else that I should be worried about ? My end goal is to trash these Microsoft PPT and spreadsheet once and for all.

Thanks again

General Board / Sparx Best Practices doc ?
« on: May 17, 2019, 01:11:42 am »
Dear All ,
For a user that had all the EA diagrams stored in MS Power Point and Spreadsheets and is moving to standardize on Sparx, is there a 'best practices' manual or document that I can refer to ? Mainly the first phase is to move all the diagrams to Sparx and draw a Sparx roadmap between Target and Baseline architecture. The objective is that we should be using Sparx for lifecycle, after moving on Sparx and not rely on Powerpoint and Excel Spreadsheets from now on.

Thanks in Advance

General Board / Re: Resizing a Sparx diagram
« on: May 16, 2019, 12:19:41 am »
It works nicely. Thank You
Diagram > Properties > Diagram > Page Setup > Advanced > Scale to 1 page
may be what you are looking fro

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