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Bug description: Bug in Browser (Project) – last tree item is not selectable with the mouse when horizontal scroll bar is active.

Bug reproduction:

1)   Open EAExample project.

2)   Select the root node in the Browser / Project.
        All following actions should be done via mouse.

3)   Open the nodes til the horizontal scroll bar appears.
For example, open the nodes: Domain Specific Modeling; BPMN; E-mail voting Example (this is an example of the nodes list that reproduces the needed conditions for me; it depends on the screen resolution and Browser window size).

4)   Scroll the project tree down so that the node “Pro Cloud Server” gets visible.

5)   Try to select the node “Pro Cloud Server” with the mouse pointer. For me it does not function.

Note that the last item is still selectable with the keyboard.

   Screen resolution: 1920x1080
   Windows 7 Pro
   EA v15.0.1507
   The EA window is maximized

Bug reported.

Best regards

There is at least two controls which let change the (diagram) zoom: the slider at bottom right of the screen and the slider in the Pan & Zoom View. They are not synchronized (see also,31160.msg225636.html#msg225636). Also they do not change when a diagram will be zoomed via Ctrl + Mouse Wheel.

The view element that shows current zoom in the status line changes only when a diagram will be zoomed via Ctrl + Mouse Wheel, but does not change on zoom via sliders.

Nice to have:
  • Save currently set zoom as persistent zoom.
  • Set an arbitrary zoom (probably restricted to an reasonable range).

Some dialogs, especially with variable part(s) (e.g., long strings or lists) have fixed size. It's out-of-date.

General Board / Features visibility and class inheritance
« on: January 23, 2013, 12:39:45 am »
Class D is derived from the class B. I want to show selected operations of the class D on a class diagram; e.g., one operation of the class D and one inherited operation of the class B - both operations within one visible item represents class D. I want avoid to show class B on the diagram.

There are following problems:
1. The dialog "Supress Features in Diagramm" shows the features of the class D only, I cannot select desired operations of the class B.
2. I can activate checkbox "Inherited Featues/Show Operations" but it has no effect if custom Operation Visibility selected.

Do someone know how to solve these problems? TIA

It's usually in .net that a delegate declaration is a part of a namespace and not of a class.

I use EA to generate a source code from the model. Is it possible to define a delegate out of a model class, as part of a package?


There are three MDG add-ins for EA and MS Visual Studio integration:
  • VSIntegrate.exe - Visual Studio Integration (available under Downloads/MDG Add-ins/MDG Integration/Visual Studio);
  • VSBridge.exe - Visual Studio .NET MDG Link (available under Downloads/MDG Add-ins/MDG LINK/Visual Studio .NET);
  • VS_Link_Beta_2_45.exe - Visual Studio .NET MDG Link (available to download from here)
What is a difference between? Is there a matrix comparision of these add-ins available?

Thx  :)

I want to generate RTF documentation from Use Case model. The model contains some use case with structured scenarios. An activity diagram is generated (Use Case properties/Scenarios/Generate Diagram) from this scenario; such diagram is placed by EA under specially project node with Activity type within other activities represent structured scenario steps.

I use a template derived from the standard (use case scenario template). My problem is a following: the diagram generated by EA and placed under intern Activity node does not appears in the RTF document because activity elements are excluded by default (“Generate documentation dialog / Options) for this template. If I include activity elements into report, they appear as “use case” :( . If I move the diagram from its activity project node, this diagram appears in the document but will not be automatically updated by EA from scenario editor. I tried some filters for activity items but unsuccessful. :(

Can anyone give a tip? Thx

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