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General Board / Where is the "model default diagram" stored?
« on: February 05, 2020, 09:49:59 pm »
does anybody know in which database table the "model default diagram" is stored?

I have a model in which I cannot set the model default diagram using the UI.
I hope to get it set by directly manipulating the storage location in the database.

Hello all,
in an EA script (using EA 14.1) I would like to create and access :o a list of integers.
I want store the element IDs of a bunch of classes and objects in that list and do some checks on this.

What I did:
Code: [Select]
set listOfDs = CreateObject("System.Collections.ArrayList")
Now I would like to access the elements in the list.
But unfortunately there is no listOfIDs.GetAt(<index>) method.
When trying to access an element with the [] operator I get an error message.
Code: [Select]
Session.Output listOfIDs[0]leads to the error message: "Expected end of statement".

Any idea how to access the element in the ArrayList?
Are there alternatives to the ArrayList (number of elements to be in the list is unknown, so dynamic resizing would be great)?

when creating an enumeration element including some attributes, the attributes are displayed by default in a diagram.

In an MDG I have different stereotyped enumerations, and I would like to have own shape scripts for them.
But with the below shown code the shape script does not show the attributes.
What am I missing?
Code: [Select]
shape main
// initialisation
layoutType = "border";


shape namecompartment
preferredHeight = "20";
h_align = "center";
print("#stereotype#: #name#");

I have a structured tagged value (a class PhysicalRange with a "Min" and a "Max" attribute).
Now I want to query the Min and Max value in a shape script.
Something like:
Code: [Select]
if( HasTag("PhysicalRange.Min", "") ) {
// do something
Is that possible?
And if Yes, where can I find information on this?

Accessing normal (unstructured) tags is easy. No problems with that.

General Board / EA 14.1: How to see the "owner" of a port of class?
« on: October 30, 2018, 08:16:14 pm »

I have a class "Child" that inherits a port from a base class "Parent".
In the dialog window "Features & Properties -> Interaction Points" EA 14.1 shows the owner of that port as "Child".
In EA 13.5 and earlier the owner was shown as "Parent", because that port was originally created at the Parent class.

How can I see in EA 14.1 if a port is inherited from a "base class" or not?

I feel tempted to report this as bug, as the EA <= v13.5 behavior was a bit more logical and helpful to me.

Bugs and Issues / Embedded elements of an instantiated class are locked
« on: October 23, 2018, 07:08:56 pm »

some facts:
- EA model with enabled user security and activated "Require user lock to edit"
- Problem discovered in EA 12 to EA 14.1 (probably also earlier versions)

I have a class with embedded elements like ports or parts.
If I now create an instance of this class, all embedded elements are also instantiated. Awesome :).
BUT: The instantiated embedded elements have no applied user lock, only the class instance gets the user lock.
Thus, giving a name to such an element, or giving a stereotype to an element is prevented, because the OK button is deactivated because of the missing user lock.
We have to manually apply user lock to the embedded elements.

Is this behavior intended and why?
Any solution/workaround available to get applied user locks on element instantiation?
Or is a bug report to Sparx necessary, given that there is no reasonable argument why this is intended?

General Board / Package control without "version control" possible?
« on: October 16, 2018, 01:58:33 am »

a colleague asked me if it is possible to have package control (package content is also stored in file system) in EA without the need of a version control server like SVN, TFS, etc.
He would like to "tell EA" that some packages shall be stored in a file and the EA model knows that these packages are not only stored in the model, but also in the files.
Whenever he changes the package content in the model (previous "checkout" needed), he also would accept to do some "checkin" to update the file content.

Background of the question:
We are going to use the IBM CLM with RTC (Ration Team Concert) for version control.
As RTC creates a local copy of version controlled elements we would need to have our design model to be split into many files (just like now; we use ClearCase as verison control).
BUT: As IBM RTC is not directly supported by EA, we are thinking of having a file based storage of our design model, instead of a monolithic model.
Of course we would still store the model in a DBMS, but single "package artifacts" would be needed in RTC as files.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Create MDG via script?
« on: October 09, 2018, 06:35:43 pm »

is it possible to create an MDG from an EA Script?
Assuming I have already several xml files containing my UML profile, my own toolbox, my own diagram type, etc.
And, most important, I have already a correct and complete *.mts file.

I would now like to create the MDG.xml file running a script, instead of clicking through the dialog window.
Is that possible?
So far I have not found any information on that in the reference of the automation interface.

General Board / Where is my pattern that has been embedded to MDG?
« on: September 20, 2018, 04:11:59 pm »
I created an UML profile with a bunch of stereotypes.
I also created a pattern in which classes of these stereotypes are used.
Profile and pattern are added to an MDG.

When importing this MDG to another model I see the toolbox offering my stereotypes -> As expected :)
What I am missing is my pattern.
Where is it?
Does my MDG need something additional to make the pattern usable and selectable somewhere?

General Board / Create read-only tag in an UML profile
« on: September 14, 2018, 11:58:39 pm »
does anybody know how to make a tag read-only?

We created an own UML profile with some stereotypes for classes.
For one stereotype I would like to make one tag "read-only". The tag has a default value, and it would be nice if the user, who creates a class of such a stereotype cannot change the value of that tag.

General Board / Empty tags of a class not shown in diagram
« on: September 14, 2018, 11:48:33 pm »
I just observed that EA 14.1 does not display tags with no value (empty tags) in a diagram, even if the compartment visibility is set for tags (or even inherited tags).
As soon as I give the empty tags a value they are displayed.

Is this behavior normal/intended?
How is the behavior in EA version <= EA 14.0?

I would like to see all tags, even those with no value, if compartment visibility is set for tags.

since a long time (>> 1 year) I have a really annoying behavior when creating a message/call in a sequence chart.
Today it really makes me >:( >:( >:( >:(.

When creating a message between existing messages the message jumps down after creation.
Sometimes it is located at the very bottom, sometimes somewhere in the middle of the diagram.
I always have to move it with press Alt-key to the intended location.

This does not happen the created message is the last in the sequence.
The behavior is the same in EA 12 and 13 (14 not yet tested).

Any idea what might cause this behavior?
Or even better: how to get rid of this?
I do not think this is intended.
A re-installation did not help.

General Board / Where are user passwords stored?
« on: April 19, 2018, 07:43:12 pm »
In EA 11 Sparx has changed to a SHA hash of the user security passwords.
Along with that change, the storage location of the user passwords has changed. Before the passwords where in table t_secuser, now they are somewhere else.
Does anybody know where the passwords are stored?

General Board / Weird copy/paste diagram behaviour
« on: January 15, 2018, 08:15:20 pm »
I observed a strange behavior when copying and pasting a diagram than I cannot explain (EA 13.5 and EA 12.1).
Source diagram:
- contains class elements
- contains instances of classes
All elements are in the same package as the source diagram.

Newly pasted diagram (paste as shallow copy):
Good: The diagram also contains classes and instances, and the classes refer to the original elements (links to them).
Bad: The instances are copies of the "original instances". So in the project browser now I have copies of all instances. The new diagram now links to the duplicated instances, instead of linking to the original ones.

Any other copy method (deep, smart) does also duplicated the elements in the diagram, as expected. But this is not what I want.

Any idea if this behavior is normal? And (more important) why is this normal?
Any idea how to get a copy/clone of a diagram, without duplicating the elements in the copied diagram?

General Board / What is a "property"?
« on: July 31, 2017, 11:42:24 pm »

since several weeks I am asking myself the hell is a "property" when dropping a class element in a diagram.
When dropping a class element in a diagram a dialog appears asking of what kind the dropped element shall be created: Link, Instance, Child, Property.

Links, Instance and Child are perfectly clear.
I just don't know what a property might be.

Can anyone bring light into my darkness?
All explanations in the internet did not really help (maybe bad explained or I am too stupid for that).

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