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Bugs and Issues / Repository.SaveAsDiagramProfile does not save colors
« on: November 11, 2019, 01:18:40 am »
Great idea. It would be a very useful function.
However, unless I am missing something, in our case it is useless as it does save the colors.

A user can change an existing connector by moving a connector end to another element.
And in that case "EA_OnPreNewConnector" is not triggered.

Does anybody know what event is triggered in that case?

Thank you in advance,

... when the stereotype is defined in an MDG?

Does anybody know?

Thank you in advance,

Are there any plans to provide URLs that are accessible from outside the repository.

Here is a use case:

User 1
- Right-clicks on a diagram and select (new option) "Copy link to diagram" (just as in OneNote).
- Copy the link in an email.

- Create links to diagrams and puts them in emails or on a web site

User 2 (recipient)
- Clicks on a URL

- Starts if was not already running
- Opens the diagram and makes it active

So we can write console programs or services that access the object model in batch mode
- without having to install EA on the server
- without existing limitations which are due to the fact that EA is a desktop program

I need to generate HTML using an MDG loaded from my addin. And this needs to run in batch mode.
But OnInitializeTechnologies is not called when running in batch mode.
It works perfectly well when running in normal/user interface mode.

As a workaround I tried to start another instance and call RunHTMLReport() on that other instance (code below)
But RunHTMLReport() returns an error.

Did anybody encounter the same problem... and found a solution :-) ?

Thank you in advance


Process externalEaProcess = Process.Start(repositoryFileInfo.FullName)
object obj = Marshal.GetActiveObject("EA.App");
EA.App app = obj as EA.App;
Repository repo = app.Repository;

Dear Sparxters,
After changing diagram types using C# code equivalent to the VB Script below...

I noticed that when I make an EXISTING element composite, the default diagram type defined in the MDG is not applied.
It works only for new elements.

Any idea what is missing in the code below to apply the diagram type changes to existing elements?

option explicit
sub MigrateDiagramsStereotype (oldType, oldStereotype, newType, newStereotype)
   Dim sql

   Repository.EnsureOutputVisible "Script"
   Repository.ClearOutput "Script"

   ' SQL SERVER SYNTAX ONLY - Cannot be translated to Access as Cast expression does not work with Access
   sql = "update t_diagram " &_
        "set Diagram_Type = '" + newType + "'" &_
        ", StyleEx = cast(replace(cast(StyleEx as nvarchar(max)), 'MDGDgm=" + oldStereotype + "', 'MDGDgm=" + newStereotype + "') as ntext) " &_
        "where " &_
        "Diagram_Type = '" + oldType + "' AND " &_
        "StyleEx like '%MDGDgm=" + oldStereotype + "%'"
   Repository.Execute (sql)
end sub

sub main
      MigrateDiagramsStereotype "Logical",   "MyDiagramPage::MyDiagramStereoyype", "Logical", ""MyNewDiagramPage::MyNewDiagramStereoype"
end sub


In a diagram profile, how can we group/categorize existing diagram types so that they appear in a tree browser a bit like in Archimate 3?

So that, with a perspective properly set, the Add Diagram window shows for example:

- Corporate Objectives
- Domain Goals
- ...
- Organization Landscape
- ...
- Application Landscape
- Application Interactions

Is there a way to automatically replace sql select content stored in list views and charts?

The traceability window is still ignoring MDG icons and this is confusing end users.

One generic way to solve it and to allow extensions at the same time is to provide an addin event that we can use to provide the icon that we need.
The icon could then also reflect the state of any element property or tagged value.

Users are asking for a way to enter tagged values for a set of recurrent of a very long list of tagged values (longer than the window height).
As far as EA 14.1 is concerned, the specification manager is still very cumbersome for data entry.
It is also limited to the content of a package.

For some obscure reasons, some stereotypes defined in our MDG are mysteriously added to the list of UML Stereotypes in our shared repository.

As a result, when a new element or connector of that stereotype is created, Sparx uses the one defined in the repository instead of the one defined in the MDG.
Since the signature of these 2 stereotypes are different this has various impacts on the behavior of Sparx (execution of shapescripts, model validation...).

This situation happens notably when we change the type and/or stereotype of an element or connector in our MDG and then in the model repository. In that case, Sparx sometimes adds a new duplicate stereotype in the repository.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Stripped-down model view
« on: September 12, 2018, 01:08:55 am »
Is there any way to have the equivalent of a model view as a text box, without any window around it.
Ideally there should be an optional text on the left.

Example: "Number of issues: " {text box containing the result of some SQL query}

In v14 there is now more than ar multiple ribbons in the RibbonSets.xml
In v13 there was a single ribbon in UserRibbon.xml

When deploying RibbonSets.xml to end users' computers, how can we make sure that the right ribbon is activated.
I could not find the currently selected ribbon set in the registry.


Loading my MDG on EA_OnInitializeTechnologies is not appropriate for my needs. It is too early.
I need to first read configuration data (including a metamodel) from a repository, then update my MDG dynamically and then finally load the MDG.

How can I load an MDG at any time?
Would it be possible to make this API public please? This API should already exist since it is used by Sparx in the UI.



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