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Working on 2 EA Projects in parallel, I'd like to get an element style (colours) from a project and apply it to an element within a project opened in a different EA instance.
Note that Copy/Paste between projects via the clipboard works ok.

Bugs and Issues / Empty enumerations with an XMI 2.1 Import
« on: September 24, 2021, 06:15:01 pm »

A team used the XMI v2.1 export to published class models.
When importing it into a blank EAPx file, we noticed that some enumeration classes are empty, even though literal values are visible in the XMI File.

Code: [Select]
<packagedElement xmi:type="uml:Class" xmi:id="EAID_...." name="EnumType" visibility="public">
<ownedLiteral xmi:type="uml:EnumerationLiteral" xmi:id="EAID_..." name="literal value 1" visibility="public"/>

The odd thing is that some enums are populated with a similar content in the XMI.

The User Guide states the following: "When performing Enterprise Architect-to-Enterprise Architect transfers, ensure that XMI version 1.1,  XMI version 2.1 or Enterprise Architect's Native XML is selected"
Yet I recently experienced a case with the Merge where only XMI 1.1 worked. I also found the following thread:

Users tend to use the latest version and choose 2.1 instead of 1.1. Should we rule out 2.1 and use by default 1.1 to avoid any issue?
Is there a way to sort this issue based on the existing XMI 2.1 file ?

Suggestions and Requests / Transparent color support
« on: September 22, 2021, 07:47:04 pm »

Would it be possible to to add the transparency support on background colours?



I have many custom searches that have been created for clients or demo MDG Technologies.
Since all searches as available from the "My Searches" group, I apply a prefix matching the client or project e.g. eaUtils - Find ...

The issue with this approach is that clients get a list of searches that start with this prefix e.g.
ProjectA - Find applications by Vendor
ProjectA - Find applications by Domain ...

When generating the MDG, could we have an additional step on Searches so after the embedded custom searches are selected, one could enter the search name that will be visible in the Search Menu (removing Project A prefix from the previous example) ?

Alternatively, could we create locally search groups (My Searches 1, My Searches 2) to manage separate lists?

Suggestions and Requests / Change the default search to a custom MDG
« on: September 15, 2021, 06:52:32 pm »

A group of users is using a shared EA repository (hosted in Postgres DB) using a custom MDG which includes searches.
When they open the model search (Ctrl + F), they would like to have their MDG selected instead of Common Searches.
Is this feasible or would this be a new option/feature?



I'm working on a script to create XSDelement stereotyped attributes within an existing XSDcomplexType class.
Despite the fact that the attribute stereotype is set to XSDelement, it doesn't have any tagged value.

I attempted to run the SynchProfile from the script (see below) but it doesn't work. I noticed that Synchronize Stereotype is not available from the toolbox.
Code: [Select]
Repository.CustomCommand("Repository", "SynchProfile", "Stereotype=XSDelement;");
Do you know if there's a way to sort this? The only workaround I identified is to manually create the tagged values but it's a bit cumbersome.


In the relationships matrix, the source and target can either be populated from a selected package in the browser or a custom search.
It would be useful to add an option to select a diagram so only the elements visible on this view and matching the selected type are used in the matrix.

Example: I have a diagram that I use to link specific BPMN tasks with UML use cases (business model -> analysis model traceability). I would like to see only the use cases (source) and tasks (target) from this diagram on my matrix.

PCS General Board / Prolaborate new Users
« on: August 04, 2021, 12:53:37 am »

When the SSO is enabled with multi repositories, I often need to open Prolaborate User Management page and sort results by the "Last Active on" column to identify new users.
This is needed to quickly grant them access on specific repositories. A user indeed needs to use the Login with SSO so the account is created, prior to grant any access.

Is there a way to be notified as super admin of new users ?
In the users management (or another page), is it possible to have the list of users with the Created Date information in addition to the last active ?

Bugs and Issues / F2 rename keyboard shortcut doesn't work with Ports
« on: August 02, 2021, 04:47:04 pm »

I often use the F2 key to rename a selected element from a diagram. I noticed that it doesn't work on ports (inside a block or component).

General Board / Managing connectors on external models (XMI import)
« on: July 23, 2021, 05:15:52 pm »

I have a client using multiple EA projects: a common model, and a model for each team. New versions of a specific "shared package" from the common model are published via XMI files.
Each team imports the XMI in a dedicated package on its own EA project.

Elements (e.g. blocks + ports) from the imported / external package need to be associated with the local blocks. The issue is that once a new version of the common model is imported, any connector from an element (source) that belongs to the common model is deleted. I knew about this constraint however in the current context we must be able to create connectors both ways between ports. For instance an output port from a common block must have a connector from this port to the local block.

My understanding is that this issue and constraint is linked with the XMI import process, and not necessary with the EA DB. When I create a connector in the local project DB from a common to a local block, it can be seen as surprising that it is deleted from the DB as a result of the XMI import.
Unless a new option to support a way to preserve connectors is added by Sparx, the only workaround I can think of is to have a script that stores somewhere the definition of all connectors from any element in the common model so they can be restored after an XMI import.

PCS General Board / Prolaborate - closing a discussion
« on: July 09, 2021, 07:13:06 pm »
As the admin of a Prolaborate Repository, I'd like to close a processed discussion, yet this is currently reserved to the author.
I suppose that it would require an update in Prolaborate so we can enable other users (e.g. a new permission in the Feature Set) to close any discussion.


When using Prolaborate user accounts and allowing users to reset their password, the following conditions apply:
Note: Password should be 8-character long alphanumeric with lowercase, uppercase, and special characters.

One of my clients has a slightly different requirement i.e. the min length is 14 chars.
Is there currently a way to change these settings in Prolaborate ? If not, would it be possible to provide an option in the Portal settings to change these settings ?
Password length: <>
Uppercase: true/false
Lowercase: true/false
Numbers: true/false
Special characters (!, $, %, &...): true/false
Spaces:  true/false


PCS General Board / Separate PCS for EA and Prolaborate?
« on: June 23, 2021, 05:41:13 pm »

Do you recommend to set up 2 instances of the Pro Cloud Server, one without any license for the EA users, and another one with a license for the integration with Prolaborate ?
I wonder if Prolaborate or EA access performances could be affected if all requests go through the same PCS.



In Prolaborate Users Management page (/UserManagement/Users.aspx), clicking on View under Repositories is very useful to add a user to a number of additional repositories. This is especially relevant when user accounts are automatically created once logged in.

Would it be possible to have a way to assign as well the user groups under each repo whilst keeping the UI visible ?

When using the Properties view to update the selected connector's Source and Target info (e.g. multiplicity), I get an "Unsaved Property changes" warning asking me if I want to save when selecting a different element or connector. I understand that I should save by clicking on the floppy disk icon but this is not very user friendly when repeating it.
Could we have an option to disable this prompt and auto save? (similar to the hide or deleted connector prompt).
Also it would be useful to save the connector's properties with the "Ctrl S" shortcut.


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