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Bugs and Issues / V1605 copy /paste note size bug
« on: September 30, 2022, 11:24:27 pm »

I found a bug in EA16 that I believe was fixed in EA15.2 i.e. if you copy and paste as new a Note element on a diagram, the original note height is increased.

General Board / BPMN Data input/output roles
« on: September 28, 2022, 08:13:42 pm »

In BPMN2, I have activities with linked Data Objects using the Data Input or Output associations which are stereotyped dependencies.
When a user opens the Traceability view and selects the Activity, the input Data Objects are grouped under "needed by", whereas the output are grouped under "depends on"
This doesn't sound right e.g. Activity needed by an Input data object, and since this is a built-in MDG, I think the terms can be changed e.g. to Data Inputs and Data Outputs.

Could this be changed ?

Bugs and Issues / EA16 HTML Export Browser
« on: September 28, 2022, 07:53:36 pm »

I tried the HTML export available with EA 16. As pointed out by a user, the major change involves the Browser which has been replaced with the content of the active package or element.
Many users require a browser matching EA Browser (tree view) so they can browse in the repository (limited to the exported package branch if applicable) as they would do in EA.

Whilst the navigation bar at the top is interesting, the tree style browser is a must have in my opinion. Can it be restored as it was available with previous versions ?


I have a large shared EA database on Postgres which I open via the Pro Cloud Server (tested with 4.1.44 and 5.0.104).
I ran a copy/paste of a package branch to duplicate a data model.

I'm getting multiple errors with repeating popup windows:
Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server [0x000007d9] Error retrieving results: WAIT_TIMEOUT

I didn't find anything in the PCS logs.

I managed getting it to work with the equivalent method of running an XMI Export followed by an XMI Import with the strip guid option enabled (via the PCS).
I also ran a test to copy/paste the package with a direct ODBC link and it worked.


I found a similar thread here but the issue seems to be different:,43280.0.html
I have an EA project running on Postgres via the Pro Cloud Server, and when I duplicate a package structure, I get the following error message on a popup: Microsoft Cursor Engine [0x80040e21] Multiple-step operation generated errors. Check each status value.
Note: the duplicated package has classes with connectors to external classes (not in the same package).

Looking at the DBErrors.txt file, I can see the related query.

   select * from t_connector where 1 = 0
   GetLongVal( "Connector_ID" )

I can't see GetLongVal in Sparx SQL scripts so I wonder if this is a built-in PG function.
I'm using EA 15.1 build 1529.


General Board / Tagged values bulk update on all selected elements ?
« on: September 02, 2022, 11:39:31 pm »

I seem to remember a hint that allows to change the tagged value of all selected elements within a diagram (bulk update).
Does it exist in EA (without a script) ?

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / MDG - ShapeScript AND/OR operators
« on: September 02, 2022, 08:02:13 pm »

Is there a way to combine conditions within an if statement in ShapeScript ?
The following doesn't work so I have to repeat if.. else statements for each condition and duplicate the code.

Code: [Select]
if (HasTag('Type','A') AND HasTag('Type','A'))
   // ...

Bugs and Issues / v16 - hidden popup window (multi screen), unable to close
« on: September 02, 2022, 07:36:09 pm »

I'm using EA 16 64 bits to work on an MDG. When I edit the tagged values and open the ShapeScript editor, the popup window is nowhere to be seen.
This is due to the use of 2 screens. Moving EA to a different screen sorts the issue as I properly get the popup window.

With EA15, such situation can be fixed as a transparent window matching the hidden popup is visible. With EA16, there's nothing.
This issue is not limited to the ShapeScript editor, however with this windows the Esc key doesn't close it (as it does for others) so I have to kill EA process to restart.

I also had the issue when creating a diagram.

Suggestions and Requests / MDG - Linked enum tagged values
« on: September 02, 2022, 06:56:22 pm »
It would be nice to define linked enumeration tagged values within a stereotype for a custom MDG to be built.
Let's say you have a stereotype for an ArchiMate Component with 2 levels of categories.
I'd like to have a way in the stereotype definition to tell EA that if Level 1 Category tagged value = val1, it must select a specific enumeration to populate the drop down list. If the user selects val2, a different drop down list is displayed.
Of course selected values won't change, but the drop down values will.

So we would end up defining the following Enums
Level 1 Category = val1, val2, val3
Level 2(1) Category [linked with val1] = val1.1, val1.2, val1.3
Level 2(2) Category [linked with val2] = val2.1, val2.2
Level 2(3) Category [linked with val3] = val3.1, val3.2, val3.3, val 3.4

I guess this would have a large impact on EA (and Prolaborate to process it).


I defined a SysML block stereotype within an MDG with a Type enum tagged value.
I'm trying to change the border colour and width according to the selected type value.

The colour is properly updated, yet I can't get the line width as expected.

Below is an example. I also tried moving DrawNativeShape at the beginning.

Code: [Select]
shape main{
      if (HasTag('Type','TypeA'))
SetPenColor(190, 30, 0);
      if (HasTag('Type','TypeB'))
SetPenColor(255, 30, 0);


I have a SysML project with a custom MDG installed (stereotyped blocks).
When I open an internal block diagram (located under a stereotyped block), it takes a while before it's visible. The diagram contains specific parts/properties which are located under a separate package (they were not generated from composition links on a bdd).
If I create a new ibd and run the synchronize struct. elements to only show the block's part based on the bdd, it works well.
I found out that the issue is due to the use of external properties in SysML ibds. If I save the ibd, EA is sometimes stuck.

I looked at the PCS logs in DEBUG mode and found the following
[DEBUG]:   Thread 85  On msdasql.1:anonymous@mydb ATTEMPT Opening query:    select * from t_xref where Client='{<....>}'  -> the guid matches a port under a custom part
[WARNING]: Thread 85  Exception in CFileStream::Write while attempting to write to memory file

There are more than 30k t_xref entries where Client has this guid. It doesn't seem right.
I cleaned the db to find that other ports have similar high number of references. It seems that deleting all entries in t_xref for all concerned guids (less than 10) has fixed the issue.
I don't know how so many entries have been generated and if deleting all the t_xref entries will have an impact.

Note: I ran the integrity check prior to do the above.

Has anyone seen this issue before ?

Bugs and Issues / EA16 User Layout (workspace)
« on: July 05, 2022, 07:58:52 pm »

Using the current EA16 build 1605, I need to create a custom workspace with a specific default ribbon menu.
Despite looking and searching the menu, I can't find anywhere to do that. In EA15.2, this is available under menu Start > Workspace > Manage workspace.
In EA16, the arrow to open the menu is not available.

Is this a bug ?


I'm looking for a solution to dynamically change a SysML block or part's port colour based on the direction (arrow). A block that contains an input flow property is set as the classifier for these ports. Depending on the isConjugated property, the arrow on the port is either rendered as an input or output.
I'd like to dynamically change the ports colour to separate inputs from outputs.
So far I haven't found this information stored anywhere on the element itself e.g. to work with a dynamic legend, or with a shapescript if I stereotype the ports.

The only solution involves using the new EA16 scriptlets but this is not ideal.

Any suggestion ?


I have an MDG with a stereotype which name contains a single quote e.g. "that's my test"
Having updated the tagged values definition, I made an attempt to synchronize it both from a script (Repository.CustomCommand("Repository", "SynchProfile", ...), or manually using the toolbox (right click > sync stereotype).
The query sent by EA doesn't handle single quote and generates an error message. I found the following query from the DBError file:
Select Object_ID, Description from (t_xref inner join t_object on t_xref.Client = t_object.ea_guid) where (t_xref.Name = 'Stereotypes') and (t_object.Object_Type <> 'Package') and (t_xref.Description LIKE '%Name=that's my test;%')

It would work if the single quote would be escaped by doubling it e.g.
Select Object_ID, Description from (t_xref inner join t_object on t_xref.Client = t_object.ea_guid) where (t_xref.Name = 'Stereotypes') and (t_object.Object_Type <> 'Package') and (t_xref.Description LIKE '%Name=that''s my test;%')

PCS Suggestions and Requests / Prolaborate usage: classifier support
« on: June 11, 2022, 01:03:36 am »

I may have reported it before but I can't find a relevant thread. When opening the Usage tab from an element's properties, the results match EA Find in all diagrams but limited to the "Link" definition. It would be very useful to have 2 groups: link and classifier
For instance I'd like to navigate from a SysML block to its part on an ibd diagram.

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