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Uml Process / Link between project requirements and use case diagrams
« on: April 17, 2020, 10:32:37 pm »
I'm busy with the setup of a repository in order to generate documentation.

For each project we have a separate project package. The starting point are requirements. We have a package called 'Requirements', with underneath four child packages (Functional Requirements, Non-Functional Requirements, Architectural Requirements and Security Requirements). In each of that packages there's a requirement diagram and a sub package with the requirement elements.

Each project can have multiple use case diagrams, so my question is: what's the best practice to link those requirements to de use case diagrams? Or better, how can I link my 'project' to the requirements and the use case diagrams? What's the best starting point to generate documentation? The project folder, or a diagram?

By some reason, the quality of the images in my reports is like this:

I tried it whit different templates and styles, but this poor quality stays what it is.

In some cases, MS Word crashes after generating a document. I did some trial and error with empty templates, templates with just a title, just a diagram image, ... But I can't find what particular parameter causes that problem.

UPDATE: I have a template with an image of a data model, and only when I add this to my report, MS Word crashes while browsing.

I centered the {Diagram.DiagramImg} field in my template, but after generating the document it's always aligned left.
Am I missing something? Should this be determined in the stylesheet?

Code: [Select]
package >
1. Requirements (heading 1)
child packages >
1.1 {Pgk.Name} (heading 2)
< child packages

When I generate this, the document shows the  package names in heading 3 instead of heading 2. To get them in heading 2, I need to put them in heading 1 in my template. Is this a bug?

it is not because of my stylesheet, because if I do it like this he will show it correctly:

Code: [Select]

1. Requirements (heading 1)

1.1 The Name (heading 2)

My cover page is created by importing an rtf document with a background image. The second page of my report is the table of contents. When I don't include the cover page, my table of contents is shown as described in the style sheet. But when I include the cover page, it isn't, the tab leader points are not visible.

I have been searching for a solution for days, but I can't find anything.

When I import a picture to a template or cover page, it's impossible to get the left margin to '0'.
I tried also with importing the picture as a watermark, but it doesn't help.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Some objects like Element have the method LoadLinkedDocument. But this only works for a linked document that is stored on your local machine. My goal is to add a linked document from the Resources, but as far as I know there is no method to support that.


Code: [Select]

' Insert Style sheet
docGenerator.SetStyleSheetDocument("SDM_Style Sheet")
' Insert table of contents
docGenerator.InsertTOCDocument("SDM_Table of Contents")

Both SDM_Style Sheet and SDM_Table of Contents are written in Calibri, but every time I generated a document, the Table Of Contents is in Times New Roman...

When generating documents from virtual documents, the report constants can be picked up from the master document.
But when using the documentgenerator, how can you access the report constants?

I created some scripts and templates to build virtual documents and generate documentation. On my model it works fine, but when I export the scripts and templates (refdata) and imported them in a new model it doesn't work anymore. The scripts still create the correct virtual documents, but the generating of the document based on the virtual documents fails each time.

I remember that there is a workaround to combine portrait and landscape templates, it was something with sections I think.
What was the correct manner to get this done?

When creating virtual documents with a script. Is there a way to prefill the 'output to file' field with for example the name of the master document?

I created an MDG with some scripts (Project Browser Group, Diagram Group).
But when I imported that MDG to a test repository, I noticed that all the scripts are imported in the same folder (technology name).

Is there a way to make sure the scripts are in the right folders (Project Browser Group, Diagram Group)?

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Cover page not available
« on: March 10, 2020, 02:05:03 am »
I'm working with document  generation and templates. But when I create a cover page, it is not available in the dropdown list by generating documents.

Is this a bug in 15.1 ?

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