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I have a large project which contains 3 models on a file-based repository in my computer.  It's Access 3.5 (Sparx default).  My EA is version 13 build 1310 Professional.  Windows 10 professional.
I want to transfer the whole project to Firebird file repository.  The manual and this forum says to use Configure > Model > Transfer > Project Transfer in the ribbon menu.  But I don't have any Project Transfer menu!  My transfer menu has a grayed out "Shared repository" and usable "Export reference data", "Import reference data" menus.  Nothing else.
I checked in Options etc. and no menus are disabled.  As far as I remember I am using all default settings in this EA instance.
The "Check integrity" ribbon menu has a "Manage Firebird" usable option.

Can anyone help me understand how to run the transfer?  Thanks!

Version 13.10.  The manual says that an auto name/numbering with "Apply on creation" should work for new elements created in diagrams or in project browser.  However: first set auto numbering for interactions , then in project browser create a use case, then right click - Add - Interaction - with sequence diagram.  The newly created interaction is not auto named.
Is there a workaround or can we get a bug fix?  Or has this been fixed in later releases.

I have EA 13.10 using the default Jet 3.5 database on my own PC (not remote database) and I'm writing queries to extract elements and their tagged values from my model to generate reports.

The content of Memo type tagged values is truncated to 510 characters.  Googling it seems to be another nice 'feature' of this database engine.  This limitation of 510 characters is ridiculous.

I need to get my queries working and get the full text of memo tagged values in the reports.  What can I do?  Is there any setting I can change?  Would changing the default database engine to Jet 4 help?  Any danger of compromising my model? 

Thanks for any help (urgent)

(Edit: more googling shows that this Jet engine piece of crap (pardon my expression) "Access truncates the memo if you ask it to process the data based on the memo: aggregating, de-duplicating, formatting, and so on.")

What a F**&$ joke.  Why is EA based on a toy database?  Why not use SQLite as default?  It's free forchrissakes.

I'll try to rewrite my queries (I have to format due to 13.5 INEXPLICABLE LACK of tab delimited export of query results. Apparently, in Sparx land commas can be used only as field separators and for nothing else). 

General Board / Reverse engineer SAP R4 (HANA) object model
« on: September 20, 2019, 07:50:55 pm »
We are thinking about reversing engineer the spec of some SAP Reports.  I have noted that there's a Netweaver plugin for EA. Do you know if just a DB connection may be enough to see the schema?  Does R4 have similar capability already?  Or is there a preferred way to use EA as graphical object explored (class diagram) for Hana?  Thanks

I have a conceptual level component diagram.  Each component shows the key data managed by that component, as follows: Add attributes to the component, give each attribute a meaningless name (a sequential number), assign a datatype to each attribute.  The datatype is selected from the conceptual level class diagram of the domain.  In other words, the business entities of the domain are shown mapped into the conceptual level solution components.
Customer would like to hide the meaningless name (sequential number) from the diagram and only see the datatypes.  But the diagram options (double click on diagram - Features) are only to show attribute names only, or attribute name and type.  There is no option to show attribute type only.  Is there a workaround to do this?  Thanks!

General Board / Any tips for migrating to a new computer?
« on: August 22, 2019, 06:23:57 pm »
Got a new computer (Win 10), is there a howto to migrate (EA ver. 13.10) to the new PC as painlessly as possible?  Including all settings, preferences, perspectives etc. etc?  Thanks!!!

So after reading QWERTY's book I was aware of the inbuilt query result window limitation: it does not escape the commas that are in the query result, meaning that the export to csv is useless as Excel and any other reader cannot differentiate between 'real' commas and value separator commas.  I always export to tab delimited for this reason.  On the other hand, the #Package# and #Branch# features are very useful, so I would like to keep using the inbuilt editor. I imagine that in the 15 versions of EA so far published, roughly a bajillion users must have run into the same roadblock, so has anyone found a workarond?  Thanks!

Hope I don't get in trouble for this but as I'm learning SQL queries on the scratchpad I'm just wondering why put up with the quirks and limitations of Access/Jet and not base the *.eap file format on the gloriously simple, efficient and 110% ANSI-SQL standard SQlite instead?  After all many hugely popular systems use it.   Just a thought for future EA releases?

I'm writing a SQL query in query scratchpad to make a data dictionary for a physical data model that I have developed (EA build 1310 professional)
When I check/uncheck the "Not Null" checkbox in the column specification window and I run SELECT * FROM t_attribute, it is confused with AllowDuplicates result in SQL scratchpad.  If I check/uncheck the Not Null box, the "AllowDuplicates" result changes

Seems like the Not Null checkbox is not reported in the t_operation table

If I add a UNIQUE constraint to the column, it seems to be reported in the IsStatic attribute of t_attribute and it is also reported correctly in the t_operation table

Should I file a bug report?

Is there a reliable way to query EA for NULL / NOT NULL constraints for ERD/data models?


I'd like to know if there is some workaround to show in the timing diagrams timing constraints from one state change A to another state change D further down the timeline (after state changes B and C).  This is the same as summing the timing constraints of A,B and C together.  Although I could show timing constraints for A, B and C individually and let the stakeholders sum them up, this would clutter the diagram and also not be correct (for example B to C do not have a constraint, it's A to D that has a constraint)

I'd also like to have auto calculation of time from any transition to any other displayed as a time constraint, again this is useful for live discussion with stakeholders.

Seems from documentation that none of this is possible in EA 13, if anyone knows of any workaround please let me know!

p.s. I'd show a picture of the diagram but ... forum constraints.

General Board / Generating a RACI table from Use Case Diagram
« on: April 15, 2019, 01:20:25 pm »
I'd like to have very fast (a few clicks) generation of RACI from a Use Case diagram, as in a matrix with all actors as rows, all use cases as columns, and an X for associations between actors and use cases (don't need the R-A-C-I letters).  This would help during real-time modeling workshops with business stakeholders.

My model has actors, use cases and diagrams in 3 different packages.

The standard 'Relationship matrix' menu does not help because it works at package level not diagram level:I have 100s of use cases, actors and diagrams and I cannot filter out or sort by elements present in that specific diagram only.

Does anybody know a workaround?  Thanks!

General Board / EA not updating Foreign Key when the PK is changed?
« on: March 19, 2019, 01:39:08 am »
Using Data Modeling MDG it seems that if I change the PK name or I change the parent PK to another attribute, nothing happens to the child FK... it just retains the attribute and datatype of when the relationship was first created.  I have to change the FK manually using the relationship editor.  Is this normal or is there a better way?  EA 13 professional... don't have the (expensive) data modeling version of EA (I don't know if it would make any difference?). 
If FKs do not auto update, I'll try something else for data modeling.  Thanks for any advice!

I have a UML class diagram (conceptual level) that I want to show as conceptual ERD (using crow's feet notation = Information Engineering connectors in the diagram properties options) for UML-allergic stakeholders.

The diagram properties toggle from UML to IE works fine but generalization and aggregation connectors are shown with UML notation while everything else is changed to crow's feet.  Aggregation should be changed to a non-identifying 1:m relationship and generalization should be changed to the ERD the half-circle notation (a' la ERWin)

To me it seems that the IE connector implementation in EA is incomplete.  Is there a workaround?  Or should open a bug report?  Thanks
(EA 13.0.1310)

So I'm on a tight deadline and I SHOULD just look this up on the manual, or Geert's website etc.  But I'm on a pinch, so I would be very grateful if anyone can provide a query to list FROM A SPECIFIC DIAGRAM the classes, their notes, all their associated custom tagged values, memo type; then the class attributes, their notes, all their associated custom tagged values, memo type.  As a tab delimited flat file.

Example: for [diagramname]
Classname 1 [tab] notes [tab] taggedvalue1 [tab] taggedvalue2 [tab].... carriage return
Attributename1 [tab] notes [tab] taggedvalue1 [tab] taggedvalue2 [tab].... carriage return
Attributename2 [tab] notes [tab] taggedvalue1 [tab] taggedvalue2 [tab].... carriage return
Classname 2 [tab] notes [tab] taggedvalue1 [tab] taggedvalue2 [tab].... carriage return
Attributename1 [tab] notes [tab] taggedvalue1 [tab] taggedvalue2 [tab].... carriage return
Attributename2 [tab] notes [tab] taggedvalue1 [tab] taggedvalue2 [tab].... carriage return

I can get all this with standard CSV reporting but I can only run the report by package, not by diagram (I keep all classes in one package, then diagrams in other packages).

Thanks for any help!

Hello version 13.0.1310 on WIndows 10, I have a custom MGD loaded but I don't think it makes any difference.  Start/Search/Browse for diagram, View Diagram Types the drop down menu only llows me to filter interaction overview, sequence, communication and timing diagrams!  I have plenty of class, package, component diagrams etc. and they show in the broswe diagram window bus they canno be filtered via the drop down menu.  Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?   Thanks!

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