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Long-time Sparx user but first-time poster.
I have recently started to dip my toes in the muddy water that is profile development by creating my own profile for Information Modeling in accordance with my organisationís guidelines. Now, while Iíve managed to create everything I need in terms of objects, relationships, diagrams, script etc, thereís one thing I simply canít find an approach for. On my element stereotype (extending class) I have defined a number of tagged values with default value-sets defined as enumerations. Theyíre used for metadata like information ownership, lifecycle, status etc. Now I would like to have some of the same default tags and value sets on the attributes created in my element but for the life of me I canít find a way to do that.

If this is indeed is possible to do, is it then also possible to inherit the value on a tag on an attribute from the element. Basically I want the tags on an attribute to have the same value as the element has unless itís explicitly set to something else.


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