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I have to draw some EA diagrams using only the .eap file without an installed EA on the server. So i am opening it as MDB-File via ODBC.
I have problems to find out where to place the connectors end point.

I have searched several topics in this forum. I know there is the attribute t_diagramlinks.Geometry (with edge={1,2,3,4})  and the Attribute [t_connector].Start_Edge and the attribute [t_connector].End_Edge , which are attributes that determine the edge to which the line is connected.

The table [t_diagramlinks] with the attribute "Geometry" is diagram-dependent.
The table [t_connector] with the attributes [t_connector].Start_Edge and the attribute [t_connector].End_Edge is not diagram-dependent --> there could be connections that haven't been drawn on a diagram.

I know that the SX, SY, EX, EY of t_diagramlinks are coordinates relative to the origin of each node that is drawn on a diagram - however i have problem to place the endpoints on the diagram like it has been drawn in the Enterprise Architect - the end of the connector often is somewhere in the middle of the end node.

  • I am using in  t_diagramlinks.Geometry the csv-Value EDGE - but where do i find this for the end node?
  • For which purpose are the attributes Start_Edge an End_Edge in the table "t_connector" when it is not diagram-dependend?

Current Situation:
"My Interpretation" is what my web app currently draws (this is a screenshot).

Target Situation:
"EA Interpretation" is what i would like to see in my web app --> I need the same picture like the EA.

EX / EY sometimes is zero and isn't painting the end line to the edge. Here EDGE is 4 what means it starts on the left side.

How do i find out where to place the end point?


I just have installed Enterprise Architect 13.5 on a new 64 Bit machine and tried to register an older self-made EA Plugin.

The problem is, that it is not appearing in EA 13.5 64-Bit.

I have done the following:

1.) Copied all files to C:\Users\Public\EAAddins\MyAddIn
2.) Created a new registry key entry under HKCU\Software\Sparx Systems\EAAddins, with the appropriate value:
EADOORSLinkSync: EADOORSLinkSync.EADOORSLinkSyncAddinClass
3.) I went to the directory with an Command Prompt as Admistrator and registred it with
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0\RegAsm.exe "C\Program Files\MyCompany\EAAddin\EAAddin.dll" /codebase

The problem is, that it isn't appearing in EA. Is this because of 64-Bit? Have i exchange EAFramework.dll or like this?

This is my directory listing:
Code: [Select]
Verzeichnis von C:\Users\Public\EAAddins\LinkSync

09.05.2017  11:59    <DIR>          .
09.05.2017  11:59    <DIR>          ..
23.08.2016  07:24             4.608 DOORSCOMLib.dll
23.08.2016  07:24           192.512 EAAddinFramework.dll
28.06.2016  09:53           223.903 EAAddinFramework.xml
11.12.2017  10:52           413.696 EADOORSLinkSync.dll
11.12.2017  10:52           140.800 EADOORSLinkSync.pdb
07.12.2017  08:59             7.196 EADOORSLinkSync.tlb
23.08.2016  07:24             5.221 EADOORSLinkSync.wxs
09.05.2017  14:41                 0 EA_to_DOORS_linkage.txt
22.08.2016  14:15           320.429 exportedLinks.txt
27.02.2018  11:13             4.827 export_links_main.dxl
19.06.2017  13:59             8.779 handle_EASync_module.dxl
09.05.2017  14:41            18.206 import_links_main.dxl
14.12.2015  11:01           303.104 Interop.EA.dll
24.06.2016  12:39            14.848 Interop.MSScriptControl.dll
23.08.2017  06:58             5.632 ListViewComboBoxControlLibrary.dll
23.08.2017  06:58            13.824 ListViewComboBoxControlLibrary.pdb
24.06.2016  10:56             9.728 SchemaBuilderFramework.dll
24.06.2016  10:56            13.824 SchemaBuilderFramework.pdb
09.07.2013  10:04           180.904 System.Net.Http.dll
02.11.2015  00:02           165.469 System.Net.Http.xml
23.08.2016  07:24            61.440 UMLToolingFramework.dll
              21 Datei(en),      2.108.950 Bytes
               2 Verzeichnis(se), 104.096.935.936 Bytes frei


Hello Community!

I have the Object-Name/Object-Alias for an exported HTML-Site/EA-Object and want to get the link like:


out of the database by name.

What I need is a function like this, that gets from the SQL-EAP-File (MDB) the link.

Code: [Select]
url getLinkForSiteAlias(string sitealias) {... return sitealias}


url getLinkForSiteName(string sitename) {... return sitename;}

Is it somehow possible to get the generated filepath from the SQL?

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