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Here is the link to download the Prolaborate add-in:

Please refer to this link to learn about its capabilities.

Here are the minimum specifications:

Application Server - EC2:
ModelT2 Large or T3 Large
Disk Space40 GB
ServerWindows Server 2016

Database Server - RDS:
ModelT2 Medium or T3 Medium
Disk Space20 GB
SQL Server VersionAny Latest Version

As of now, you can add Jira links to any EA elements in Prolaborate.

Learn more here.

Please do the following:
  • Click on Menu > Users to go to the Users page
  • Click on Add User > Add User from Other Repositories
  • Find and add the user you want to delete.
  • Go back to the Users page
  • Delete the user you want to delete

Now, check if the license count is showing up correctly.

We understand this is not the best user experience and so, we are currently working to making this easier. We will let you know once the improvement to this feature is released.

As it is an add-in for EA, it needs to installed in all machines of EA users who want to get shareable links from Prolaborate.

Please refer to this link to learn more about its capabilities.

By default, EA on Cloud service does not include any paid version of Pro Cloud Server but you can avail Token, Team, or Enterprise editions if needed.

More details on EA on Cloud service here:

PCS Frequently Asked Questions / How Sparx Prolaborate exactly works?
« on: December 19, 2019, 01:34:41 pm »
Enterprise Architect users in large organizations across the globe use Prolaborate to share and collaborate on EA models online. Here is the one-stop comprehensive guide to know how Sparx Prolaborate exactly works.

Usually, we start with two EA repositories:
1. An empty repository for you to load your own content
2. Our own Demo Model and the visualizations we have built on top of it. This will give a good idea of how to build simple to advanced visualizations in Prolaborate.

We can add more EA repositories as per your requirements.

PCS Frequently Asked Questions / [Cloud] How does backups and restore work?
« on: December 18, 2019, 11:16:28 pm »
Normally, nightly backups are taken and stored for a period of 2 weeks. If you want us to restore a specific day's backup, you can email us and we will get it restored.

If you have any specific requirements, feel free to get in touch with us at

Learn more about cloud services here.

We choose the Amazon Web Services (AWS) region based on your location. For example, if your organization is located in the United Kingdom, we will host using AWS London Region.

We currently serve cloud customers in the USA, Europe, UK, and Australia.

Learn more about cloud services here.

It just takes 5 business days to setup the cloud environments once the purchase order is placed.

Learn more about cloud deployments here

Prolaborate offers two deployment options:

1. Self-hosted: Install Prolaborate on your own premises or on private cloud and we will provide all required instructions, files, and licenses. Read more:

2. AWS Cloud: We do everything (Setup, Configuration, Maintenance, Backups, and Upgrades) for you and all you have to is just sit back and relax.
Read more:

To explore the various capabilities of Prolaborate, you can start a free trial using this link.

or start a Proof of Concept to evaluate Prolaborate with your own EA models by submitting this form.

Prolaborate always shows live and up-to-date information from your EA models through ReST APIs. There are no synchronization processes involved!

EA will be used by modelers and architects who intend to create diagrams and perform other technical analysis, such as database engineering, code engineering, and bulk imports/exports using the client application.

And Prolaborate will be used by non-modelers and non-technical users who intend to review, edit/add details, comment, give feedback and analyze model information via web portals powered by graphs, reports, dashboards, simplified views, etc.

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