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Uml Process / Use case relationships and activity diagrams
« on: November 03, 2011, 11:33:53 am »

I am evaluating Enterprise Architect and I have a couple of question regarding use case relationships. I would appreciate the feedback of someone with experience in EA, or point out references addressing these issues. I have not found any references so far.

1) Use case relationships and activity diagrams
When in a Use Case model there are <<include>> relationships, is it possible to generate an activity diagram that contains the activities of the including use case and the included use cases?

For example:
"Withdraw Cash" use case <<include>> "Authenticate Customer" use case.
What would be the best approach to create a diagram that represents the actions of both, "Withdraw Cash" and "Authenticate Customer" use cases?
The goal is to view in the same diagram all possible paths of the use case from the beginning to end.

2) Scenarios
When in a Use Case diagram there are <<include>> and <<extend>> relationships, what is the correct way to indicate those relationships in the use case scenarios?

For example: "Withdraw Cash" use case <<include>> "Authenticate Customer" use case.
In a scenario of "Withdraw Cash", there is an activity in which the system needs to authenticate the customer. I could define Action as "The system includes Authenticate Customer use case", however that does not explicitly show the relationship between the use cases in the activity diagram.  I could also indicate that in the Uses column, but this seems to be used mostly for requirement traceability.

What would be the appropriate way to enter content of each column in the scenario activity definition to reflect this relationship?
- Action:  
- Uses:
- Results:

Thank you,


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