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General Board / Free edition of AMUSE Model debugger and simulator
« on: August 09, 2012, 11:24:47 pm »

Edition Comparison

AMUSE FeautesFree EditionPro Edition
UML-Model execution in Enterprise Architect••
Event simulation••
Monitoring attribute values••
Validation and auto-correction rules••
Trace Viewer for simulation events••
Automation of UML-Models using external ressorces••
Automation external Components using UML-Models••
Parallel execution and visualization of multiple instances•
Message broadcasting between multiple instances•
Editing of attribute values at runtime•
Code Generation: UML => Embedded C•

General Board / proved numbers: MDD saves time and money
« on: March 08, 2012, 02:01:24 am »
Summary of the dissertation “Model Based Development of Embedded Software Systems in the Automotive – Costs and Benefits” Author: Sascha Kirstan; Academic Advisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Manfred Broy; Technical University Munich

The dissertation defined and verified following 26 hypotheses – enjoy!

Hypothesis 1Usage of MBSE saves at least 30% of time during development lifecycle[highlight]Fully confirmed (up to 36%)[/highlight]
Hypothesis 2Usage of MBSE leads to productivity improvementFully confirmed

Here the full story:

Alternative approach for EA code-generation-templates. As you know the EA does not generate any C-code for statemachines and the extending of templates for uml behaviors like state machines on your own is very tricky stuff.

Following article describes an alternative approach:

The article provides very good and very short overview for
- Addin-development
- state machine -> code transformation

The described example needs just 600 lines of C# code. As it is a .NET code you can debug it, trace it, what ever you want and not can using EA templates. The described example supports:
- Primitive state machines
- Signal Triggers
- Composite States
- Entry- and Exit-Actions
- Transition Effects
- Decision Nodes

need to display some values not available via standard hasproperty method. Would be great if add-in calls could be used. Help says:

Properties for Element Shape Scripts
· addin (value returned from an Add-In)

Chapter "Display Element/Connector Properties"

but how??? I tried the call-syntax used in the code-generation templates - without success :(

Important for everybody who needs to extend EA by new functionality.

The picture shall provide roughly overview of Enterprise Architect layer architecture.  Most important message: The EA itself is built of building blocks and it can be flexibly extended more or less in the same way (like AMUSE it does). The only difference between self made MDG Technologies / Add-Ins and EA original functionality – there are some APIs reserved for EA internal usage.

MDG technologies shall be used for extension of already available technologies like UML or SysML by providing new tool boxes, stereotypes, tagged values etc.

Add-Ins shall be used for providing completely new functionality like new UIs, diagram types, reports, supporting of user workflows etc.

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