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Bugs and Issues / Cannot add parameters to class operations anymore
« on: November 05, 2016, 01:48:16 am »
Hi all,

I have a strange problem which seems to be based somewhere within my project file: I cannot add any attributes to any class operations anymore. It just doesn't save what I enter. It doesn't matter which stereotypes, languages or anything else I choose (EA 12.1 as well as 13).

I tried with a new project and it works perfectly fine. But within my project (and several other projects with the same file base) it doesn't work (anymore).
Does anyone have an idea about how this could have been broken? Is there any setting which prevents attributes from being added?

I have asked a lot of people over the past days, and no one believed me until they saw this behaviour themselves. And no one has any idea about how we could have broken the project so badly.

Unfortunately, the whole company uses a  project file as a base for their projects, where this problem also happens, which means more and more projects in my company are encountering this.

Thanks in advance.

Hey folks. Didn't find anything neither here nor via google. Tbh, I don't really think there is a way, but I decided to try and ask.

I have a diagram which is pretty stuffed with information, but still okay to read. But for some people, I need a view which is even more crowded (e.g. with requirements & their dependency links on the diagram), but for others, I don't, and it really gets confusing having all that information on one diagram.

My current workaround is to copy & paste the complete diagram into a new one (without creating new elements) and simply delete the element types I don't want to see in this view.
But maybe there is a smarter solution than this?

Edit: Build 1230, btw.

After two years of refusing to use baselines, because I thought the comparison was much too slow, I wanted to try once again today.

I just created a baseline on a very high level in the project, which I knew would be slow, but I wanted to see how bad it really is.
In fact, it does not work at all. Even after just creating a baseline, no matter whether I make any changes at all, "show differences" will always give me an error "An error occurred during the compare process." and no more information.

I am using EA build 1230 and my project is (still) stored in a *.eap file.

On package level, it works well, but with ~ 1000 packages in my project with a lifetime of only some months, I really don't want to go down to this level, it produces way too much overhead.

At the moment, we still use a simple file copy as a backup. But as we want to go for a cloud solution with future projects, we will need a working version control solution soon.

Bugs and Issues / Compare utility error - "The query is too complex"
« on: October 22, 2012, 07:39:36 pm »
Hi all,

when trying to view differences between my model version and a baseline, I always get the error "DAO.Database [3360] Query is too complex."
Is there any way to solve that?
As I still have a base version copy, I already thought of creating baselines for smaller packages - would that work?

Thanks in advance

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