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General Board / How to get Chapter Numbers in PDF Index?
« on: August 11, 2021, 01:47:36 am »
I use the EA document generator to directly generate PDF documents and in principle all works fine.
My table of content within the PDF shows the document chapters with chapter numbering.

However when using the “index” feature ( the PDF reader feature which shows the chapters in a kind of a tree, I only see the chapters without chapter numbering.
Does anyone know, how to get also the chapter numbers visible withing the PDF reader index feature without any post-processing via e.g. MS-Word.

Our IT updated our firewall to TLS version 1.2. I am using 'Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server' which is depreciated by Microsoft since 2005 and supporting TLS V1.0 only. What MSSQL diver supporting TLS 1.2 can I use instead?
I tried the MSSQL native driver V11 but I did not get it to work.

In the current released build 1554, call behavior actions pin still do not show the classifiers of the related parameters.

Bugs and Issues / Locked Views cannot move up in order
« on: July 16, 2020, 05:33:23 pm »
If you have locked packages under an unlocked package those packages can be moved up and down in order, what is what I expect.
If you have locked views (name locked) under the Root Node, another user can move unlocked views down under a locked view but not locked views up over an unlocked view.
Seen in Build 1552

I try to use Jira integration, but I am facing some problems.
I have setup the pro cloud somehow, so I see in EA in Type Mapping as Provider JIRA, but I get a “A security error occurred” message.
In EA I use windows authentication and in Jira I use single sign on of my ADS account. Within the ProCloud Server no user and password are set.
My expectation is that my windows account and password (which is my ADS account) is forwarded to Jira as well. However, I get the message above.
So I created a native Jira account and somehow (I do not know how) I saw once a login box in EA were I inserted my native Jira account. However, this did not work, and now I do not see the login box any more.
Any ideas?

When I try to add action pins based on activity parameters (Interaction Points), I get a primary key violation due to duplicate keys message box. The pins are created afterwards, but the classifiers are missed.
Remark: While fixing this, it might also be a good idea to take over properties like “Stream” from parameters to pins.
With our productive build 1428 this works.

In earlier V14 versions there was an element hopping from parent to parent when elements are dropped to a diagram, which was removed in later V14 versions.
This element hopping from parent to parent is now back again. :'(
A frequent scenario I have is, when using “send signal” and “accept event” actions (SysML). To find out, what send signals are accepted by which action in different activities I put a trace dependency between both actions.
To show this trace in a diagram, I put corresponding action into the subtend diagram. Before V13 I put the “traced action” outside of the frame, to make clear that this action does not belong to the activity shown in the diagram.
Since V14 putting something outside the frame was not allowed anymore. So since V14 those “trace actions” are inside of the activity frame.

What I want to express, are relations of an action in one activity to actions in another activity by traces.
Now in 1551 my actions change its parent again, but even worse as before. When I drop the “foreign action” in my diagram and after creating the trace, the foreign action remains in its original parent. However after moving the “foreign action” within that diagram to another position, the parent of the “foreign action” becomes the parent activity of the diagram.

At least in SysML models moving to newer EA versions recently causes to corrupt the diagram layout frequently. So I will have to fiddle around with element positions and this will cause to move my actions to other parents and I have a lot.
All this is really annoying! >:( >:( >:(

Bugs and Issues / Cannot access my model due to missed technologies
« on: June 05, 2020, 02:09:05 am »
When I try to access my repository, I get the following message:
Access to the model requires following technologies which are not available:

So it seems that an “Admin” has marked some MDGs as required.
I assume that the MDGs are model MDGs so this message should not occur anyway.
I have the hope that an admin can login to fix that problem.
Apart of the admin account all users use Windows Authentication.
I have the password of this one and only non-windows admin account, but how can I login as admin without the need to first login with my windows account which do not work?

An integrity check of my repository shows the problems below.
 A Recover/Clean causes EA to crash silently.
This problem I see in several V14/V15 builds.
Any idea?
| Integrity Check Report.
| Generated: Mittwoch, 03 Juni, 2020
| No. Items: 10
1 - Link geometry. ITEM: Duplicate Link Information. ACTION: Delete duplicate Link Geometry.
2 - Link geometry. ITEM: Duplicate Link Information. ACTION: Delete duplicate Link Geometry.
3 - Invalid link geometry. ITEM: Missing Diagram  . ACTION: Delete Invalid Link Geometry.
4 - Invalid link geometry. ITEM: Missing Diagram  . ACTION: Delete Invalid Link Geometry.
5 - Invalid link geometry. ITEM: Missing Diagram  . ACTION: Delete Invalid Link Geometry.
6 - Invalid link geometry. ITEM: Missing Diagram  . ACTION: Delete Invalid Link Geometry.
7 - Invalid link geometry. ITEM: Missing Diagram  . ACTION: Delete Invalid Link Geometry.
8 - Invalid connector. ITEM: Association. ACTION: Delete Connector.
9 - Invalid connector. ITEM: Association. ACTION: Delete Connector.
10 - Invalid connector. ITEM: Aggregation. ACTION: Delete Connector.

Neither Browse not Search delivers classifiers which can be used to set the type.

In V15 versions the content of my generated documents is scaled down. What looks fine in any former EA version is somehow scaled down round about to 75% (75% usage of my page size).

Bugs and Issues / Report generation order lost
« on: May 11, 2020, 11:21:02 pm »
When I generate a report, sometimes the sequence of the items (packages, elements) is mixed up.
It seems to me, that the sequence gets sometimes wrong when I start the document generation after I have modeled a longer time and that the sequence is always right when I start the document generation direct after opening the repository.

(seen in 1428 and several other builds)

Bugs and Issues / Unmotivated line breaks of text in diagrams.
« on: May 11, 2020, 11:19:25 pm »
Mainly e.g. on names of ports and pins I have the problem that text show, gets line breaks frequently. Having that detected I change the text box size in a way the diagram is readable, but later I will get the line breaks again.

This is a real annoying Sisyphus situation. For me it seems that document generation is at least one source causing this nightmare.

After document generation, I saw some unmotivated line beaks in the report but not in the diagram and some in both the report and the diagram.
What I also see is a growth of this unmotivated line breaks over the time.
At the end several of my diagrams corrode over the time to be unreadable at the end.
(seen in 1428 and several other builds)

In build 1526 there is strange behavior of ports intended to be located on the right frame border when the frame border is selectable.

The ports jump from the frame border into the frame inside pane, and when you try to fix it, the frame border moves more to the right but the ports remain within the frame inside panes. It is even somehow possible to locate the ports to the right border but having the containing ports not on the border of the containing port but somewhere within the IDB frame inside pane.
In other words the rendering of ports on the right hand side of an IDB frame is absolutely broken.

Can anyone help me how to do that please.

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