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I am using version 15.2 - I see the NameSpace option to not display, but am looking for related option to suppress the Element Name showing Parent/Child ownership in the name. (Animal:Domesticated:Dog) Dog owned by Domesticated... etc. [Thanks for any help] David

Sorry, but I just can't seem to find this option again... in version 14...

Okay - Found IT: Start | View | Visual Style | Application | ....  <sigh>

I have created a custom shape for a stereotype using a shape script, however the size of the "frame" when you click on the element is bigger than the shape. Is there a way to redefine that frame to be closer to the size of the displayed image.

Problem will be when multiple images are displayed on a diagram the selection "frames" will overlap resulting in an unpleasant experience  :o

Am I forgetting a setting within the script or a "_setting" as an attribute of the element?


David (Bioform) Rains - It is good to be back working in EA!  :D

I am back to using EA in my new job :)  Starting creating some profiles (stereotyped packages and classes) in 14.1 (last build) and switched to 15...
Problem (tested in 14.1 and 15) is when I extend my stereotype "package" to the package metaclass, and my stereotype "class" to the class metaclass; export/import I get:

- Class Icon represented as Package, but when dragged onto diagram - it IS a stereotyped Class (ok, can live with that... I guess)
- Package Icon represented as Package, but when dragged onto diagram - it IS a stereotyped Class (umm, can't live with that....)

Anyone else experiencing this... Any workarounds... I can live without some of the tagged values on the packages, and such if I have to... and just define the Stereotypes manually...

BTW: Was going to stay in 14 as an add-in I am trying out (OntoUML) works in 14.1 but not in 15. But is it worth jumping into 15 at this time? Might not be a bad time for me (or my client as this will be totally new to them...)

Thanks as always... (this seems to be a common issue with releases if memory serves me...)

David "Back in the EA space" Rains

"If you just need the Debugging Tools for Windows 10, and not Windows Driver Kit (WDK) for Windows 10 or Visual Studio 2017, you can install the debugging tools as a standalone component from the Windows SDK. In the SDK installation wizard, select Debugging Tools for Windows, and deselect all other components."

WinDbg Preview is a new version of WinDbg with more modern visuals, faster windows, a full-fledged scripting experience, built with the extensible debugger data model front and center. WinDbg Preview is using the same underlying engine as WinDbg today, so all the commands, extensions, and workflows still work as they did before.

So do we know if this will work with EA scripting as the debugger?

Using EA 14.1 (Just upgraded, was using 13.5)

Problem 1: All of my stereotypes are being displayed as 'Packages' in the 'Loaded Profile' and regardless of stereotype selected (attribute, operation, class, package) they are ALL sterotyped 'Classes' when I use the profile created from the Package

Problem 2: Created from Diagram (... displayed as 'Packages", but unable to drag to diagram...)

I created them the way I always have (Drag stereotype and name it, drag metaclass, connect stereotype to metaclass with extend), tried using create profile (as package and as diagram) using "new" ribbon method (specialize, publish as...)...

I also noticed that I have to add ".xml" to the file name otherwise it is NOT being saved as an XML file (? e.g. not reconginized by Win 10 as XML file, just 'file")

Seems like this would have come up in the search IF THIS WAS A BUG.... Is the world just after Bioform for upgrading to 14.1?  :)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
<UMLProfile profiletype="uml2">
   <Documentation id="E372ADF2-C" name="TestAsDgm" version="" notes="TestAsDgm"/>
         <Stereotype name="asAtrb" notes="" cx="90" cy="70" bgcolor="-1" fontcolor="-1" bordercolor="-1" borderwidth="-1" hideicon="0">
               <Apply type="Attribute"/>
         <Stereotype name="asCls" notes="" cx="90" cy="70" bgcolor="-1" fontcolor="-1" bordercolor="-1" borderwidth="-1" hideicon="0">
               <Apply type="Class">
                  <Property name="isActive" value=""/>
         <Stereotype name="asOpr" notes="" cx="90" cy="70" bgcolor="-1" fontcolor="-1" bordercolor="-1" borderwidth="-1" hideicon="0">
               <Apply type="Operation">
                  <Property name="isOrdered" value=""/>
                  <Property name="isQuery" value="false"/>
                  <Property name="isUnique" value=""/>
                  <Property name="lower" value=""/>
                  <Property name="upper" value=""/>
         <Stereotype name="asPkg" notes="" cx="90" cy="70" bgcolor="-1" fontcolor="-1" bordercolor="-1" borderwidth="-1" hideicon="0">
               <Apply type="Package">
                  <Property name="URI" value=""/>


I have not used this feature in awhile, and went ahead and defined a new one... the behavior was the sturctured tagged value did NOT display the child tags as expected... I was using an older release of EA (13.0) at work (don't ask why...) and installed and tried version 13.5 on my laptop (new file, simple example using the reference below) - same result, seems to be no longer working?

Has anyone noticed this behavior is version 13 or 14?  I will reinstall 14 at home and try it out there... new file, same example... and follow back with my results...

Any help appreciated. (BTW did a global search, found a lot of hits but nothing on a bug or behavior like this in the other forum groups)



From EA's automation help ... Sparx Systems now recommends creating any new scripts in JavaScript. Our JavaScript implementation is based on the Mozilla Spidermonkey implementation... The advantage of using JavaScript is that it is wholly built and distributed by Sparx Systems, meaning we are able to actively support both the execution and debugging of scripts into the future.

My question - I am finally getting back to using EA again at work and supporting some automation/customizations... also I am learning Python so I can make use of some NLP toolkits in my requirements engineering work... So jumping to JavaScript.... what "source" should I be looking for to try to match my learning to EA's implementation? Am I going to run into issues.... e.g., ScriptLib examples are in JScript(?)  vs. what they are calling JavaScript correct?  I just need a little advice to make sure I get started on the right foot...

Any links, etc. appreciated...

I tried to describe something to answer a question, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words (or something like that)...

So I see the control for insert image which produces ... but obviously I am doing something wrong as I was expecting a control to allow me to navigate to and select the image file (BTW what types are supported?)


So I have a root stereotype sedEntity (purpose is to keep a collection of elements identified and inheriting a shared set of tagged values) that is NOT exteneded, but is then stereotyped into others(e.g, cvTerm and cvSynonym as classes; cvGlossary as package, ... as an association, etc,)

When I am writing some script automation, I need to verify early that the element that has been selected is a stereotyped sedEntity, I can see the element's stereotype, but how do I determine the next one up the chain, so to speak...

Looking at the tagged window, I see cvTerm:Dog and its tagged values, and under that sedEntity: Dog and the sed tagged values... but what is the repository path or where in the repository table structure would these be found....

Thanks (Been away from EA for a bit, but it is becoming a major part of my paying job again!! Yipee!!) So having to knock off some serious rust...

General Board / Edit Hyperlink in Element Note
« on: October 17, 2016, 10:56:33 pm »
How can you edit an embedded hyperlink to a selected element (e.g., the element's name has changed and the hyperlink's text is no longer correct?)
BTW: We have been asking about the automatic update of the hyperlinl's text for quite sometime... is this even being considered? Or is there a script workaround?

General Board / View AssociationClass in traceability window
« on: October 22, 2014, 01:17:52 pm »
Anyone know if there is away to see the related elements that are the target of the associationclass?

My example - have an Person => Role, and then a Stakeholder as the association-class linked to the Person/Role association.

It seems like there should be someway to click on "stakeholder" and see that it can be traced to both "role" and "person".



General Board / Simple Boundary - Align text at bottom
« on: September 22, 2011, 09:33:56 am »
I seem to remember the ability to align the label associated with a simple boundary (e.g. with use case diagrams) to the left, center, right, and top and bottom.

Can't seem to find it anymore (recently upgraded to 9.1)



General Board / Anyone working on implementing SBVR in EA?
« on: May 07, 2012, 04:03:00 am »
I am currently working on implementing the OMG Structured Business Vocabulary and Rules model and functionality within EA.

Just wondering if anyone else is pursuing this?  ;D


General Board / Using structured tagged value types in stereotypes
« on: October 07, 2011, 05:13:07 am »
I have defined a strucutred tagged value type using a predefined tagged value type (checklist). I can add it successfully to an existing element, but I can not seem to:

Add it to the definition of a custome stereotype (e.g. Add as a tagged value to the class... I can do that, but once the stereotype is exported as a profile it does not show up (either stereotype's attributes or as a tagged value).

I believe I was previously able to do this with no problem under earlier versions of EA?

Any ideas or similar experience?

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