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General Board / Re: How to change FK name label?
« on: June 12, 2019, 06:15:09 pm »
Recently I've sent to Sparx a screenshot and some notes. They answered:

Our developers have confirmed that this is a bug and it is logged to be fixed. We cannot yet say when (in which build) the fix will be implemented.

In addition I did some more experiments, hoping that the rename will work properly from Database Builder. It isn't. But it allow me to recognize a pattern. It seems that label is changed to name which was set just before the change. So if we change fk to fkname1, fkname2, fkname3 etc, the label label will be fkname2 when FK has index 3. And it's not a matter of refreshing diagram: reloading the project doesn't help.

However after that I noticed that I can fix the name using Columns/Constraints feature found in table context menu. Strange, since I reported it in OP as not working too.

General Board / Re: How to change FK name label?
« on: June 07, 2019, 07:21:24 pm »
Today I've got an answer from support, they are able to reproduce the issue.

Fixed in v15 beta4 (1503)

Probably it would be like you say but:
1. The forum is maintained by Sparx which might be a sign it's support forum rather than community one
2. It's called Sparx System Forum
3. You can find Forum link in Support menu on top of this page - which seems to be strongest argument

On the other side, description of Bugs & Issues subforum says:
Discuss specific usage issues with other users. To report bugs and issues to Sparx Systems, please use the Report a Bug link provided.
Which clears things out definitively.

BTW yesterday I found that official support (menu Support / Contact Us) provides two ways to report an issue:
- bug report (for all users)
- priority bug report (for users with valid support/maintenance licence)

I wonder if "priority" adds anything to a way how fast are issues resolved.

PS. Issue reported in OP still not fixed in beta3

General Board / Re: How to change FK name label?
« on: June 06, 2019, 06:45:23 pm »
I don't think it should does matter (unless there are inconsistencies injected to a model's underlying data by RE process)
It's model of postgresql database created by RE, maintained mainly by RE.

Anyway, I created new project with 2 SQL Server tables manually created. Created FK, and renamed it. Here is the result. All using EA v14.1
Here is the result.

General Board / Re: How to change FK name label?
« on: June 05, 2019, 07:17:05 pm »
yea.. so it seems it's broken in in v15, cause as mentioned in OP changing FK name this way doesn't populate the change to connector label (reopening diagram doesn't help). This method works kinda partialy, changing FK operation name, but not the label.

Edit: I've checked in 14.1 (1427) and your method doesn't work too.

General Board / Re: How to change FK name label?
« on: June 05, 2019, 06:04:48 pm »
Thank you.
Yes I assume I can change it directly in database.
I'm asking rather for standard way of how to change the label, using EA GUI. If there is not - then I'm going to report it as a bug.

General Board / How to change FK name label?
« on: June 04, 2019, 11:49:16 pm »
I'm trying to change Foreign Key label name. But it seems something is broken, or I cannot find proper place to change it.

I found two different places I can do that:
- double clicking on relation on diagram, then can change Foreign Key / Name
- Table Columns and Constraint (available for example from RMB over table in Browser and then Features/ Constraints/Indexes. Then the name can be changed directly  in a list of constraints.

But none of those methods changes a label displayed on diagram. Right mouse clicking on the label, I can see "Edit label" option, but EA does nothing after selecting this. I cannot found any other place, where unchanged name is displayed to be able to change it.

Any suggestions?

General Board / v15 - more strict FKs
« on: June 04, 2019, 10:30:03 pm »
Our model has been created using reverse engineering feature of EA from existing db. It imported serial datatype showing it as valid datatype of column. In postgresql, serial datatype is nothing more or less than integer designating assigned sequence to the column.
Anyway it works without additional effort before v15.

In v15, serial datatype remained in tables, but attempt of creating FK referencing this such column ended with error.

I figured out, that I need to add serial (and bigserial) datatype do database datatype dictionary (you can find it in Develop / Data Modeling / Datatypes).

It seems that EA turn into more strict mode, comparing datatypes when creating relationship. But they forgot to add datatypes being already in-use to dictionary.

BTW when I mentioned that serial means integer plus linkage between column and a sequence, it is how it work in postgresql. It's not surprising that EA doesn't cover this relationship.

General Board / Re: DDL Import
« on: May 30, 2019, 11:49:50 pm »
IMO, this way is not worth an effort due to complexity of implementation.
To import an SQL script, a parser covering complete syntax for particular RDBM has to be utilized. Then, considering differences in DDLs between databases EA would need to maintain parsers for all supported databases.

In fact it's easier to do RE from physically existing database, since most needed data are available in information_schema, and the rest is accessible from database system tables.

PS. You can also edit the tagged values from the docked properties window. No need to take the scenery route it that is what you are after.
They are however not found in the tags section, but as a part of the general properties (section table)

Yes I know that.
I found it a bit inconsistent though I already have described it here:,42779.0.html

I narrowed it to following scenario:

1. Load a project
2. Select a (database) table from Browser
3. Open Special Action
4. Select General/Tags
5. Close window using [X] button

At step #5 EA hangs every time.

If the window is being closed by Cancel button - it works as expected.

BTW, if I stay on other tab (ie Main), and hit close button, EA asks to save changes, even if I touch nothing. If I answer NO, it still takes some  noticeable time (about 1sec) to close the window. For sure a lot longer than in v14.1

General Board / Database relaed tagged values
« on: May 24, 2019, 08:03:37 pm »
There are tagged values related to database, being applied to all db objects:
- Owner (a schema)
- DBVersion
- Tablespace

Before v15 those tagged values were found in tagged values window. But not anymore. On top of that I found the current state is inconsistent:
See image:

Those tagged values are not available in Properties/Tags (bottom left), but are in Special Action/General/Tags (top rights).
In addition to this those tags are exposed as properties (bottom right), and schema itself (Owner) is exposed in Special Action/General/Table detail.

BTW, if I change Owner available in Special Action/General/Table, it is not enough to apply changes to synchronize this change with other places (even to Special Action/General/Tags). It's needed to press OK, allowing to store/refresh data to/from underlying database. Saying that I'm emphasize that using "Apply" button is not enough which is I consider to be a bug.

General Board / Re: v15 contains no bug fixes?
« on: May 24, 2019, 06:43:18 pm »
v15 beta2 released.
Thank you for extensive change log:
General bug fixes based on feedback

Of course no fixes for issues mentioned in this thread have been included.

I found however two issues fixed:
IssueID: 18048589 - Imported database tables are not properly stereotyped. In result are not seen by Database Builder.
IssueID: 18090358 - Discrepancy in a names of tagged values which define Owner (schema), DBversion and Tablespace. It ended up with duplicates of tagged values, which were named upper case, lower case, mixed case

In addition to that, I would like to see:
- author, recent editor, dates of creation and recent modification for connectors
- Summary window to be used for displaying diagram information like listed above (data already exists and are available in diagram properties window

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