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General Board / Re: C4 + Archimate "Note View" required.
« on: October 22, 2020, 03:03:14 am »
I think the only solution would be to override the standard ArchiMate stereotypes with your own stereotypes and your own shapescript allowing for notes display.

I was hoping by now there would be a tag based override mechnism or derivation or diagram style or something that would enable this, the simplest of diagram style of "coloured box with text and lines" element visualisations when they introduced the diagraming shapes.

Is it possible to hack it into on the local Archimate XML?

General Board / C4 + Archimate "Note View" required.
« on: October 21, 2020, 07:43:29 pm »
So i want to be able to use EA to make C4 + Archimate - something like this:

I attempted to make something in EA 15.2, but came up against the issue that the Archimate 3.1.1 MDG does not allow notes to be displayed. I am sure there is a workaround or process allowing for this, but i could not find it.

Any ideas?

I would like to see all of the information in the "Configure" ribbon represented/representable as a root object or package in the model itself.

For example, the The "general types" can be represented as bpmn, and it can be used to make a workflow representation.
"people" (users and roles) - can be represented in archimate, uml or similar.

Ideally these representations, when updated, can be used (by authorised personelle) to update the model configuration. It also makes using a given mode, sharing, backup and restore etc. much easier to manage.

I'm not sure you can change the syntax highlighting.

I haven't seen a reference in EA's manual on how to do that.

After much digging, and without having the time to implement a full grammar, that was my conclusion.
Maybe, code editing support, such as highlighting, is something that could be augmented with the new javascript engine.

I have a DSL that is related to a model, but not generated or handled by EA at the moment. I would like to view/edit the DSL in the EA's integrated development environment with syntax highlighting.

As far as i can tell from the manual, syntax highlighting can be changed. In IDE's, it is usualy a configuration task. I had the feeling there was some code parsing related feature that suppored syntax-highlighting, but I cannot tell if it is available or associated with with any of these EA features:
- MDG Technology - Developing a programming language
- Code mining 
- Grammar Framework

Is it possible in one of these or something else? If so are there simple examples?

PCS General Board / Re: Host WebEA on a linux Server
« on: August 09, 2020, 10:45:29 pm »
Could not I just put the WebEA folder on my linux apache root directory and change the models settings in webea_config.ini to point to the PCS server ?
No idea.

PCS General Board / Re: Host WebEA on a linux Server
« on: July 28, 2020, 09:21:06 pm »
Hi guys,
is it possible to host WebEA on a linux server ?
No idea. I know you can run the RAS server under wine with some tweaking.

Keeping PCS Service on a windows server and link it to a linux Apache / PHP  ?

Did any of you tried this configuration ?
i know you can setup an nginx as a web facing proxy to another service. I have never tried it with any Sparxian stuff.

The MDG has not been updated since 2018, either the vendor thinks it is perfect (and it clearly is not) or it is a marketing trick to tick a box.

I have always thought that Sparx could vastly improved their import/export capabilities.

If I find time I can try to find out the profiles I create when I looked into this and see if attributes and complex hierarchies can be imported.
I too have noticed it is more trouble to use than other similar extensions i have tried. I originally had hopes of mining existing documentation to build a repository, also possibly having a round trip workflow with design documents. I have not yet been able to do anything usefull with it yet. Has anyone had a experience with excel and word? can they share?

As it is one of the two features that make the difference between Corprate and Ultimate edition tier payments, it should be more than a checkbox. I should have thought it would be able to do more, like supporting Office365 online by now...

Bugs and Issues / Re: EA using Wine and ODBC
« on: July 02, 2020, 05:35:04 pm »
If you are willing to invest in EA, then just buy crossover from codeweaver. It's a managed wine system, from guys who are working with Steam for Linux/windows cross platform functionality. It has 'out of the box' recipies for installing EA. It even has paid for support, and is well worth the investment for wine/windows regardless of EA. Try the free demo first.

With it, I have been able to use EA on Kubuntu, centos, fedora etc.

No one with any ideas??
Yes. I have been thinking about this. The default HTML template needs to call the 1990's and ask for its web design back.

The basic problem for an architecture repository is that it is like LDAP. For every change/write you have 1000 reads. So you have to optimize for reading.

There is a "pure HTML5" client side wiki tool called tiddlywiki. It is a *single* html file. If you want to upadate it you neeed to resave the html file.

With the HTML export you can create a tiddlywiki file that looks something like this:

[tiddlywiki code]
<-- EA generated tiddly pages -->
[tiddly encoded pages generated by EA]
<-- end of tiddly pages -->
[end of tiddlywiki code]

This results in a single HTML artifact that has searching. embedded&linked documents, etc. Play with tiddlywiki and you will see what i mean. It is a powerfull way of making a portable linked & searchable EA model.

If you go this route, get in touch as i would like to help. If not, and no one else tries/triggers, i will probably publish something about this in 6 months or so.

i have been experimenting with is using a private git repository for transfer. Git compresses the XML, only transfers changes, and ensures transfer integrity. With gitlab or similar, it also minimises the bandwidth use over a company VPN.

I have been playing with this approach for a working from home model diff and merge process, its only working for a single user though.

There is some kind of horrible manual hacky way to incorporate customized XSLT import/export scripts in an MDG Technology.

Never tried it, but it sounds like it's the kind of thing you're after maybe?

Seems worth checking out. XSLT has its own headaches though. Is the built in XSLT editor worth looking into?

When i poked around in the EA database definition, It's a VARCHAR(50), i was under the assumption that the UUID just needs to be unique. You could probably use that out of the box, if your key is unique, and not have to jump through hoops....

Do you know about Alias? I cannot find any reasonable documentation on it, but i always thought of it as the out of the box support for external Unique IDs. Using alias you can have an element name and unique name, and it is supported in the element view.

In the case of Keywords I'm not aware of any built-in features which use it as of now. But that might change.

I have been wondering what it was for, as we have tags. I always assumed it was for use with aliases to make them unique.

If I needed to do something like that I would probably write a script to export the model according to your custom format.

Others who are more familiar with XSLT might choose for an XSLT transformation from XMI (or one of the other standard xml formats) to your custom format.

Do you mean the built in XSLT tool? Can it work as part of an XML import pipeline?


If it's open source then you could indeed simply modify the code to convert the diagrams starting from package

Do you know where the source for it is?

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