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General Board / Re: Structure editor - doesn't like punctuation
« on: August 28, 2020, 05:37:29 pm »
15.1.1526. Checking now with 15.2. OK  - fixed in 15.2 - my bad...

General Board / Structure editor - doesn't like punctuation
« on: August 28, 2020, 01:37:08 am »
Has the Use Case Structure Editor spell-checker always objected to punctuation? When creating steps in the paths, it seems not to like any text in inverted commas, any brackets, commas: even full stops at ends of sentences seem to make it underline the word in red.
Has it always done this, and I never noticed? Makes the spell-checker (normally, for me, a Very Good Thing) into something fall less helpful.

So to bring this therapy session to a close....
The Sparx approach of 'never change the schema' is at least consistent: last change was 3.5 -> 4.0, and that was a pain.
OK, so implementing new features by overloading the schema does at least mean Sparx can hide the nasty bits behind the API: if we choose to go behind the API and fiddle about, then we should expect to see some strange stuff. Better that than a new schema every year.
Perhaps the solution is for Sparx to document these internals a little better - and so allow Q some more free time.
That's the case for the defence.
In this case, it's just poor design: the layer data obviously belongs in t_diagramobject, and they made a bad choice.
Anyway, that's it - back to work people. I suggest you all adopt the EA User Group practice of only bitching about Sparx for max 5 minutes every hour, leaving lots of time for more productive work.
(what's that silence???? Ah - the Sparx dev team....Let's see if Geoff allows them to comment :-)

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Problems with casting
« on: August 14, 2020, 05:53:18 pm »
A copy for me please, @Uffe.
Excellent idea for a product - even for expert EA users, the set of knowledge needed to go from "a great idea" to "a useful product" is very large, and I'm sure this will help lots of great ideas to get out into the market.
Maybe Release 2 could be a Restful web API into EA....

Ah - thanks @MichaelJ - I didn't notice all the other stuff in the diagram.styleEx. So much magic in there...
A strange place to put this, when the obvious place is t_diagramObjects for information about which diagram element is in which layer.
And thanks Q - I just found a link to a 'read' version of 'InsideEA' to get it direct from LeanPub which I already bought.
@Q - I wonder if, given that you're not going to update it, whether InsideEA might move over to being a more collaborative effort, so you don't have to do all the updates. A wiki? This forum is great, but it's not structured in the same way as InsideEA, which can sometimes make things hard to find.

I'm trying to find out which diagram objects are in which layers on a specific diagram.
As expected, the layers are saved in t_diagram.StyleEx, with an ID given to each.
I was expecting to find that layer ID in t_diagramobjects.Objectstyle, but nothing looks useful.
I even looked in t_xref, but nothing their either.
Anyone any ideas? I'm sure it's somewhere obvious...and I've lost my most recent copy of 'Inside EA' :-(

...but maybe you could talk to them? After all, you work for the same company, and there's not that many of you!

Only about 500x faster!!!!
You may now wear the Hat of Extreme Cleverness for the rest of the afternoon.
Thanks Geert

OOOO - I never knew that - I'll give it a try.

message for Sparx: is is possible that we could organize some webinar/teach-in sessions?
We have lots of EA people isolated from their support networks, and lots more who I think would be happy to do some informal 'here's what I know' sessions. Anything to get away from the kids/parents/Netflix box sets for a few minutes.
All for free, of course, just to help our little community in it's time of need.
If Sparx could collect the offers from teachers, who could choose their own time/length/subject/language. Teachers can then organize their own webinar tool.
Might also collate requests for webinar subjects.

All Sparx need to do is let the EA world know we're doing this. 
Anyone else like to contribute?

As part of the output of the Model Expert addin, I generate a whole load of classes, with lots of attributes and connectors (the meta-model of part of a model).
At the moment, I create these class-by-class, and add each attribute (trying to minimize the number of 'refresh' requests.), then create connectors.
It's kind-of fun to watch the EA PB creating them all, but frustrating if the MM is very large.
Does anyone know of a way to bulk-create this data set? It's 100% self contained (doesn't link to any other elements).
I thought about creating an XMI of my own, then importing it, but the lockdown in the UK is only supposed to last 3 months, so I might not have time.
Any other ideas?

General Board / Re: Making EA friendly for new users
« on: March 19, 2020, 07:40:22 pm »
Thanks @KP - I agree that Perspectives have improved things, but I'd like to understand how things work for those who are stuck on versions <15.
Any more ideas people ?

Just as an FYI for other users, I just replaced some of my own SQL, which used the kind of non-explict join (which Phil also uses above) like  WHERE table1.col1 = tale2.col2
with the Geert style, using explicit JOIN statements.

The two sets of SQL were pretty much the same, but the Geert-style was around 60x faster. 2500ms vs 42.

I always believed that DBMS optimizers were smart enough to make the two SQLs run the same way, but it seems not.
BTW - each SQL is running via the EA 'SQLQuery' API.
I'm not saying this is a universal result, but it has encouraged my to be smarter in my SQL.
@Eve - sorry, haven't tried your "OR EXISTS" approach yet, so don't know how it compares.

General Board / Re: MetaModel of BPMN
« on: March 05, 2020, 10:29:08 pm »
Model Expert will draw you a meta-model of the bits of BPMN  that you are using in your modelling. The full meta-model might be a bit complicated, and nobody uses it all....

General Board / Re: Slow server
« on: March 05, 2020, 10:27:20 pm »
Same from UK - was better, now back to ab-normal.
Come-on @Spaxians - lets get this fixed.

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