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Uml Process / Requirements model vs User Stories in scrum tool
« on: February 02, 2015, 06:39:32 am »
For some time now, we use Sparx Enterprise Architect for our business analyses.
We have divided our EA project into 2 insights:

•      An insight “concepts”. We mainly use 2 models for this insight:
o      A domain model
o      A requirements model. Used for describing business rules (or validations) and other server side requirements
o      Sometimes an activity diagram

•      An insight “User interface”. This contains:
o      A requirement model containing user interface requirements (=behavior of the UI client)
o      UI mockups (copy pasted from our mockup drawing tool).
[ch61607]      We also link to the domain model and the requirements from the “concept” insight.

For a new project we have been asked to follow a more agile approach. The epics and user stories must be described into a scrum tool, so they could be linked to the sources and builds. However, it feels a bit strange considering our “requirements” in EA. The more detailed an user story is into our scrum tool, the more it looks like a requirement in EA -> duplicated work.  

I’m interested how you guys have equipped your EA project, especially in interaction with a scrum tool (user stories).

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