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Thank you Geert.

Not sure that would work. In the Sparx repository data model, the Package does not seem to be an Object (No Object ID as secondery key in t_package).

It probably needs to be done by code.



In the Sparx UI, when trying to change the value of the "Type" property of a Packaging Component, the system says "this type cannot be changed to another".

Does anybody knows how to automatically change all Packaging Components into Components (wtithout loosing all the relationships)?

Any available code or little app to perform this?



Thank you. That works! :)

Let's describe the problem with a concrete example:

1) Create a profile "MyProfile" that includes
  -  Stereotype "Logical Application Component", that includes
     -  Tag "Lifecycle", that is of
        - Enumerated type: "Undefined, Envision, Development"
         and where the default value is "Envision"

2) In a model "My Model",
- Import the profile "My Profile"
- Apply the stereotype to a component called "My Application"
- Set the "Lifecycle" tag to the value "Production"

3) In the profile "My Profile",
- Update the enumerated type by adding the value "Retired"
  Now the Enumerated type looks like this:
      Enumerated type: "Envision, Development, Production, Retired"

4) Import/Reapply the profile "My Profile" in the model "My Model"

- "My Application" does not have the "Retired" value (Indeed, I can see this also in the table t_objectproperties)
- If, as an alternative, I reapply the stereotype to "My Application" then all tag values are set to the default value "Envision" (al my values are lost)

So, to summarize, are there any Sparx features, tools, scripts, snippets... that can be used to manage the lifecycle of UML profiles AND of the models that apply these profiles?



Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Applying updates of a UML Profile
« on: December 19, 2011, 07:44:44 pm »

When we update a UML profile, is there any way to avoid the existing tag values to be lost?

Even when we simply add a tag value in our profile, the existing tag values (in our huge model) get lost when we re-apply the profile.



Good. So I will set a stereotype value on the diagram and access the value  in the Shape Script to decide about what is to be displayed.

Thank you for the useful input.


Does anybody know how to disable Shape Scripts based on some diagram property or custom tag?

Basic Requirement
- Context: a specific diagram
- Default behavior: Shapes are rendered following shape scripts associated with stereotypes.
- Alternative behavior (when a diagram property or custom tag is set to X): Default shape rendering is applied; Shape scripts are ignored

Solutions that we are trying to select custom or default shape rendering in a diagram
1.      Use existing diagram option in the core Sparx product
      Problem: Option not found; no documentation found

2.      Access existing diagram properties from Shape Script
      Problem: How to access current diagram properties in a Shape Script? No documentation found

3.      Define custom diagram tags and access these from Shape Scripts
      Problem: No documentation found



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