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Ok, thank you.

For the one who is interested, this is a query to get insight, starting from an element X with attributes, which other elements are mentioned in attribute tags at attributes of element X (so from another 'direction' than I wrote in my first post).

Code: [Select]
select t_object.ea_guid as CLASSGUID, t_object.Object_Type as CLASSTYPE, 'Attribuut' as Soort, t_object.Name as Entiteittype, Attributes.Name as Attribuut, '' as Relatie, Attributes.Application as Applicatie, Attributes.Notes as Opmerkingen from t_object
inner join
(select t_attribute.Object_ID, t_attribute.Name, AttributeTags.Application, AttributeTags.Notes from t_attribute
inner join
(select t_attributetag.ElementID, t_attributetag.NOTES, t_object.Name as Application from t_attributetag
inner join t_object
on t_object.ea_guid = t_attributetag.VALUE) as AttributeTags
on AttributeTags.ElementID = t_attribute.ID) as Attributes
on Attributes.Object_ID = t_object.Object_ID

And here is the one for attribute tags at connectors (taking the element as starting point at which the connector starts):

Code: [Select]
select t_object.ea_guid as CLASSGUID, t_object.Object_Type as CLASSTYPE, 'Relatie' as Soort, t_object.Name as Entiteittype, '' as Attribuut, Connectors.Name as Relatie, Connectors.Application as Applicatie, Connectors.Notes as Opmerkingen from t_object
inner join
(select t_connector.Start_Object_ID, t_connector.Name, ConnectorTags.Application, ConnectorTags.Notes from t_connector
inner join
(select t_connectortag.ElementID, t_connectortag.NOTES, t_object.Name as Application from t_connectortag
inner join t_object
on t_object.ea_guid = t_connectortag.VALUE) as ConnectorTags
on ConnectorTags.ElementID = t_connector.Connector_ID) as Connectors
on Connectors.Start_Object_ID = t_object.Object_ID

As tagged value I defined:

Now at an attribute, I set the tagged value for this tag to "Dynamics AX" (which is an application component).

My question: at the Dynamics AX element, can I view that this attibute has tagged 'me'?

General Board / Re: Slow server
« on: March 06, 2020, 08:57:57 pm »
Also from the Netherlands, last week, it was terrible slow. Now it's OK.

In a class diagram I have defined a lot of entity types. Each entity type has a relation to an application component. I defined this relation in a relationship matrix.

Now I want to 'highlight' on the diagram with entity types that are related to - let's say - application A. Or: hide / fade the entity types that are not related to application A.

I struggle how to realize this.

What I can do is to drag the application element on the diagram, activate the Relationships filter and select the application element on the diagram. Drawback: at dragging the application element on the diagram, a lot of connectors are drawn (which I don't want, but I couldn't find an easy way to prevent this, and I don't want to hide the connectors one-by-one - the application element is only for a moment on the diagram, to enable filtering).

What are your suggestions?

General Board / Pin diagram to Relation Matrix View - possible?
« on: February 29, 2020, 12:11:02 am »
I would like to pin a diagram to the Relation Matrix View (not to mix up with the Relationship Matrix). Now I every time need to reset Source, Target and Connector.

General Board / Re: Cannot create new relationships via Relationship Matrix
« on: February 24, 2020, 05:55:29 pm »
Solution: I performed a Project Integrity Check and found problematic relations. After I recovered/cleaned them, I could add relationships via the Relationship Matrix.

I ran Project Integrity Check and get a list of 'Invalid connector' problems with as proposed action to delete them. I can choose for 'Recover/Clean' but that's a black box. I want to know where those connectors are defined - maybe I need to correct something, and simply removing them may introduce omissions in my model. Alas even the package is not mentioned by Project Integrity Check.

How can I find details about those connectors?

I suspect it are connectors that are orphans. So I thought to found those via SQL select * from t_connector, and then filter on empty SourceElement or empty DestElement. However: for all connectors those fields are empty.

General Board / Cannot create new relationships via Relationship Matrix
« on: February 08, 2020, 02:19:29 am »
In a Relationship Matrix I have a source package and a target package selected, and for both a type (Class and ApplicationComponent, respectively). Link Type = "Dependency" and direction = "Both".

Right-click on a cell and choosing "Create new relationship > Source to Target" (or "Target to Source"). However: no possible relationship types are shown, nothing happens. Why?

When I e.g. select "Association" at Link type, I can select from some association types. So some Link Types would work, other not.

When I put some elements of both types on a diagram, and I switch to Relation Matrix View, I can edit the relationships without problem.

Update to my initial post: after selecting again the Target, I have now a longer list in Type and can select ApplicationComponent. So the issue is solved.

General Board / Relationship Matrix: select Type for ApplicationComponent
« on: February 08, 2020, 01:43:16 am »
For filtering in a Relationship Matrix on Archimate application component, I know no better way then to select "Component" at the type field and to set in the options the option "Include All Extended Meta Types" to True.

Is there another, a better way to filter out Archimate3::ApplicationComponent?

Suggestions and Requests / Re: "Method and Style" BPMN Functionality
« on: October 17, 2014, 03:51:54 pm »
About the pool / business process issue. Did you try the following? In EA, the properties of a pool contains 'processRef'. With 'processRef' you can refer to a business process (= Business Process element).

Following the BPMN specification (par. 9.3) by setting 'processRef' you indicate that the pool 'references' or 'contains' a process. Now I don't know what is meant with 'references', but at least 'contains' is something different than 'is'. So it's correct that in EA Pool and Business Process element aren't both a representation of the same thing.

To summarize. There is the process 'Handle Order'. You define a business process (element) with that name and a pool with that name. You link both by setting the pool's 'processRef'.

About your second issue (it would be better to have a separate thread for it): I don't recognize this. I can define global tasks and reuse them, including incoming and outgoing sequence flows. I use version 11 build 1111.

In Sparx EA, elements can get a status, a version, etcetera. Alas this is not possible for relations (connectors) between them.

I would like to have this, for example to indicate (in an ArchiMate model) that a flow relation doesn't exist anymore.

General Board / Re: BPMN with Sparx: Is there an in-depth text boo
« on: October 06, 2014, 10:11:49 pm »
As far as I know: no.

General Board / Re: Risk Modelling
« on: October 16, 2014, 05:13:57 pm »
You can model Risks also by applying the concept 'Assessment' from the ArchiMate language (the Motivation Extension).

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