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I created UML profiles and usually set all exporting and importing options, including "Element Size".
In detail, I set stereotypes extending several metaclasses.

I use these to ways:
- right click on package and using "Advanced -> Save package as UML profile"
- click on package and then "Layout-> (Diagram) Manage -> Save as Profile" (works only after one diagram was opened in advance but exports entire package)

My question is:
- Where is the "Element size" stored, when I export the UML profile?
- Should I dig into "Shape Script", to ensure any sizing? (Because appearance like "grey merge node" works fine)
- and can this Shape Script be exported together with UML profile or at least MDG, because there is inclusion of "Other -> Scripts"?

In the beginning, I had only one diagram and "accidentially" did diagram export
-> that way "imported" ActivityInitial got the size of the stereotype that defines it in the base eap.
like stated here

is silent about size.

Thanks in advance, Shegit

Base eap to define a UML profile with
- stereotype "myStereo" extending metaclass Action (myStereo1 for only one per attribute, myStereo2 for more than one)
- several attributes for this stereotype
- connector "taggedValue" between metaclass Action, ActivityInitial and Decision
- connector role specified as attributes names intend

exporting as MDG Technology or UML profile

Use eap to have tagged values depending on stereotype
- creating activity diagram with at least one element for each type of metaclass in base eap
- importing MDG Technology/ UML profile
- creating Action "useStereo1" and Action "useStereo2" in Activity diagram
- setting "myStereo1" and "myStereo2" as stereotype for this action.
- defining entries for each tagged value of both actions

what is:
- every tv is limited to only one metaclass

what should:
- every tv is limited to each metaclass as defined in base eap

source of problem:
- generated xml selected one metaclass by random

- editing xml so that 'notes="Type=RefGUID;Metatype=Action,Decision,...;"

With the XML I can achieve almost any limitation.
But that's what the generated xml should do as well.

example files: eap used to define stereotypes with tagged values MDG generated by EA MDG edited to achieve aimed behavior UML profile for single tagged value connectors  UML profile for multiple tagged value connectors diagram RefGUIDs with multiple connectors
(edit: changed dropbox links to start download directly (dl=1) instead opening dropbox page (dl=0))

general discussion took place here:,38459.0.html

thanks, will use the aggronym ( 8)) and will eventually report the bug.

Question of curiosity:

I could tv-connect one metaclass and found it as restriction while Connection the tv

If I connect more than one metaclass, the profile export picks only one by random
- I set on connector the target role to the attribute where it should apply.

If I now edit the XML to
Code: [Select]
<TaggedValueType property="WithRefGUID" description="" notes="Type=RefGUID;Metatype=ActivityFinal,Decision;"/>I limit restriction to both types while
Code: [Select]
<TaggedValueType property="WithRefGUID" description="" notes="Type=RefGUID;"/> takes away any element restriction.

What can I do to control this behaviour inside EA GUI instead of exported XML?

thanks, Shegit

Thanks for your time, qwerty.

This TV connector helps me with the RefGUID-Defintion.  :)

For Integer, I might live with enum-workaround - or which Core Element / Core Connection / Abstract Metatype / Stereotype do I need to connect?
(Because didn't find any "sounds good", "DataType" did nothing)

Which file share to you prefer? last time I could link directly to file, not a download page.

Thanks, Shegit


I tried to do the following:
- creating a definition eap where I set my UML profile
- creating a usage eap where I will use defined profile
- extending Action with stereotype and attributes so I will have Tagged Values after import of Profile

what works:
- Setting any enum works fine (->"WithEnum")
- defining Memo works only with <memo> as "Initial value" of corresponding attribute (-> "WithMemo")

my problem:
- how to enforce "Integer"?
- how to enforce "RefGUID"?

my workaround:
- creating profile as intended
- exporting as MDG as well
- editing MDG-XML with an editor:
Code: [Select]
<RefData version="1.0" exporter="EA.25">
<DataSet name="Property Types" table="t_propertytypes" filter="Property='#Property#'">
<Column name="Property" value="WithInteger"/>
<Column name="Notes" value="Type=Integer"/>
<Column name="Property" value="WithRefGUID"/>
<Column name="Notes" value="Type=RefGUID;Metatype=Decision;"/>

See files if you like:
(Edit: changed to dropbox)

For Memo I did it that way to, but found out that "initialValue" takes it as well.

I prefer to include the Tag-Definition inside eap because otherwise I need to take care for every change of Profile whil updating mdg-xml.


With essential hint from Geert to export package by package I got solution workaround:

Exported file needs editing from
Code: [Select]
<Package xmlns="[b]2010/XPDL3.0alpha[/b]" to
Code: [Select]
<Package xmlns="[b]/2009/XPDL2.2[/b]"
One of the reasons might be that the header states
Code: [Select]
<Created>2016-06-24 10:41:23</Created>
- the other, that ALM imports only 2.1 and 2.2

Clean project generated by EA: S-Project.eap
(includes all BPMN2.0 models as simple example)
Export settings have been "XPDL 2.2".

useless export of entire Model: S-Project-Model.xpdl
ALM finds nothing: S-Project-BProcess.xpdl
ALM finds no project but Process: S-Project-BProcessEdit.xpdl
ALM finds nothing: S-Project-Collaboration.xpdl
ALM finds no project but Collaboration:  S-Project-CollaborationEdit.xpdl

With your help, I mastered EA to "convince" ALM, it is just far away from expected.

Hi Simon,

thanks for your suggestions.
I have several files to try:

First, like you said - simple an plain. This is generated by EA if I open a new project and say "BPMN 2.0 Collaboration Model"
eap file bmpmsimple.eap
export entire model bpmnsimple.xml
export as bpm XML bpmnsimple.xml.xml
export as XDPL, just shorten file ending manually bpmnsimple.xpdl.xml

Second, a self made with some more elements, not really complex at all.
export as bpm xml bmxbpmn5.xml
export as XPDL bmxbpmn5.xpdl

Import as BPM-XML just fails due to no XPDL.
Import from XPDL into ALM fails due to "no model"

Thanks for your look-up.

I try a step in between:
The bizagi modeller creates BPM models that are accepted by HP ALM without any postprocessing.
Idea is now to export EA into XPDL, import it into Bizagi and export it again in XPDL for import into HP ALM.

There is just the tiny problem, that these EA files often throw errors while importing into Bizagi like "does support only XPDL 2.1 & 2.2". If I can figure out a stable way to use this toolchain, I will explain it here.


Hi Geert,

thanks for sharing your experience.
If I understand you correct: until I do same things, I will ever fail?

Do you still have notes about changes in your files and changes in HP ALM and are you able/ allowed to share them?

If not, I know at least, I'm stuck here.


I have similar problems like these ones:

Here feature has been requested, but I don't see valid fulfilment so far.

As I can say:
current EA 12.1 exports still conflicts with (almost) current HP ALM 12.2

My core question:
EA mistake or HP error?

Whenever I create a sample BPMN in EA and export the model, all I get is
- export as BPMN 2.0 XML
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
<bpmn:definitions xmlns:bpmn="" id="EAPK_E444FEBD_8B92_4fe2_87B3_83154728E814" targetNamespace="" xmlns:ssbp="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:di="" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:bpmndi="" exporter="Enterprise Architect" exporterVersion="12.1.1224"></bpmn:definitions>
- export as XPDL 2.2
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
<Package xmlns="" Id="EAPK_E444FEBD_8B92_4fe2_87B3_83154728E814">
<Created>2016-06-08 09:56:55</Created>

I could export the package with the diagram only and got a bigger export file, but it failed with any of file names .xml, .xmi, xpdl.

I can't upload attachment here directly, can I?


Thanks Uffe for the hints what (and how) to look for (easily).
If I find anything useful, I will post it here.

I was just surprised about doubling in size.

I would if I would have an idea what to look for.
But I don't. Do you?

Hi there,

I realized, that EA 12.1 creates a much bigger model output if I use "export to XMI": from 92 MB .eap it builds 280 MB .xml.
Taking old EA 9.x it produces only 110 MB.

Any idea what the reason might be?
Any effects beside bigger size? (I didn't do any kind of file comparison)

I choose XMi 2.1 in both cases, all checked options are same.


Great, that works like a charm.

I'm sorry, I tried to follow your hint from previous post but was unable to find it :(

Now I will try to mark this post as "solved" or something,


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