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I try to connect operations (as part of webserivce element) with object instances derived from a class.
mainly as dependency, because the operation needs the object to do their operation.
Anything else direct would fit for the beginning.

Is that metalevel?


Thanks for the tips, maybe I try to do things UML does not support. And I did not find the feature "Link to element". Rightclick on e.g. "Edit:RightsClass" allows me to (Add -> Create Link) choose from UseCases, but not from Webservices.

To talk about same things I attached a sample as .eap und .xml. Okay, can't attach anything, hope you can see the pictures.

What I realized doing so: operations as part of the webservice don't have their own GUID. There might be the reason that "other than creating an action".

You see dependencies from e.g. "BigBusinessV1.setNumbers" to "Edit:RightsClass" and "Write:RightsClass". EA creates actions as part of package "Rights2Webservice".

Thanks for your investigation.

Hi qwerty,

thanks for your fast reply.

I assumed it will stay the operation thus the connection is between operation and object. No new Guid.

Something like "this part connects that way to that part."
Pulling in entire webservice doesn't allow me to make connections to its operations.

Do I understand you right that it should be "most normal in the world" to get actions?
How do they stay connected to the operations?



I have a question / topic I don't understand fully. I'm using EA 12.1, the model has been developed since EA 7.

I have a class, create an UML object diagram and drag it into there.
Then transforming that class to an instance and rename it.

In another package I have modeled a webservice with some operations.

Now I'd like to show connection (dependencies) between the object and the operations.

Context: the class represents authorization and some operations of this webservice just requires them, some not.

My problem:

As soon as I drag the operations into my UML object diagram, the EA creates actions.
And additionally as I take all at once, hangs one action under the other - resulting in a long diagonal line.

If I check GUID from action: it is different to the operation of spoken webservice.
But if I check either action and operation with "find in all diagrams", it gets located in created UML object diagram.

The core problem here is that I want to ensure to keep the operation linked to the class instance.

I'm used to use "Strg + G" for locating element in project browser and I see - it goes anywhere instead to the webservice.

My question finally is:
- Do I need other diagram type to prevent this action creating? Which one?
- Is it impossible to link class instances to webservice operations by UML or by EA?

Because I can't use the relationship matrix to show it. At least because I can't even get a matrix by choosing the package with webservice and package with obejcts.
Works like a charm with UseCases and objects.

Thank you very much.

General Board / Re: Automatic Horizontal Scrolling in Project Browser
« on: March 10, 2016, 02:43:22 am »
The already discussed thread is this one,10955.msg148672.html.
I missed it too, found this thread and was glad to change. Now my EA looks old (Office XP), but works. Because I don't have a mouse with "sidekick" and these auto-scroll feature still annoys me.

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