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I've been wondering if there's any real use for the XMI "machine consumable" files from the OMG.  My initial impression was that I could import a set of XMI files and create a profile from them.  Specifically I was attempting to import the ReqIF files, reqif.xmi, reqif.driver.xmi, and reqif.cmof.  While the first two import with out an apparent issue, the .cmof file (also an XMI file) fails to import with EA indicating failure due to errors, but the log file states no errors:

Importing Model from XMI
Root Package:
Resolving Classifiers
Resolving Owners
Resolving Attribute Types
Resolving Parameter Types
Resolving Association-Classes
Resolving Properties for Association Ends
Resolving InteractionOccurences
Fixup external references
Import Complete!

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