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I'm happy :-), my troubles are finished.
I have downgraded Windows update (it was the Anniversary Update) to previous build and now the openning of Use case diagram is working fine.
Thanks for answers.

Thanks for responses, I also have tried to change renedrer to Basic, Enhance - 2 as m.elshout, without results.
Also have tried to run Project integrity check, it has reapired 1 problem with asociation connector only, but main problem with opening diagram not.
Do you think the deinstalling Win update can help me? Has anybody tried it?

could anybody help me with problem "crashing EA" after I open "Use Case diagram" from Project Browser?
The problem has started today after system has finished Win update (Win 10). Now, when I want to open use case diagram (Project Browser, right mouse click on Use Case Diagram) appears Windows message "Program Enterprise Architect - UML Tool Developement stopped working .... " and stop. I may close EA only. When I open Class diagram, Domain diagram, it is OK. Only UC diagram it is fault.
I have the same problem when I try to put new UC element from Toolbox into diagram.
Thanks in advance.

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