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I use Alias field a lot just for those filters  ;D

General Board / Re: Can't enter "em-dash" in title...
« on: January 12, 2022, 11:20:47 pm »
Hmm lucky that Im mostly using Swedish language :) Here we often only use "hyphen" and its same char as "minus". 8)

We are about 50 different modellers in 5 diffrent organisations that use a common Company Repository.
But not all users use the "Master" object when creating a new diagram or modell, so some systems as I.e the Corporate User & Role directory have about 25 diffrent objects with same name and meaning.
- Could be  that they does not understod the "Objects"  thinking in EA as they still "draw" as they did with Visio,
- Some does not bother to search if its already a master-object to use
- Or they just testing someting and then, next day that  modell is "perfect" and then its to late for them to change object...

Its possible to "manually" change the selected objects in diagrams to the master Object, but its takes time and are booring to move relations etc

Some sort of semi automatic with scripting should be feasble, I think, where a user is comfirming the switch for each diagram to a known master-object, where the script is checking all current relations, Notes, Attributes, Tagged-Values etc and making the switch

In EA Repository we have a lot of duplicated element for same objects.
How to replace those in an efficiant way??
- 3:rd party product (Expensive)?
- Own script (Difficult) ?
- Dont bother hmmm

Thanks all of you.
Thats seems to be doable even for me  8)

Have some users using an propritary notation "Prime Arch" that is as Archimate om Steriods :o.
Now they have some issues and we Wonder how to simply transform those models  to UML and/or Archimate.
By Transformation script or  standard scripting (JavaScript).
Whats easiest method??

PCS General Board / Re: Configure WebEA models - via Web Browser
« on: November 11, 2021, 10:10:40 am »
Set read&Write to ALL, then you can check the file WHAT user did the write. Easy to misspel

Under 2020&2021 we where testing the full stack of PCS&WebEA and Prolaborate.
As system responsible för Sparx EA plattform I help about 50 users with users problems, Sparx EA UI changes in each new versions etc. But as Prolaborate is an orthodox overlay to the Sparx EA platform, I dont understand wy all new stuff as drill down charts, templates and features is NOT stored in same databas and USEFUL for ordinary Sparx EA & Web-EA users.
To use those tools together we need an superuser with some schizofren ability. Or hire 2 diffrent persons with diffrent abilitys.
- Create good looking charts & templates for Sparx EA modellers & Web EA users
- Create by another tool, good looking charts & templates for premium Web users who pays more than ordinary WEB-EA users

Other EA tools may have some separation for Premium & ordinary user groups, but most have same toolbox & common platform.
Its the same problem as MS Office had have with different dev-groups för Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Each product handels MetaData/Tags diffrently and does not support VBA in same way. Completly diffrent anmials but in same zoo.

PCS General Board / Re: Creating self-signed certificates for PCS
« on: September 20, 2021, 08:37:56 am »
After one year of trouble with PCS on Windows server & MS IIS  and certificates (Self signed & real certificate with trused root) and all other problems, we terminated the implementation activity and ditched both PCS and Prolaborate as useful products.
Those products are not mature enugh to be placed in ouer Enterprise datacenter together with 800 apps on 2000 servers serving about 55.000 users.
The Datacenter operational staff is laughing at the install and operating instruction, and is asking if this products are open source products with no active developers.... When I say that we have paid (5.500€)for this products, they just walk away laughing....

General Board / Re: Floating License Historic Usage
« on: September 13, 2021, 08:46:09 am »
Licensserver logfiles are the best solution.
As I dont have access to the LicensServer (Windows 2016) I got the logfiles sent to me automaticle every 1:a day of month, running an simple powershell script to create a CSV-file that I load in Excel, to get an god graph of usage.
That way I can determand if I have to get more licens...
Not so elegant & fancy, but it works for me.

General Board / Re: Charting and Tagged Values
« on: August 24, 2021, 07:40:34 am »
Yes, no built-in support for other attributes as Tagged values etc.
Only SQL script as:

SELECT tv.Value AS Series, tv.Property as GroupName
FROM t_objectproperties tv
INNER JOIN t_object o ON o.Object_ID = tv.Object_ID
WHERE tv.Property in ('TaggedValueName')

Specificat ;Dion manager is just an other visual view from Project Browser.
Select your Epic 2 in browser and you see your requirement in Specificatione Manager

General Board / Re: rearrange panels
« on: June 15, 2021, 05:02:18 pm »
Do you mean the area for the Tools icons?, if so just fill it up with your icon selection

We have an Central Directory (organizations & users) where consuming systems use diffrent attributes.
Today its documented in an "Huge" Excel" with Interface & attributes as Y-axel and Consuming system as X-Axel and CRUD function in resp cell.

I have imported parts of this excel into Sparx EA
- Interface & Attributes as UML Class object and its published attributes
- Consuming Systems is already in the Repository as Archimate ApplicationComponents
- Was trying a Matrix for the relations, but the Attributes in each class was not selectble in the Matrix, only Class & Consuming Systems objects..... :(

But the hurdle is: How to model the Consuming system and the attributes that is used for each relation.

The model must be simple to handle for changes & updates in the feature  8)

Halloy, You have to use the port that you have defined in PCS for HTTPS, Ie 805 for HTTPS

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