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I think Andreas explicitly stated he is working on an .eap file on a local drive.

No sharepoint or synchronizations or anyhting like that.

@Andreas, please post back here if you hear from Sparx support. I'm interested in the solution they will hopefully provide.

I also use PCS for local files too. At least model files that i constantly use.

I have come across this situation too, especially when it comes to storing large models in an EAP file on infrastructure like sharepoint.

My solution is to keep the model on sharepoint, but to setup a PCS server on my local Desktop to provide access it. It has mitigated most of the 'freeze and blur' issues i have had. Unsecure PCS pretty easy to setup if you are keeping access to localhost. 

I also found that a PCS server (with secure setup) has helped me avoid sharepoint sync issues when trying to edit the same model from a my office desktop and a my home office laptop. Setting up a secure PCS is much trickier though, so make sure to set time aside for it if you want to go this route.


I am considering creating an integration plugin to pull information into a cloud hosted model. To do that, i understand that i need to buy a token.

Reading up on tokens, it seems that they expire after one year, but I have not been able to find any clear information on what that means in practical terms. On the face of it, it looks like i have to pay a yearly fee or risk the loss of my own integration plugin.

Is this true? or is it similar to the EA yearly renewal approach. That the token gives access to new versions, and only works with certain versions of the PCS server?


When working with SQLite, a tool worth considering, created by the author of SQLite, is jsish.

Jsish is a single binary CLI Javascript shell. It is available on most platforms, including on embedded, and has out of the box capabilities such as SQLite, MySQL, Websockets/Web server, including an SQLite Database Browser (SQLiteUI).

I have been experimenting with jsish as a way to mine data from various SQLite databases,  over REST/JSON, using the EA 'Data Miner Diagram' feature.


Thanks for the feedback.


It's mentioned in the Install and Configure plugins page, but if that's not what you're looking for I can't help.
Your surmise was correct, I was looking for specifics on what it does. 

1. 32 and 64 bit relate to your office installation, not your EA installation. You can use either with any 32 bit edition of EA. We have an update hopefully not too far away that will add support for a 64 bit EA.
Now we have EA16 versions to confuse the issue, can you make this office dependency clear in the documentation please?
2. There will be more updates, I don't know what those updates will be yet.
Any ideas when this will be known? Also i cannot find any specific documentation on the Sharepoint PCS integration plugin, is that available somewhere?

General Board / Model Integration for Microsoft® Office beta questions.
« on: November 11, 2021, 08:08:51 pm »
As the last version i have of this plugin is from 2016, I am looking at testing the beta.

I have two questions not covered in the documentation.

1. What is the difference between 32 and 64 bit installation? The docs say the plugin only works for EA 15 at the moment, but which plugin replaces the current plugin? When i run the a beta installer, instead of removing the old and installing the new plugin, it brings up the standard remove or repair menu. I also cannot tell if it possible to install the 32 and 64 bit side by side, e.g. for testing in EA 15-86 and EA16-64.

2. As this is essentially the first update since introduced with EA 12, whereas since 2016, Office is now Office365 and tightly coupled to Sharepoint, are we going to see Sharepoint document sync support? or a bundled Pro Cloud Server integration plugin for Sharepoint sync support?

PCS General Board / Re: Creating self-signed certificates for PCS
« on: November 10, 2021, 04:40:07 am »
No. It could fail for any number of reasons.

I'd try changing the config so that port isn't secure. If it still fails it's nothing to do with the certificate.

The next thing that comes to mind is anything else listening on port 1805 on your system?
PCS4 logs an error when it tries to bind to an allocated port, i expect PCS5 to do the same.
Turns out it is not ssl related. Created a new thread for the specifics.

I have been running PCS4 under wine (crossover) for a while, and have been trying to setup PCS5 32bit under wine. It turns out, that it just does not work.

I used the windows native management UI under wine to configure PCS5 to serve some test databases - everything is green in the UI, but could not connect to the model server port.

When i checked the log files i see:
2021-11-05 16:26:45 [DEBUG]:   Thread 5  Created secure server on soap port 1805 (https)
2021-11-05 16:26:45 [DEBUG]:   Thread 5  ATTEMPT Bind and listen on soap port 1805
2021-11-05 16:26:45 [DEBUG]:   Thread 5  WARNING Failed to bind and listen on soap port 1805
2021-11-05 16:26:45 [SYSTEM]:  Thread 5  No longer listening on soap port 1805.

Lots of installation documentation and certificate generation later,  still no luck. Even with a beta, if i need luck, then i am doing it wrong, so took on the time consuming process of elimination. Every step failed with same bind errors.

Finally decided to risk my production PCS 4 configuration. It failed to serve the model generating the same errors above. As far as i can tell, it is related to the port binding for model server threads. It does not matter whether the port is configured as https or http, it gives the same 'failed to bind' error when trying to bind.

Summary of findings:
- Service manager interface (port:1803) binds.
- Model setup seems to work - or at least shows green in the interface.
- Port binding for https and http model server ports, fail with the above useless error.
- Setting up PCS is still a test in patience - If i had to do this before trying out Prolaborate, i would have moved on.
- No UI indication that the service is not working as configured. Have to dig in logfiles.
- PCS4 Log file seems to contain more detail than PCS5 Log files

Even if this is an error on my part, i don't want to spend any more time on this, so waiting for next version before i do anything else.

Some feature suggestions, based on my recent experience, to lower the frustration overhead of PCS setup & maintenance:

0. 'Restart Service' button on Admin UI. Should be as simple as installing PCS with 'restart on failure' profile. UI button triggers service to exit with non zero 'user restart' error code. OS  forces restart and logs user restart to windows service log.

1. Show status of Model port (and integration port?) service-threads. E.g. as traffic lights, like the db connection status in the model list.

2. Logfiles via the admin http server. Essential for remote debugging, an open browser tab of server logs while working on setting up a model/port or debugging a client connection on a desktop. Preferably to authenticated users, or as configuration flag (like private). Nice to have - a button on the admin UI that opens the correct url in your browser, and a button that opens the the correct url for a selected port in the browser.

3. 'Test configuration' command line option for server binary. Runs service in standalone mode, sets default log output to TRACE on stdout, loads specified configuration file. exits when all server-thread have been started and statuses (re:point 1) are available.

4. Nice to have - Ability see/poll current PCS status information (re:point 1) on admin port. e.g. service, model-thread, integration-thread status. Needed for uptime monitoring tools like Nagios/Icinga. Additional usage metrics, last x lines of logfile good too.

5. Nice to have - 'Test Port' button in port setup screen. Tests service binds to port and attempts connection to port.

6. Nice to have - Instructions for creating a letsencrypt signed server.pem. Its cross platform tooling is enough to support  ssl demos without the hassle of making a CA and installing CA's in browsers. Letsencrypt certs expire after 90 days, so documentation on integrating PCS with a preferred letsencrypt ACME client such as certbot would also be welcome.

General Board / Database changes required for EA16/PCS5?
« on: November 09, 2021, 01:02:10 am »

I have been reading up on the new 'Native File Format' and how it's round-tripping and merge features differ from XMI (A 'must read' for those who use XMI)

When i came across this caveat:
If you are connected to a SQL Server repository, you require ALTER permission on the t_image table in Enterprise Architect, to be able to import model images
Is this permission new for EA16/PCS 5? if so, i have not seen any new database schemas or schema patches.

I have noticed issues with adding image assets from the clipboard in EA16, could this be related?

PCS General Board / Re: Creating self-signed certificates for PCS
« on: November 06, 2021, 03:52:48 am »
[SYSTEM]:  Thread 7  SUCCESS Bound and listening on soap port 443 (https)
[SYSTEM]:  Thread 6  SUCCESS Bound and listening on soap port 805 (https)
There is no problem with your server certificate as far as PCS is concerned. That effectively means every attempt at help to this point has been going  in the wrong direction.

I am seeing is this (with PCS 5.x Beta)
2021-11-05 16:26:45 [DEBUG]:   Thread 5  Created secure server on soap port 1805 (https)
2021-11-05 16:26:45 [DEBUG]:   Thread 5  ATTEMPT Bind and listen on soap port 1805
2021-11-05 16:26:45 [DEBUG]:   Thread 5  WARNING Failed to bind and listen on soap port 1805
2021-11-05 16:26:45 [SYSTEM]:  Thread 5  No longer listening on soap port 1805.

So, just to be clear - if you do not get a SUCCESS message for bind, then there is a problem with the certificate provided in the server.pem?

If so, That is not at all obvious from the trace level log information, or documentation. If not, then how do i diagnose this problem?

PCS General Board / Re: Can PCS 5.0 Beta serve the new EAv16 qeapx models?
« on: November 06, 2021, 01:44:09 am »
I have started looking at PCS 5 beta, and there is an undocumented option in the extended properties dialog called  'private app'. What does it do?

General Board / Visual studio code integration?
« on: November 04, 2021, 10:49:51 pm »
The Visual Studio plugin documentation does not seem to have been updated since 2009.

Before i send any time on it, i thought i would check to see if anyone have this plugin working with visual studio code - preferably the free/open source cross platform version?

PCS General Board / Can PCS 5.0 Beta serve the new EAv16 qeapx models?
« on: October 22, 2021, 07:28:15 pm »
I see from the PCS v5.0 release notes, that it now has native database support.

The release noes do not specifically mention it. Can PCS 5.0 Beta serve the new EAv16 qeapx models?

PCS General Board / Re: Unable to add a repository to Prolaborate
« on: October 22, 2021, 07:21:14 pm »
Thank you Geert. I already have MySQL ODBC driver installed. Please see the below screenshot.

Thank you, Dahsra. I tried to follow the steps in the link you provided but I could not find MySQL ODBC in the list of data source, please see the below screenshot.
You have the 64bit ODBC driver installed, not the 32bit one.


Maybe you can try the PCS 5.0 Beta, and avoid all the mucking around in ODBC space.

According to the v5.0 release notes, PCS, like EAv16, now includes 'native database drivers'.

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