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General Board / Requirements Management Tool for EA is released
« on: October 14, 2004, 11:15:22 pm »
Today SparxSystems Japan released beta trial version of
Requirements Management tool 'RaQuest' for Enterprise Architect.

You know, EA has already features to manage Requirements.
But there are requests to manage them more efficiently and visually
from Japanese EA users and maybe all EA users.

Today SparxSystems Japan released beta trial version
of Requirements Management tool 'RaQuest' .
It's made by EA Automation Interface, and highly integrated with EA.
All information is stored in EAP file or DBMS Repository,
and you can modify items from both RaQuest and EA.

RaQuest has various features to manage Requirements
efficiently. And by generating UseCases from Requirements,
you can enhance software designing by using both EA and RaQuest.

RaQuest needs EA 4.1 build 737 or later.
Now we provide Free trial version (with some limitation),
so please download and try it!!

All advises, requests, comments and bugs reports are
welcome, please send me or

Policy to make RaQuest is the same as EA,
in other words, future RaQuest is made by all your comments.


We have released new product Add-in 'EA Connector for Trac' and 'EA Connector for Redmine'.

These Add-ins support to synchronize EA objects with tickets of Trac or Redmine.

EA Connector for Trac

EA Connector for Redmine

You can download a Trial version. We also offer Trac or Redmine server for trial.


I have created an Add-in which you can open diagram image as a new window.

If you want to refer existing diagrams when you are modeling, you can refer the diagrams by using this Add-in.
(You may need to resize EA window to show all windows.)

If you are interested in this Add-in, download, unzip and run the bat file in the file. Open a diagram and call the Add-in from Add-in menu.
(updated above URL on 9th Dec, 2009)

(You need .NET runtime 2.0 to use this Add-in.)


Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Beta code template for Ruby
« on: August 11, 2005, 07:03:39 pm »
Hello all,

Now I make code tempalte for Ruby. But it's first BETA
Please tell me if you find any bugs, mistakes and suggestions.

Finally, I'll upload it to EA User Group website.

Now I'm making templates for Perl and C. I'll post them
after making BETA version.

How to use::

1. add language 'Ruby' from Configuration->Language
(Press 'Add Product' button and add dummy type -
EA doesn't recognize if there is no type definition.)
2. import the XML file
3. make Classes and set language type to 'Ruby'.


Sample Source Code::

Code: [Select]

class TheClass < ParentClass

 attr_accessor :att1
 attr_reader :att2
 attr_writer :att3

def initialize(att1, att2, att3)

 @att1 = att1; @att2 = att2; @att3 = att3
 @att4 = "hoge"


def ==(other)

 other.att1 = @att1 && other.att2 = @att2 && other.att3 = @att3


#comment of op1
def op1(param1)


def op2()

private :op2



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