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General Board / Newbie question
« on: July 24, 2002, 04:19:53 pm »
I am somewhat new to UML and Enterprise Architect.  I am currently setting up a "process" (buzzword) or guidelines on how to use EA.  I have read the tutorial, parts 1 & 2.  In step #2, it says "Map a Use Case Model to the Business Process Model" and later explains that it is a realization connection.

How is this represented?  Do I setup a diagram and drop each of my Business Process Models on it and then the corresponding Use Case Models and then map the realization?  

Thanks in advance.

Uml Process / Re: USE CASE Cookbook
« on: December 26, 2002, 08:33:07 am »
I'm ready.  If there is something I can do to help, let me know.  If you need some additional space, I will chip in a GB.

Uml Process / Re: USE CASE Cookbook
« on: December 25, 2002, 05:25:18 am »

The price of admission to the sharing could be the submission of a UC with the outline.

As far as folks disagreements, I think that is understood.  Everyone who has been in this industry as long as you and I (almost 20 years for me) knows that there are _AT LEAST_ 10 ways of doing things.  I am concerned that folks will start a war over someone else is doing it "wrong" but I think it is worth a shot.

Organization will have to be done by a group.  If we could get maybe 6 folks to donate 1 hour per week this could work.  They would have to verify that a UC is viable and not someone submitting an empty EAP, categorize it and then issue admittance to the group.

Is there some place to put this or does someone need to pony up some server space?

Uml Process / Re: USE CASE Cookbook
« on: December 24, 2002, 11:39:31 am »
Hey Steve,

I agree with you concerning the fact that most books aren't nearly exhaustive enough.  To me the "Cookbook" is kind of like component technology.  Write it once and use it again and again.  Same way with the "Cookbook" if folks are willing to share their analysis, it would save some others from having to completely reinvent the wheel when they attempt a similar type project.

So what do we do to get started?  Where do we put the repository?

Uml Process / Re: USE CASE Cookbook
« on: December 24, 2002, 11:35:17 am »
Hey jamieglz,

Thank you very much.  I appreciate the link and the slide.  I will study both.  I have read "UML Distilled" and found it very good.  I have written myself a cheat sheet on what each element is for.  I guess my biggest problem is my ignorance concerning a "formal" analysis process.

I'm one of those guys who has been doing everything by the seat of his pants for so long that it is difficult to convert over.  I keep opening up my program editor so I can code instead of determining exactly what I need to code.  Most of my projects have been simple and straight forward, such as AP, GL, AR, etc.  I am starting to work on some pretty complex systems and determined I really need to create a "formal" analysis process.

I have been studying quite a bit over the last year in order to make sure I formulate a reasonably good process.  I have read Steve McConnell's "Project Survival" which I found very informative.  It helped me crystalize some of the thoughts I had concerning my haphazard development process.  I have also read many other books and found several good sights on the web.  What I haven't seen is, someone layout their process.  Sometimes I think they fear the backlash because someone doesn't agree or it won't work for them and so on.  I'd really like to compare notes with someone.  I realize that there may be things that they do that I don't need to and things that I do that they don't need to.  As I said before, my ignorance is showing, and I am just trying to get my arms/mind wrapped around this.

The thing that I have been trying to do since I found Enterprise Architect is to determine how to best utilize EA, a formal process and UML in order to create an efficient project management process.

Thank you again for your help.

Uml Process / Re: USE CASE Cookbook
« on: December 23, 2002, 06:43:20 pm »
Uhhhhh, when I said "old" I was referring to Clipper not you!  ;D

One of the things I struggle with at times is, "What do I do when?".  I would like to know how other folks tie UML into their analysis process.  Would someone mind listing the steps they use in their analysis and a brief description of each step?  After the steps are defined then please show what UML elements you use for notation at each analysis step.  I have my own set that I use but I would really like to compare notes with someone else.

If there is a good book that explains this I would also be interested in the name of the book.

As far as the Cookbook, how about starting with a General Ledger system?  I think I have written about 4 of these.  GL is simple and straightforward and might make a good starting point.  I'll even volunteer to glean the information from the thread and make a complete document out of it and provide a link to it for everyone to download.  We could use the GL system as a template for future postings.

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