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I defined a structured tagged values as shown here:

Instead of using a string I used an enum for each tag in the structure.

However the enum is treated as a string (The user cannot select the items of the enum).

In EA documentation is written that the tag must be simple (whatever simple is).
I assume not working enums is a bug.
(I used V12 .0.2015)

For some reasons I had to go back to our official company deployed EA version (V12).
However I also want to continue with V13. Is it possible to install both versions on one client without a VM?

(Maybe asked already, but I did not fined anything)

I want to show package baseline information in html reports. The easiest way I found was creating a “ModelView” element on a diagram having a SQL query doing the job.
The problem with that is that the diagram element does not auto-scale and so the html pages might not show all what is relevant.
Has anyone of you ideas how to achieve that, without doing too much EA and html scripting?

General Board / V13: Is context help box gone?
« on: June 28, 2016, 12:20:21 am »
In pre V13 versions when you moved the mouse to some kind of commands often a little box appeared (can’t remember the technical term) with some information about what this icon, menu item on screen is good for (e.g. you if you moved the mouse to something in the toolbox some informative text appeared).

In V13 Buid 1301 this is gone. Does it come back? ???

Suggestions and Requests / SQL Search macro #BranchGUIDorID= xyz#
« on: June 27, 2016, 10:47:37 pm »
Searching recursively children of a parent is not really simple in SQL. EA already provides the #Branch# macro which simplifies to find all children of a selected package.

However I have several use cases where this feature would be very useful if I could define the package without selecting it.

Example: a Kanban related to a higher level package could be updated by sql selecting elements under the higher level package.
Due to the fact that the feature is in principle already there, the implementation seems to me to be easy.

I have a stereotype with a tagged value of type date defined in my MDB.

When using that stereotype and trying to set the date in the Tagged Values view/window, it is not made persistent.
When doing the same in the properties dialog of my element all works fine.

Creating a package baseline leads to the following error message:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server [-21472179009]
Invalid column name ‘t-object’.

This message sound dramatic to me, but I do not see any negative effects (baseline is created and restoring from baseline seem to work as well)
Project Integrity Check does not repair that!
Any idea to get rid of that message?

By dragging e.g. a word file to a diagram EA creates an artifact element to store the file in the data base. This is a real cool feature for files you cannot really link to.
However I was wondering why I cannot find some information about that file somewhere in the created artefact element.
Looking on that, I realized to get access to the file the name of the element is essential.
In other words when you drop the file the created element gets the name of the file as element name. That is fine but when you rename the element you cannot access the stored file any more. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
This behavior is just rubbish (I call it a bug).

General Board / V13 Packages in Kanban diagrams
« on: June 07, 2016, 10:03:41 pm »
I used in V12.1 a Kanban diagram to show the status of packages.
In V12.1 the package was shown as just a rectangle but in V13 it is show as the typical package shape including package content.
This makes the diagram created in 12.1 quiet “corrupt” when looking on that in in V13.

What can I expect to see in the final V13?

On meta class “Association" I set _SourceNavigable to "Navigable" and _TargetNavigability  to "Unspecified" but when using my stereotype extending the meta class _SourceNavigable is set to "Non-Navigable" and _TargetNavigability  is set to to "Navigable".

Bugs and Issues / Setting _lineStyle has no effect
« on: June 06, 2016, 07:39:07 pm »
On meta class “Association I set _lineStype to treeV but when using my stereotype extending the meta class the line style Orthogonal-Square is used instead.

General Board / An element several times on a diagram?
« on: June 01, 2016, 07:25:58 pm »
Maybe it is because of my age. I am certain to have read somewhere that with V12.1 it is possible to have e.g. a class several times on a diagram.

But searching the home page and the EA GUI I do not find anything.
Did I just dream?

General Board / Experience with model validation?!
« on: June 01, 2016, 03:19:23 am »
A student writes for me a plugin to do model validation.
Currently we have the problem that after repeating the same validation several times we get exceptions or EA even crashes.

So far we did a lot to localize the problem, but there seem to be no rule when the problem occurs (EA just stops calling our rules).
Some ideas or experience on that?

I just realized that some elements e.g. Event has no rectangle representation but most elements have.
I intended to use an Event as basis for a stereotype having a shape script extending rectangle representation. Is there any understandable reason why e.g. an Actor has but an Event has not a Rectangle Representation?

I use connector direction to provide reading directions for users.
“Car” “has” “Engine” were the direction from “has” goes from Car to Engine to ensure that the user does not read “Engine” has “Car”.

However this direction is not bound to the connector but to the connector on a diagram.
In other words each time I use the connector in an other diagram I have to set the direction anew.

I thing binding the direction to the connector only should be there.
Is there a sense in that current implementation or is that just a wrong implementation? :-\

Any opinions?

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