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General Board / Document Templates; How can I filter to ports?
« on: April 16, 2018, 08:16:54 pm »
Under “Document Options/Exclude Filters/Exclude details for” I miss Ports. How can I differentiate between ports and other properties?

A drop of a template fragment within section “embedded elements” is not executed!

A workaround is to drop it to another place in the calling template and use copy and paste afterwards.

Seen in Build 1310


I created an IBD in a Block. After selecting the frame and ticking on elements in Parts/Properties those elements appear in the frame as expected. But when I try the same on such a property to get its properties nothing happens!

How do I synchronize properties of properties in IBD diagrams?

General Board / EA V14? Is now the EA Application Modal?
« on: April 12, 2018, 10:50:18 pm »
I am not sure if this is a EA issue, but since some day, all my EA installations are modal. I mean, to switch to another application I have to minimize my EA instance, just clicking in my task bar to another application does not work anymore.

Maybe it is something in my registry I got after installing a V14.

Does anyone know how I get rid of that?

Bugs and Issues / EA1415 Usage of Synchronize Structural Elements
« on: April 12, 2018, 10:42:53 pm »
In another thread I learnt, that the feature Synchronize Structural Elements does not longer pop up a window to select the elements but e.g. no is activating the “Interaction Points” tab for call behaviour actions.
However when trying the same on SysML IBD’s the “Parts/Poperties tab should be selected. In fact nothing happens at all (Synchronize Structural Elements does just nothing)!

Remark: A user action leading to slightly change within the GUI somewhere typically not in the focus of the users eye will cause at least for not frequent EA users some trouble.

When you create a BDD, the diagram frame is now shown according to SysML spec. Fine!

However the diagram frame attribute ”Selectable” is not selected by default, but it should be (from my perspective).

If a user ticks “Selectable“, scenarios exist where this user tick gets lost!

One scenario where even more strange things happen is the following:
-Create a BDD diagram under a package.
-Tick “Selectable“ on the BDD frame
-Put into the diagram some blocks
-Move the diagram to another package

Now “Selectable“ is unticked (Not OK) and the diagram contains the BDD frame (OK). In the BDD frame the graphical representation of the original package (before movement) is shown (Not OK) and within this old package the blocks are shown (Not OK) (which are not in the package anymore).

What is the difference between an action pin “Classifier” an action pin “Type” and an action pin “Behavior/Parameter”?

When you drag an Activity with classified parameters as Invocation (Action) with “Structural Elements=All” action pins are created.

When selecting an action pin on the diagram, in “Element Properties/Element” you see under Advanced in property “Classifier” “name:Classifier” fitting to the parameter of the activity. Further on, in “Element Properties/Pin” you see under “Argument/Parameter” the right activity parameter for the pin. However the "Type" of the pin is empty.

When you do the same Parameter/Pin synchronization later by “Element Properties/Behavior”, in addition to the “Classifier” and “Argument/Parameter” properties the "Type" property is set as well.
Further on you are allowed to set the "Type" to something different as “Classifier”/“Argument/Parameter”.

In this case, the properties “Classifier” and “Argument/Parameter” point to the Activity parameter but the Type of cause not. In the diagram, the pin label part showing the classifier, shows the type rather than the “Classifier”/“Argument/Parameter”.

And finally you can even change the “Classifier” to something else to get a pin:
Having Classifier A, Type B and Parameter Argument C 

What is the sense of all that?

This or similar stuff exists in V13 as well.

When you have an Activity with unnamed but classified parameters and you drag and drop it in a activity diagram as an “Invocation (Action)” with “Structural Elements= None”, and you press “Synchronize with Parameters” in “Element Properties/Behavior” all parameters (named and unnamed parameters) get pins on the action.

But in cases of unnamed parameters the error message “Encountered an improper argument” is shown (I even saw an EA crash).

Further on, even unnamed parameters are now show with labels, but “Call.:Classifier”
From my perspective the label should be ":Classifier".

When you have an Activity with unnamed but classified parameters, and you drag and drop it in a activity diagram as an “Invocation (Action)” with “Structural Elements” (Parameters -> Pins).

These pins do not have any label, neither name nor classifier.

Once a “Space” is added as name of the Parameter the pin gets the label “Space”:Classifier.

Showing the classifier within the label of the pin, should not depend on empty/not empty names of the parameter!

When you have an Activity with named and unnamed but classified parameters, and you drag and drop it in a activity diagram as an “Invocation (Action)” with “Structural Elements = All”, only one but not “All” of the unnamed but classified activity parameters are copied as action pins.

When you have an Activity with several parameters and you drag and drop it in a activity diagram as an “Invocation (Action)” with “Structural Elements = Select….” No activitiy parameters can be selected.

When you try to create a SysML1.5 diagram under “Activity, Block Definition, Requirement, State Machine”, the different diagram kinds offered are prefixed with SysML1.4 rather than SysML1.5.

seen in Build:1413

After having assigned a state machine via Instance Classifier to a state, it is not anymore possible to select a Composite Diagram to this state.
Remark: Same problem exist for actions later made to callBehavior
Seen in Build 1310 and others


General Board / EA V14 Beta; What about SysML1.4?
« on: March 13, 2018, 12:59:33 am »
Today I had a first look on EA V14 Beta.
I realized that SysML1.4 is missed. Will SysML1.4 not be supported anymore?

Bugs and Issues / Link to Element Features not working on properties
« on: February 28, 2018, 12:31:18 am »
When using “Link to Element Feature” in field “Feature Type” you can select value “properties”. However in the Feature list below not properties are listed even if the element has properties. So it is not possible to link properties at all.


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