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PCS Suggestions and Requests / Re: WebEA model ordering
« on: July 12, 2021, 09:56:57 am »
Ah yes, thanks very much, I see now that is documented in

And I see that the the web browser also exposes this functionality, I didn't interpret it as such (

General Board / Re: v15.1 - Where is EA-Lite?
« on: June 21, 2021, 08:44:15 am »
Ah yes, thank you, I'm getting confused with HTTP access

An email I sent to sales and support, and have yet to receive an acknowledgement or response.

Id just like to express my concern about the information on Compare Editions of the Pro Cloud Server | Sparx Systems web page,
Number of WebEA Users
In the token edition, an individual token is consumed by each WebEA user at logon time, while the other editions support an unlimited number of WebEA users.   
1 token per user
After a discussion with the support team it seems this is not correct,
we purchased 2 tokens, but they are not allocated per user, they are allocated per browser session.
Thus I have found that one user can, and does, consume both our tokens, not allowing another user access.
Further to add to the difficulty the PCS cannot display which user or provide any other information about the session that has the token allocated to them even though it provides a log in screen, PCS does not allow an admin to release the token, and PCS retains the token for, I am told, 30 minutes, after they close their browser if they dont log off (and who logs off).
So I suggest that the information is misleading and incorrect.

General Board / Re: v15.1 - Where is EA-Lite?
« on: June 21, 2021, 08:27:40 am »
We are working towards using WebEA to provide view access to models to the business (clunky as they are).
We've set up a separate WebEA model "link" (e.g. MyModel - view only) which has a user/password configured in the model with no permissions.

Then we can send links out to model entities and when users click on them they go straight to the WebEA page with no visible login.

There are two technical problems with this
  • this is not supposed to require a token, but I can't get it to work without one, I'm still waiting for a response from sales or support on this one)
  • I have had php errors, all tokens being consumed, or unable to login loops, which I'm working with support on trying to diagnose (PM me if you want to know more)

PCS Suggestions and Requests / WebEA model ordering
« on: June 21, 2021, 08:08:49 am »
The ordering of models on the WEBEA login screen (/webea/login.php) is tightly linked to the URLs providing access into the model (e.g. /WebEA?m=5&o=9B228E5D-CCE8-4094-9784-20FC0DD87FCF).

This means that if you want to change to order of models on the WebEA login screen the model number changes and all your historic links break.

I'd like to suggest that order of models on the login screen be separate from the "model number" (and why does it have to be a number anyway, what is wrong with text?)

PCS Suggestions and Requests / WebEA link to diagram images.
« on: June 18, 2021, 11:26:21 am »
With PCS we now can use links to entities such as diagrams, projects, entities, etc, viz
Code: [Select] to open WebEA in a browser.

Now, is to possible, or would it be a good idea, to have a URL that allows the diagram images to be accessed, and therefore embedded in a website?
Code: [Select]

PCS General Board / Re: ProCloud Server and DirectAccess
« on: June 08, 2021, 06:59:21 am »
The main reason we moved to PCS was to replace the legacy licence server.
Fortunately you can use self signed certs Add Trust with a Certificate Authority (CA) | Enterprise Architect User Guide , or your organisation's Private CA.

I understand that HTTPS connections from EA to the repository through PCS are also supposed to be free, but if we don't have a licence token loaded they don't work for us. I'm hoping to hear back from support on this.

PCS General Board / Using PCS tokens
« on: June 04, 2021, 01:02:27 pm »

I asked support ...

it appears to me that one use can consume more than one token when using WebEA.
Id suggest that this is a bug when SSO is being used.
For example a user opens up several views of a model in separate browser tabs.
Support provided a good explanation of what is going on:

"Id suggest that this is a bug"
Unfortunately it is not, this behavior is a result of how browser to webserver interaction work.  When a browser opens a URL the hosting webserver allocates a unique session ID to that particular browser/URL combination, this session ID is the only form of identification the PCS has about a given 'user'. 
However you must remember that requests are stateless, ie from one request to the next the server doesn't know if the end user is 'logged in'. Some web application get around this limitation by including data in the URL which could uniquely identify a user to the webserver and then internally the webserver could store information about the current user, but we find such URLs messy, confusing and too easy to break if a user manually changes something.  Therefore the PCS keeps a track of users by session ID, but the main limitation with this approach is that users need to log out when they are finished, otherwise if they simply close the browser, then the token used is not released. 
In response to this situation the PCS will automatically release a token that hasn't been used after 30 minutes of inactivity.
 "For example a user opens up several views of a model in separate browser tabs."
 It is our understanding if multiple tabs, on the same browser, to the same URL are opened then the same session ID is used, which means the server has no way of identifying one tab from another and if a token has already been consumed by that session then all tabs could share the one token.  However if the same URL was opened in a different browser on the same client machine then yes, this would require another token because it would be using a different session ID.

PCS General Board / Re: ProCloud Server and DirectAccess
« on: June 04, 2021, 11:30:45 am »
The biggest "complain" I have is that the Floating License Server requires HTTPS and getting a certificate is non-trivial (but there are workarounds).
Actually I'm not fussed by the fact that you have to log in to the licence server in addition to EA.
The purpose for this is lost on me, and there is no option to turn authentication to the licence key server (LKS) off - work around is to publicise in the install instructions the LKS user id and password !

PCS General Board / Re: ProCloud Server and DirectAccess
« on: June 04, 2021, 11:28:04 am »
Are you referring to the instructions in the Sparx Systems website for WebEA?
yes, - Reuseable Asset Service (RAS) ( pdf

PCS General Board / Re: ProCloud Server and DirectAccess
« on: June 03, 2021, 02:46:47 pm »
re you saying the instructions were clear but you didn't follow them or that the instructions were unclear?
Also, we're very interested in your journey with PCS and WebEA so please keep us informed!

The instructions may be clear, but they didn't work for me when I first attempted to follow them.
Due to other issues, as alluded to above, I haven't progressed with this.

The driver for this was replacing our licence server.
This then lets us use the PCS HTTPS server to connect to the models - also not requiring a licence (in theory), which requires less setup (e.g. providing direct access to the database), and is more resilient (over network disconnections).
So it is natural to explore WebEA and RAS

PCS General Board / Re: Importing part of model into Prolaborate
« on: June 03, 2021, 08:19:24 am »
Well we clearly went off-premises and off-premise on this topic

PCS General Board / Re: ProCloud Server and DirectAccess
« on: June 03, 2021, 08:15:22 am »
We access PCS using direct access for WebEA, Floating licence server, WebConfig, and HTTPS model access. Haven't managed to get RAS working for other reasons (including difficulty following instructions). We are using AD SSO.

Our problems seem to relate to WebEA where we are told that a token/licence is not required, but WebEA doesn't work without a token (support are looking at this).
That we run out of our two tokens (with only one user), we can't see who/where the tokens are being used, and there seems to be no mechanism to release them (also asked support to look at this). It looks a bit like PCS is counting each instance of a user (e.g. single user (SSO) opens two  browser WebEA sessions and uses two tokens!!!)

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