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.. and, of course:
4) being able to use a standard report generator (e.g. MS Report Builder; Jasper report builder) to generate such neatly presented, structured pages with the views relevant to different users - with links to EA elements
- inside EA, opened/displayed on request from EA elements etc.
PS: The report would be defined/designed in the report tool, and runtime generated by the report generating engine from/on the web server and displayed inside EA from which it was requested

1) Reuse of code and logic also to be implemented on a web/app server accessing EA. It would be nice to reuse not only search logic and presentation, but also other logic and presentation implemented on a web solution. That would also give the users a common interface between EA and the WEB presentation of the repository. I realize that the logic (e.g. fuzzy search logic etc - could be reused by calling for instance a web service) - but I'd be happy to reuse also the HTML GUI.
2) I like the layout/presentation styles of HTML pages.
3) Reuse of skills. Alternative is Visual studio? - I don't know that development environment (I guess you developed your EA Navigator in Visual Studio?).
PS: I want to open the HTML page in an EA window, possibly the standard pane where EA opens HTML pages. - triggered by e.g. the user choosing from a context menu on a given element.

Is it possible to open a (trusted) html page in EA and let it access EA objects?
I want to create special userfriendly searchresult pages in HTML in EA. And then have scripts in the result page letting the EA user navigate to wanted elements ('links' to EA elements).
Similar with other pages, e.g. a page displaying an element with related elements - in a manner meaningfull to misc. analyts.
The HTML page will be triggered and dispalyed within EA.
The HTML page will be generated from a web server (via SQL access to EA)

Thanks Paulus.
I think those links will be a good help.

It's still java on windows ofcourse, so I cant use them on Linux when they need the dll. But as you say, I too think they will be of good use when setting up my use of the EA win-automation Java API.

Thanks guys for your input.
At least know I know, that I cannot access EA repositroy directly through its api from Java on Linux.

I have been thinking of two alternatives:

1) Accessing AND UPDATING! EA repository through SQL.
I guess that is a risky non-supported solution very sensitive to Sparx way of doing things internally.

2) Implementing a web service api with the operations that I need.
... which have also been suggested by Geert.
Although, since we using java, I will probably implement it in java (on windows) to be accessed by java web app from Linux.
I hope that the EA JAVA API to the windows automation api is just as mature as the other ones, even though it is rarely mentioned/examplified (?)

3) Yes I also considered dropping out on EA and move over to one of the competitors that have better support for Java integraion. However, our EA rpository now has more than 17.000 elements (business concepts, processes, goals, IT systems etc) - so that would probably be quite an operation with a lot of extra work for a long time reparing details in the models.

So for now, I will go for creating a web api - IF the java interface to EA is mature enogh - I hope so (?)

Thanks for responding. However:

It is my understanding that Wine/Crossover does not bring me any closer to a solution on this:

If we installed Wine/Crossover on the Linux, then we would be able to call EA Automation API from windows programs under Wine/Crossover on the linux. But it will still be out of reach from our java web apps running on the linux.

Isn't that correctly understood?

Since you didn't mention what you've considered so far: are you aware of Wine ( and crossover (
Dont'know about Wine but according to their site crossover runs vbscript ( so you should be able to run EA automation scripts.

We need to update our EA repository (SQL server) from a Java web application residing on a linux server.

Using SQL to update EA with new elements, connections, diagrams etc seems far-fetched!

But can we use the EA Windows Automation API in this scenario from linux? - Somehow it MUST be possible - How?

[size=14]How do I exclude a package from an HTML report.
Packages can be excluded from RTF reports. Is there something similar that enables me to be selective of what packages I want to include in my HTML report? :question[/size]

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