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« Last post by YoulpAssain on Today at 10:05:07 pm »
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Running some structured specs and trying to extract the test cases into a suite.  This creates the base test case object and a diagram however it only places the basic path object onto the diagram.  There is no generated alternate or exception path objects created in the tree or placed on the diagram.

Have tried this on cloud models (IIS web served with SQLServer 2016 SP1, client on Win10, EA version 14.1 build 1427) and local eapx files- same result.

Has this been seen before, or is there a reasonable workaround?  Looking to get our test teams to start the processes here and port to RQM, rather than just straight into RQM.
Bugs and Issues / Re: EA 14 - Missing table in Class diagram toolbox
« Last post by vladap on Today at 10:03:04 pm »
I am not able to turn it on, it looks like that my EA version is missing some tools. Thanks for the advises.
Bugs and Issues / Re: Connector: Aggregation. Notation lost
« Last post by Graham_Moir on Today at 09:39:46 pm »

Yes you need to delete the rogue stereotype. 
I have a class diagram located in a package, it has one class, and that class has a few enumerations nested within. However, in the function signatures, the fullly qualified Namespace is shown for each parameter. Can I supress this somehow?
General Board / Re: Clone Structure 20 times with the same "mother"
« Last post by qwerty on Today at 09:08:46 pm »
I think I know what you are doing. But I never got why people use cloning in a model. Having a "model factory" seems very much far fetched. When I model something each element has a very individual meaning. And cloning it even once does not make sense at all since what do I achieve? A new basic concept as alternative? How many alternatives would one model? And why?  So, basically, I still don't get what you are doing there.

You should be able to change that in the code generation template.

General Board / Does EA Architect support standard C++ style comments?
« Last post by mse on Today at 08:46:09 pm »
Everytime I generate code from EA architect, the comments are with /* and not the C++ //. I know both are compatible with C++ but what if my coding Standard mandates that I use //? What can I set in order to get such results?
Every once and a while, I will make a small Change in the code, or perhaps in the model itself. Most of the time it's a Change in the model. However, sometimes I get a Dialog that asks me to choose some Options like reassigning a function to another one in the model, or deleting it or just ignoring it. Even after I have remapped it, I still get the Dialog box. If I remember correctly, the onnly way to get back in sync again is to do a reverse sync and then go back to syncing again.

Secondly, why are duplicate functions added to my code every time I do a sync? This is related to the question above in some way because every time I generate code with F11, a duplicate function with the same signature is inserted. and then I have to correct it in a similiar Fashion and delete the duplicate functions in my model.

Somehow I'm not understanding the whole sync process and what is going on. Are there Settings that can help me? My typical workflow is the following. If I Need to add something new, I will do it in the model. However, in the code, it's often faster for example to copy my enumeration values from my specification document and into the enum. EA Architect is tedious when it comes to data entry. Consequently, I have this hybrid Fashion of working depending on what Information I want to place in my model.
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