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General Board / Re: Can a component diagram show components AND classes?
« Last post by qwerty on Today at 04:20:44 am »
Just: yes. You can show (almost) anything in any diagram. OMG tells that explicitely somewhere in the specs. There are only few limitations (from EA?) since SDs will not accept some elements and/or make them life lines.

A good thing needs some time and a better thing need more time. ;)

A wisdom taken by heart Down Under.

Ian, not you too :o

I still choose to believe that bugs reports like this are being taken seriously by Sparx.
And my recent experience proves that to me.


You either are just more lucky than me. Or the Sparx-God(s) love(s) you more than me (that for sure, anyhow).

General Board / Can a component diagram show components AND classes?
« Last post by mse on Today at 03:34:49 am »
I know it is possible in the EA tool, however, is it legal UML to show for example a UML Component, and nested inside you have other UML components AND some classes?

The Autosar standards depict basic software modules for example as components in their BSW modeling guidelines ( However, another specification, the AUTOSAR UML profile ( from Autosar models S/W application components as structure classes.
Well, all those GUI changes form version to version are done to make EA radical better!

Some while ago in needed some seconds to find features I even use rarely, now I need more and more minutes.

A good thing needs some time and a better thing need more time. ;)
General Board / EA v15 backward compatibility
« Last post by joleuaab on Today at 03:01:07 am »
Hello all,

We want to migrate directly from EA v13.5 to EA 15. Are there any compatibility issues known? Do we need to execute migration scripts for the database? We use the JavaScript engine for Scripting.

This question is similar to the question on,39439.html and there seems to be no problems with v14.

Thank you in advance,
Oh, no argument here.

"Why" is probably a bridge too far, but a complete and correct list of UI changes from one version to the next is not too much to ask of a competent tool supplier.

Oops, there I go making blanket statements again.  :-[
OK - I''l try...
You are probably right, but as a minimum, where they randomly move an option from one place to another, it should be possible to find it quickly with 'Find Command...' .
Maybe also explain to us all WHY they moved it - that's just polite.
Hi Ian,

I don't have a 15.1 installation, but there's a mention on the history page under 1520, section User Interface. It only mentions user default, not model default, but it links to the Desktop Panel page which does say something about the model default.

No idea whether that's accurate or not.

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