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I know how to do that. Will reply later (currently not at home).

General Board / Re: EA and PostgreSQL x64
« Last post by Boron on December 05, 2019, 10:23:04 pm »

are there any news on the usage of 64 bit database management systems, e.g. PostgreSQL x64?

This page does not provide any information on this:

We would like to update from PostgreSQL 9.5 to (preferably) the latest version 12.1.
But beginning with PostgreSQL 11 no more 32 bit version are offered:
Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: [Script] Toggle on/off a legend
« Last post by iri on December 05, 2019, 09:57:43 pm »
It's not really to toggle the visibility of an element; but to toggle the "Apply auto Color" of the legend element that you can place on a diagram.

But anyway I think that with what you said, I think it's a possible way to achieve almost what I want so thanks.

But if anyone have another idea on how the still have the legend element on the diagram but just to toggle the "Apply auto color" of it.
Success!  Integrity check before transfer (minor issues corrected: datatype mismatch on some elements), reset GUIDs after transfer, integrity check again (no issues found), then everything works including no Primary Key error message when creating new elements!  Thank you everyone!
Hi Paolo I thought about resetting, had not made up my mind, but will do it based on your prompt
Richard, have you tried resetting IDs?  In the past transferring to/from an MS Access file could leave the IDs in an anomalous state.  We always compacted and repaired the file after the transfer to reset the IDS.  Now, EA is supposed to do that automatically.  However, for a Firebird file you may still need to reset the IDs via the appropriate menu option.

Update: after rebooting I got the same error message: the first new element I created caused a "primary key" error message to appear on EA; everything else was OK (no issues with repeating tagged value).
Note that I ran a project integrity check before transferring eap to feap, after opening the feap and again after the error message appeared.  All 3 integrity checks showed no issues.
So it may be a bug or some quirk of Firebird.
Thank you Geert I thought it may be a possibility but the user manual seemed to say that both eap and feap can be saved via the Save as menu.  Thanks for clarifying!
I'm rebooting everything and retrying from scratch, we'll see how I go this time...
You don't need a Save option. All changes get saved immediately in the database.
Only diagram layout changes have to be saved explicitly.

Instead of Save As, you can simply copy/paste the .feap file.

But I would be worried about the weird errors you are getting.

Huh??  I created a brand new feap firebird project in V13 and it also has 'Save as' grayed out. Is the lack of 'save' a feature of Firebird file repository?  Is it normal behaviour? 

'Save' and 'Save as' are always available in all my eap models.
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