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UPDATE: The Connector GUID does not match the Exchange Element GUID that it is generated from. I am very confused as to why. Again, if anyone needs more information on this for clarity please let me know, but for company discretionary reasons I would prefer to not put unnecessary details.
General Board / Re: Importing glossary terms
« Last post by David Rains on Today at 08:09:37 am »
Nope, have all of those references 1:1 match. Any other ideas? Should/Could I try an earlier version?

General Board / Search Diagrams and Elements by UserID
« Last post by i4mdone on Today at 07:58:06 am »
I ultimately want a search that will find Diagrams and Elements that are owned by Users belonging to a particular Group (Security Group).

I can piece things together with the t_object.Author property; Is this the only route or is there a more thoughtful/efficient method?
General Board / Re: Can EA Really Do Data Modelling
« Last post by qwerty on Today at 07:52:39 am »
It's the same state as ever. There's some MDG called - uhm - DB<something> which could be of help.


I have an EA package with about 20 diagrams in it. When I create a template I noticed that none of my connectors are brought in despite I have connectors selected (I have tried selecting nearly every box and none give me the connection info). So I started making a VB script to see if I could find the problem. I created the following DiagramScript:

sub OnDiagramScript()

   ' Get a reference to the current diagram
   dim currentDiagram as EA.Diagram
   set currentDiagram = Repository.GetCurrentDiagram()

   if not currentDiagram is nothing then
      ' Get a reference to any selected connector/objects
      dim selectedConnector as EA.Connector
      dim selectedObjects as EA.Collection
      set selectedConnector = currentDiagram.SelectedConnector
      set selectedObjects = currentDiagram.SelectedObjects

      if not selectedConnector is nothing then
         ' A connector is selected
         msgbox "The Name is: " & selectedConnector.Name
         msgbox selectedConnector.Notes
      elseif selectedObjects.Count > 0 then
         ' One or more diagram objects are selected
         msgbox "More than one selected"
         ' Nothing is selected
         msgbox "Didn't work"
      end if
      Session.Prompt "This script requires a diagram to be visible", promptOK
   end if

end sub


I was using this to confirm whether or not I could access the information and this script does indeed allow me to access what I want (the connector notes). However I have two questions:
1. Why does Package.Diagram.Connector in templates not give me the information I want? Is there any way to get this via templates?
2. The selectedConnector.Name actually displays as null (this is because my company does not currently populate this). However, the label for the connector is auto populated when we insert the connector because we select it from a list of internally created exchange elements. The label has the name of the exchange element selected. I cannot find any attributes to retrieve this. Is there some way to link the GUID for the connector to the exchange element to get this information?

I am new to EA so I apologize in advance for any lack of clarity. Just ask and I would be more than happy to try to clarify.

General Board / Re: Can EA Really Do Data Modelling
« Last post by Keithmat on Today at 07:14:30 am »
I don't think this situation has changed but thought I would ask.

Has there been any improvements to Class ---> Database change class ---> Database engineering?

I can get the forward engineering working fine but if I make any changes to the data model then change a class and forward engineer again I can't get it to stop overwriting the table?

Anyone know how to do it?
General Board / Re: Hide folder from documentation
« Last post by skiwi on Today at 06:23:20 am »
Thank you - thats why I didn't find it.
I can't understand why its not on the menu in my screen shot!
General Board / Re: Configuring Element Label in Project Browser
« Last post by mmontminy on Today at 06:11:48 am »
I wrote a little VB script that seems to do the job...

Here is the first version. Could be optimized. Could be adapted and generalized for other type of information. Comments are welcome!
sub UpdatePackage ( thePackage )
   ' Cast thePackage to EA.Package so we get intellisense
   dim currentPackage as EA.Package
   set currentPackage = thePackage
   Session.Output( currentPackage.Name & " (PackageID=" & currentPackage.PackageID & ")" )
   ' Process Current package
   UpdateElements currentPackage
   ' Recursively process any child packages
   dim childPackage as EA.Package
   for each childPackage in currentPackage.Packages
      UpdatePackage childPackage
end sub

sub UpdateElements ( thePackage )
   ' Cast thePackage to EA.Package so we get intellisense
   dim currentPackage as EA.Package
   set currentPackage = thePackage
   dim currentElement as EA.Element
   dim elementName
   dim pos
   dim lenght
   dim curVersion
   dim newVersion
   dim newElementName
   for each currentElement in currentPackage.Elements
      Session.Output( "::" & currentElement.Name & _
         " (" & currentElement.Type & _
         ", ID=" & currentElement.ElementID & ")" )
      ' verifies if version already exist in name
      pos = InStr(currentElement.Name, "(v")
      if (pos = 0) then 'no version in name
         ' appends version at the end
         elementName = currentElement.Name + " (v" + currentElement.Version + ")"
         Session.Output("Appends version- current: " + currentElement.Name + " new: " + elementName)
         currentElement.Name = elementName
         ' replace version with new version
         elementName = currentElement.Name
         lenght = Len(elementName)
         curVersion = Right(elementName, lenght-pos+1)
         newVersion = "(v" + currentElement.Version + ")"
         newElementName = Replace(elementName, curVersion, newVersion)
         Session.Output("Replace version- current: " + currentElement.Name + " new: " + newElementName)
         currentElement.Name = newElementName
      end if
end sub
Were you able to even get basic metarelation and metaconstraint function to work?  The Metamodel Views are an awesome tool which I am leveraging quite extensively, however when it comes to Metamodel Constraints I cannot even get basic metarelation or metaconstraint functionality to work appropriately.

Bugs and Issues / Metamodel Constraints - Meta-Relationship
« Last post by i4mdone on Today at 04:02:01 am »
In 14.1 build 1427 I am attempting to add a relationship constraint between Foo and Bar:

<metarelationship> {metaclass = Generalization}

The only UML Connectors that show up in QuickLinker are those that I have set with an <exposes> connector in the Metamodel View spec.

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