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PCS General Board / Re: Unable to add a repository to Prolaborate
« Last post by Mo on Today at 04:46:02 am »
You have the 64bit ODBC driver installed, not the 32bit one.

Thank you, Geert for pointing that out. I did install MySQL ODBC 32bit and now I can see it in the list but the database drop-down menu is still empty. What should I do?

Maybe you can try the PCS 5.0 Beta, and avoid all the mucking around in ODBC space.

Thank you, timoc for your suggestion. I will try that next if I continue to face issues in configuring PCS.
Yes, thanks, Eve. Appreciate you monitoring this forum.
General Board / Re: stereotype <<entity>> without image with circle
« Last post by jumbie on October 24, 2021, 02:36:32 am »

Try to turn off the setting 'Use Stereotype Icons' in teh Elements group, diagram properties dialog.
(double-click a target diagram background to open the dialog)

Thanks a lot, it works!

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / Re: Shape script selection criteria?
« Last post by Paolo F Cantoni on October 23, 2021, 08:06:33 pm »
Hi Nik?,

We have experimented with something similar to what you are attempting - that is to have the same object appear in various forms depending on which modelling technology is being used.  However, we've used a different approach.  So far it's worked, but we've only tried a couple of technologies.  It also requires multiple stereotypes, but in the reverse mode to that way in which you are thinking about and a bit of work on our part.

If you're interested, let me know and I'll expand more on how we do it.

Yep, it is ;-) I wasn't mentioning that because it would go to deep into the wild. Those more tricky things are better detailed in my Inside book. Alas, (without checking since it's too late here) you can take granted what Geert tells you in almost all cases.

What do you intend to access by con.Client.SupplierEnd.Notes ?

Look at Pdata2 (Miscdata) and Gentype


PS. It's Thomas' book, not mine ;)
"Client" is not a property of EA.Connector.

I'm trying to setup some vbscript which can traverse the connector between elements, copying notes between the source and destination of the connector link.

This is specifically for SysML requirements "Copy" connector: whereby the script will perform a physical copy of the Notes between elements. Currently got the following code together, but struggling with accessing the actual element at the other end of the connector:

Code: [Select]
    For Each destination In package.Elements
if destination.Type = "Requirement" then 'only for requirements

'walk the list of connectors associated with this element
for each con in destination.Connectors
if con.ClientID = destination.ElementID then
'SupplierEnd is the target/destination, that's us
destination.Notes = con.Client.SupplierEnd.Notes   'BOOM
end if

Repository.WriteOutput outPutName, "Processing element  " & destination.Name, 0

end if

Can anyone help accessing the end element of a connector, this line is blowing up:

destination.Notes = con.Client.SupplierEnd.Notes   'BOOM

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