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Uml Process / UML and Ada
« Last post by minghia on Today at 02:25:22 pm »
I have an Ada generic which I am trying to represent in UML using EA. I can work out how to set up the Template Parameters when the parameters may be subprograms. I'm guessing there isn't a standard UML way to do such a thing as this.

My other problem appears to do with how to represent an Ada variant record. This is similar to a C/C++ union except it can have common fields to all variants and the record has a discriminant which may identify which variant is the current one. I know I can represent this by a C/C++ union but it doesn't encompass the whole idea.

Are there any suggestions on how to resolve either issue?


General Board / Re: Relationship matrix data
« Last post by bholtzman on Today at 06:26:19 am »
Another issue with the relationship matrix - using a MySQL database on an Amazon WS server, and using different recent versions of EA, when I right-click to add a relationship I never get the "Create new relationship" option, just a small empty pop-up. Once again, use of MS Access is the workaround!

Thanks for your reply. I have to update thousands of values using excel file. Do i have to pass them one by one? Or is there a way to make a post using values in a files?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<rdf:RDF xmlns:oslc_am=""






          <!--Required Properties-->


          <dcterms:type>ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT TYPE</dcterms:type>

          <ss:parentresourceidentifier>GUID OF CONTAINING PACKAGE/ELEMENT WITH GUID PREFIX</ss:parentresourceidentifier>

          <!--Required in a Security Enabled Model-->

          <ss:useridentifier>USER AUTHENTICATION TOKEN</ss:useridentifier>

          <!--Optional Properties-->






















Yes, you can control the order of the model documents with the arrows (up/down) on top of the project browser.
If they are not enabled, there is an setting somewhere in the options to enable/disable alphabetic order

I have a <<master document>> in place all wonderfully setup, with templates and two <<model documents>>. The report generates fine, however, the order of <<model documents>> is wrong. How can I rearrange this? It seems as though the order is based on the order within the package. Yes, I could rename these things and get the order, but what if the name that I want has to be that way? Is there another way to control the order?
Maybe you don't have "execute script" rights?

It's one of the newer user security rights, and it's not enabled by default.

Automation Interface, Add-Ins and Tools / V15 Scripts do not run
« Last post by Greenbolt on Today at 12:09:01 am »
Good morning everyone,

I removed V14 and installed V15 and since then I can not execute scripts anymore. Does anyone have any suggestion as to why that could be happening? This happened only with V15 so far and when I downgrade to V14, scripts execute just fine.
Bugs and Issues / Re: EA15 1512 bugs
« Last post by Guillaume on October 21, 2019, 11:28:56 pm »
Hi Eve,

I confirm that it was an isolated issue which is now fixed.

General Board / Re: Element to attribute relationship in Matrix
« Last post by jami on October 21, 2019, 07:08:48 pm »
Thx RoyC. Unfortunately, in this matrix the "Type" field cannot be set, for example: "Component" in Source and "Attributes" in Target.
Thank you very much for the reply and the script  :D

But some comments :

1) drawnativeshape() is described in manuals as :  Renders the shape in its usual, non Shape Script notation; subsequent drawing commands are superimposed over the native notation.

Therefore, as ActionPin is not shadowed if I add via ChildElement or via Toolbox, but it gets shadowed if I use drawnativeshape(), does that mean addition via ChildElement or Toolbox would not provide the usual notation ? But then  - what else and how ?

 This is really not intuitive - and should be adapted. Drawnativeshape should render the shape the same way it is displayed in the context of the diagram. Or it should take into account noshadow et al.

2) Looking again in the manuals - online and offline - the "kind" field is not mentioned as property in the shape script parts . Well, could have tried ...
Anyhow worth to add, and if there would be others missing .....

3)The script is great and basically does what I want - but : the rectangle fits in size and location at the time I invoke the stereotype, but as soon as it becomes selected e.g. to move  it is re-drawn andd there remains a gap between the activity and the actionpin - they are not overlapping, the gap is close to the width of the shadow around the activity element.
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