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Uml Process / Re: Stereotype and Icons
« Last post by qwerty on Today at 05:53:59 am »
I thought you were talking about the icons in the tree view. Obviously not :-/

You can show images with shapescripts. Use Image(imageName,left,top,right,bottom) to do that. The image then needs to be in the images table in EA.

Uml Process / Re: Stereotype and Icons
« Last post by Philipp91 on Today at 04:46:30 am »
Sorry I did not get what you meant with "The open folder is something made in EA's guts."
To show to images cannot be done by any command via shape script?? Otherwise as a cheap solution I though i create only icons
as a stereotype and minimize them as much I can and add them inside the metaclass "action", any other way to achieve something like that?

Kind Regards,
Uml Process / Re: Stereotype and Icons
« Last post by qwerty on Today at 04:04:35 am »
No. How should EA determine which to show? The open folder is something made in EA's guts.

General Board / Re: how to maintain toolbars within EA IDE
« Last post by MrSOA on Today at 03:45:23 am »
Good morning fausto bertoli,

If I understand your problem correctly, I recommend saving as a workspace layout.

Ribbon > Start > Desktop > Workspaces > Save New Layout...  Then simply give it a name.  Sparx seems to always open with your latest workspace layout selection.

I lay out all of my docked windows as well as the Code Generation and Diagram toolbars floating over the unused ribbon space to the right, then save the workspace layout.  I always get the same layout every time I start Sparx EA.

I hope this helps.

Very respectfully,

Uml Process / Re: Stereotype and Icons
« Last post by Philipp91 on Today at 03:31:05 am »
Thanks for the answers. In the end you were both right.
For some wired reason to show the icon on an activity I had to manually import the profile from the MDG file, while to display the icon on a class
element there was no need to do that.

I am trying now to add more than one icon on a stereotype and was not able to achieve it. Is something like that possible?

Kind Regards,
General Board / how to maintain toolbars within EA IDE
« Last post by fausto bertoli on Today at 03:18:33 am »
We have EA 15.2
every time EA start the toolbars are now shown and we need to select and display them into  EA
how is it possible to maintain these toolbar in the EA IDE at the next startup?
thanks for your answer.
General Board / Re: C4 + Archimate "Note View" required.
« Last post by timoc on Today at 03:03:14 am »
I think the only solution would be to override the standard ArchiMate stereotypes with your own stereotypes and your own shapescript allowing for notes display.

I was hoping by now there would be a tag based override mechnism or derivation or diagram style or something that would enable this, the simplest of diagram style of "coloured box with text and lines" element visualisations when they introduced the diagraming shapes.

Is it possible to hack it into on the local Archimate XML?
I agree the transformation process is challenging to figure out...and it varies across versions of EA.   I have been down that very same path.  Once you find your way through the EA interface and the related documentation it gets easier.

There are actually two transformations (I'm currently referencing EA version 15.1) that are very similar: "DDL" and "Tables".
Currently the only difference between these two transformations appears to be that the DDL template has code to deal with foreign keys.

To see the low level details of what occurs when you perform a transformation, you can reference the transformation code...this is located in a transformation template.

Go to the "Design" tab, "Tools", "Transform" and select "Transform Templates".

Now select the "DDL" option on the "Language" drop-down.
This will show you the actual transformation code.

You can also use this feature to modify/create customized transformations.

Here is a link to the current documentation:

I did try importing into an .eapx version, but still didn't work! Which version of EA are you using?
The importer works extremely well for me (around 3,000 classes and 270,000 attributes a couple of times a month).  But you must use *.eap file!  I don't know if it works with other model databases.
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