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Sparx System's New Web Server
« on: November 19, 2001, 04:39:08 am »
Sparx Systems are pleased to announce that we have changed to a bigger and faster web server, which we hope will make your visit to our website more enjoyable.  This change has brought about the need to also change some of the online applications we utilise like the discussion forum and mailout software.

Notes of Discussion Forum
We have installed the latest version of YABB (Yet Another Bulletin Board) by XNull, for details check see they site .  We believe that this new discussion forum will perform better than the previous forum (personally I like YABB more).
You will also notice that the Bug-Report and Request-A-Feature boards have been removed.  We had noticed that about half of the posts to these boards were duplicates, ie multiple users requesting the same item which meant that we needed to reply to each request.  The purpose of the discussion forum was two fold, 1) keep you the user up to date and 2) reduce our work load.  When users raises duplicate issues this tells us that neither of else two points are being met.  Another reason is that during peak development times we don't have the time to review all posts on the discussion forum, so for these reason we have gone back to mail requests only.
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