Author Topic: Zicom Mentor for EA - Version 2.1 Released  (Read 2657 times)


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Zicom Mentor for EA - Version 2.1 Released
« on: February 04, 2004, 06:16:07 pm »
  • Added an interactive viewer to the Visual Dictionary, allowing elements to be selected displaying context sensitive UML explanations, and toolbox definitions. The viewer allows a number of diagrams to be viewed for each dictionary element, giving element explanations and highlighting UML elements.

  • Added eighty (80) new UML diagrams (in Enterprise Architect format) to the dictionary pages with carefully crafted examples to exemplify aspects of the UML. The examples do not require any domain specific knowledge and have been designed to be immediately accessible. The diagrams use layout patterns to hint at usage and style guidelines.

  • Addition of interactive English language notes accompanying each diagram that highlight UML elements when clicked on. The text uses the same color palette as the diagram tints. The notes also explain
    parts of the UML relevant to the dictionary entry.

  • Correction to a number of grammatical and spelling errata.

  • The introduction of a consistent color palette to highlight grammatical concepts such as: Classifier (Slate Blue) and Instance-type dichotomy (Aqua).

  • Promotion of a number of elements from being synonyms to full entries in their own right eg: Generalization Tree, Horizontal Fork. This affects approximately eight elements.

  • Addition of a number of new UML entries. Including: Actor Instance, Association Instance, Actor (Classifier Form).

  • Ability to click from the lead picture on an entry page to target the example diagram viewer.