Author Topic: Version 3.10 (Build 457) released  (Read 2729 times)


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Version 3.10 (Build 457) released
« on: January 27, 2002, 02:49:35 am »
On the 27-Jan-2002
Enteprise Architect Version 3.10
A minor release (build 457) was uploaded to the website.

- ODBC import modifications. Limited support for DBASE files
- Fixed a bug in the Java import which adversely affected the parsing of classes with no Parent
- Java code generator now supports 'throws' clause - add a tagged value of type 'throws' to an operation to generate
- Bug in DataTypes dialog fixed
- Table attributes (columns) dialog now enables the Tagged  Values page correctly
- Addition of option in RTF dialog to 'Document all Elements' - this will include such items as Sequence objects, Boundaries etc.
- JET 4.0 subsystem upgraded to support Replication of Access 2000 format projects
- RTF report now sorts elements by Type, Custom position and then Name
- Views can now be dragged onto a diagram (as a Package)
- RTF Report has option to include Package details (status, constraints, requirements etc.)
- If Phase filter set in RTF report, packages which are less than that are not included (nor their children)
- Improved C++ parser handling of line breaks
- Tagged Values table now enabled on Table Columns dialog