Author Topic: Version 3.10 (Build 460) released  (Read 2582 times)


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Version 3.10 (Build 460) released
« on: February 12, 2002, 04:22:46 am »
On the 12-Feb-2002
Enteprise Architect Version 3.10
A minor release (build 460) was uploaded to the website.
Warning: this release includes extensive changes to the code generation and synchronization functions of EA, for this reason we recommend all user's become familiar with the new functionality before updating production projects.

Substantial changes to Code generation and parsing engines:
     -Method notes synchronized forward and reverse
     -Ability to update method type in code
     -Ability to update method parameter names in code
     -Ability to update attribute type
     -Update method and attribute scope (except C++/Delphi)
     -Update attribute default value in code
     -Update .cpp files as well as .h files for CPP
     -Better facility for generating properties from attributes
     -Improved property support in all languages
     -Numerous bug fixes for code generation
     -Improvements to comment extraction
     -Ability to set comment style for C++
Correct bug where Nodes always dropped as instances onto diagrams
Fixed problem where diagram keyboard input could be lost after editing operations or attributes
RTF templates will now accept empty heading and intro - all other headings move up one level
Correct bug where Attribute dialog did not have correct focus on open
Source and Target drop downs in Message Dialog now sorted
Autosize all now works correctly with Zoom sizes > 120%
Fixed problem with element properties not updating until re-selected
'Shallow' copy in Sequence and Collaboration diagrams now copies messages
Windows Metafiles are converted to Enhanced format on import - not dynamically - prevents occasional load errors
Fixed a bug that caused a crash when swapping between diagrams (under special circumstances)
Fixed bug that caused collaboration diagrams to print extra blank pages
Fixed bug that caused some text elements to generate extra blank pages when printing
Fixed XMI bug: Attribute 'const' flag not imported from XML file
Option (diagram local setting) to show 'linked package contents' in packages on diagrams
Ability to save import headers from Code Gen dialog without actually generating code (for later batch generation)
Visual Basic code generator will now create implementation methods for inherited methods
Following accelerators added:
     -F9 - open Attribute dialog
     -F10 - open operation dialog
     -F11 - generated selected class
     -Shift/F11 -generate all selected classes
     -F12 - View selected class source