Author Topic: SCC - Syntax error in query expression  (Read 605 times)


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SCC - Syntax error in query expression
« on: April 05, 2005, 12:11:16 pm »
Hi all! I'm evaluating EA Corp. Ed. in combination with StarTeam 2005. Setting up StarTeam and downloading and installing the SCC-interface is done and it works and it shows up in EA as an available SCC Provider. However when I have filled in the "Version Control Configuration"-dialog in EA I press save. I'm then asked to log on to StarTeam and that's no problem all projekt on the chosen server shows in the next dialog. After that I chose one of the projekts where I whant the models to be stored, fine. I fill out the next dialog to, with info about my chosen StarTeam-folder and press ok. Then it happens, EA (in the caption of the messagewindow) shows me a message saying


Syntax error in query expression "<VCConfigs><Config><Guid>klasserna</Guid><Type>0</Type><Provider>StarTeam Source Code control</Provider><ProjName>&lt;[Diagramarkivet]eatestIeatest&gt;eatest\klasserna</ProjName></Config></VConfigs>".

I have tried several different ways through that last dialog and letting EA/SCC use existing StarTeam-servers/setting up new. Using existing paths/setting up new always ending up with this tiresome last messagebox.

Does anyone understand what it means? Any ideas how to get around/fix this?

Best Regards