Author Topic: Enteprise Architect Version 3.10 - Build 467  (Read 4453 times)


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Enteprise Architect Version 3.10 - Build 467
« on: February 25, 2002, 02:36:31 am »
Changes for Build 467
Browser tree now supports objects being located under other objects ...
     eg. State nodes can all be placed under an owning Class node
     eg. A Collaboration node may have diagrams and objects under it
     eg. A Class may have activities located under them
Elements created or droppped onto an 'owned' diagram will become owned by the diagram owner ...
     eg. If a class has a state diagram under it, then all elements dropped onto
     state diagram automatically get located under that class as well.
Interfaces now display with name in italics (abstract class)
Interface operations now display in italics (abstract operations)
Static attributes (Class feature) are now displayed underlined
Static operations (Class feature) are now displayed underlined
Nesting relationship added (to Logical and Relation toolbars)
Added custom drawing of <<model>> and <<subsystem>> stereotype icon as per UML specification
Abstract class names in package contents rendered in italics
Bug fixed when viewing properties of element directly from tree then clicking on diagram straight after
Association end now displays Qualifier if set
Object instance now supports 'Role Played' as well as Name and classifier - <Name> / <Role> : <Class>
Added 'Iteration' element to Sequence diagram toolbar. Use to delimit iterative message passing
Inner classes linked with Nesting relationship instead of dependency
Activity and State elements now resize if text larger than visible element
C++ structs imported as stereotyped classes with <<struct>> stereotype
Underlining of Object name now correctly excludes /Role and :Classifier section

Bug fixed that stopped throws clause being picked up in Java reverse if throws on new line
Outlook toolbar size now stored/re-stored between sessions
Gen filenames now updated in current diagram when Local Path Dialog used (avoid having to reload diagram)
New classes etc. are automatically set to the current default coding language
Ability to set code page for XMI output (Local Settings/XML page)
Const value in VB with no explicit scope previously marked public - should be private
Line continuation characters cause problems in VB - added support for line continuation
Corrected bug where RTF documentation prints package notes twice - for heading and content
Back/forward diagram navigation stopped responding after 50 items - upped limit to 300 and investigating cause
Fixed bug where class persistence not in XMI output
Added ability to set Object persistence - moved Persistence attribute to page one of property dialog
Fixed bug where association name not displayed (build 465)
Some elements have minimum size set (eg. class, object, component...) to avoid bad drawing effects
Added 'IsQuery' property to operations dialog and XMI import/export
Added IsLeaf, IsRoot, IsSpecification and Multiplicity to class display as property string (when values set display under class name)
Use cases now support Extension Points ... access these from the Use Case context menu.
Use cases and Collaborations now display name in Bold if local setting Use Bold Names is set.