Author Topic: Version 4.5 - Build 741 Released  (Read 1932 times)


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Version 4.5 - Build 741 Released
« on: November 30, 2004, 08:37:47 pm »
Release Notes for EA 4.50 Build 741
Fixed issues when using Ctrl + Arrow keys to move elements in the project tree up or down the order
Fixed issue with project tree not receiving focus when clicking in the background area - impacted scrolling with mouse wheel and similar actions
Adjusted F4 hot key and element context menu for "Appearance" to support multi-select appearance change in the same fashion as Ctrl+Shift+E already did
Fixed issue where Package Elements were not drawn correctly when the "Show Requirements" option was enabled on the diagram.
Fixed issue where some resource elements made visible in the toolbox, were incorrectly placed onto UML diagrams.
Fixes issue where the Resource Tree would not refresh when Reference Data was successfully imported.
Fixed bug on Oracle repository when saving changes to a class attribute.
Fixed Oracle date comparison in Resource and Tasking Details Report.
Modified "Create a New Model" command to create a writeable model from a read-only base model.
Added support for copying files linked to in diagrams for HTML documentation generation.
Ensure editable item selected in table attribute list when dialog opens.
Fixed error modifying test having apostrophe in name.
Fixed display of use case metrics, ecf and tcf values on Oracle and PostgreSQL.
Fixed issue with diagram when resizing class and Object option "Auto-Reize marks dirty" is set on
Fixed issue where drawing of movable labels could cause GDI leaks in Windows9x
Fixed issue where creating new elements using the Elements->New Element command could cause EA to crash
Modified EA to allow creation of an instance of an Artifact
Some improvement to load time of very large models
Fixed issue where EA would not load the last-used User Layout when starting.
Fixed issue where HTML document generation would not include line breaks in html note fields when the "Preserve White space in Notes" option was used.
C++ parser updated to:
- Ignore any comments that appeared before compiler directives.
- Ignore comments before method parameters.
- Handle bitfield size specifications.
VB.Net parser updated to allow bracketed keywords for function and variable names.
Fix for Java parser where a new line appears between the function name and opening brace.
C# Parser updated to handle qualified indexers.
Fixed bug where the attProperty macro only sometimes worked.
Allowed 'Create Package per Namespace' for Import Source Directory with Java.

Data Modelling:
- Fixed import of SQL Server table and column comments.
- Fixed DDL MySQL UNIQUE INDEX syntax.
- ODBC Schema Import: fixed bug importing/generating unconstrained Oracle NUMBER datatype.
- Fixed bug creating foreign key into a unique column of a table where that table also has a primary key.
- Added multiple stereotypessupport in XMI 1.2 export for objects.
- Added metamodel tag to XMI 1.2 header.