Author Topic: RaQuest V2.3 release announce  (Read 872 times)

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RaQuest V2.3 release announce
« on: April 03, 2006, 07:36:34 pm »
RaQuest version 2.3 was already released, but I forgot
to announce here and received inquiries from users...

RaQuest is Requirements Management tool which integrates
highly with EA.

For example, if you make a relation between Requirements
and EA UML elements, you can see the relation
in both EA and RaQuest. You can check requirements
from 'Requirements' tab in EA element property dialog.

And you can trace from Requirement to UML elements to
check which elements are affected if you change the

Version 2.3 allows to use floating licenses of RaQuest, like
MDGLink or MDGIntegration.