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Version 3.10 - Build 468 released
« on: March 04, 2002, 02:21:45 am »
Enteprise Architect Version 3.10 - Build 468

Changes for Build 468
Connector lines now support user defined 'waypoints' ie. they are user routable
 - Use context menu or property dialog to set line style to Custom
 - Use context menu to add/delete waypoints (Toggle Line Point)
 - Highlight line and use Ctrl-Q to toggle line point at cursor position
 - Use Local Options dialog to set default line type to Custom if desired

Support element composition for Classes, Objects, Requirements, States.
 - Nesting like types graphically automatically creates composition relationship
 - Nesting packages creates a Nesting relationship

Boundary element border now differentiates between dotted or dashed line      
Sequence and Collaboration message dialog reworked to reflect UML 1.4 standards
Sequence and Collaboration message names reworked to UML 1.4 spec

Local Option added on Sequence page to use old message format (for diagrams specifically set up for old style)
XMI export dialog now includes option to export diagram images at same time as XMI generated

Automation Interface has added a new method to export a package to XMI - including diagram images
   The interface has an additional method:
   BSTR CProject::ExportPackageXMI(const VARIANT FAR& PackageGUID, long XMIType, long DiagramXML, long DiagramImage, long FormatXML, long UseDTD, const VARIANT FAR& FileName)
 Where PackageGUID = the GUID of the package to export
   XMIType = Rose or EA, 1= EA
   DiagramXML = Export XMI for diagrams
   DiagramImage = Format of Diagram image to export : -1 = no images, o = metafile, 1 = bmp, 2 = gif
   FormatXML = Format XML output, 1 = yes
   UseDTD = Use a DTD in the XMI header, 1 = yes
   FileName = Filename of XMI
 Images will be saved to a subdirectory called Images
 Images filenames will be constructed using DiagramGUID + image type extension

Relationship Matrix now has ability to save current setup as a profile for easy reloading
Void paramaters in C++ functions now rendered without parameter name
Unsigned parameter types now import/export correctly
Support for Virtual Inheritance in C++ added
Change to layout of diagram properties dialog
Addition of Hide Property checkbox to diagram dialog - hides <<property>> operations
Fixed a bug that could cause a GPF after viewing the Source or Target properties in the Relationship Matrix
Fixed bug that could cause generation of multiple implmented interface functions

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