Author Topic: Version 5.0 - Beta 2 Released For Registered Users  (Read 1592 times)


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Version 5.0 - Beta 2 Released For Registered Users
« on: May 05, 2005, 10:54:14 pm »
Sparx Systems are proud to advise that the second BETA of version 5.0 of Enterprise Architect is now available for download.  
Registered users can access the BETA from the Registered User section of our website at    
Please take note that EA 5.0 BETA is provided for evaluation and informational purposes as BETA software, and should not be used with production models or on production machines.  
Please report any bugs by using the page. Direct any suggestions and/or comments to  

Enterprise Architect Version 5.0
Release Notes for EA 5.0 build 761 Beta 2

Addition of MDA style model transformation engine (Professional and Corporate versions only)

Template driven for easy creation and modification of transforms

Simple intermediary language allows definition of complex transform targets

Full forward synchronization to allow PIM updates to be propagated to PSM(s)

Maintain multiple PSM(s) from single PIM

PSM classes may have additional attributes and operations added that forward synchronization will not modify

New fully WYSIWYG RTF template editor and report generator (all versions)

Powerful RTF template editor support:




Tabular Sections

Nested Tabular Sections

All model elements, connectors, diagrams and their contained properties

Template import/export using XML

Basic templates supplied for customization

New document generator

Simplified options

Generates complex documents based on new RTF templates

New embedded RTF viewer

View RTF documents generated in EA directly within EA

Compare (diff) Utility (Professional and Corporate versions only)

Embedded compare utility allowing comparison of model structure (package branch) to stored XMI

Deeply compare all model elements and connectors (diagrams not currently supported)

Shows added, deleted, moved and modified elements

Compare to XMI file on disk

Compare to latest version control XMI file from repository

Compare to stored baseline (Corporate version only)

New Baseline function (Corporate version only)

Store complete package branch in compressed XMI format within the current model

Perform compare on current package to stored Baseline

Maintain multiple baselines for any package

Use compare to determine changes, additions, deletions from the Baseline to current state

Version control changes:

Substantially improved support for version control of nested packages.

Nested VC packages are now not overwritten by import of parent VC package

VC packages now only write out nested package stubs instead of full details

Support to retrieve version control status of many files with a single query to the version control provider, improves load time of large models

Improved support of AccuRev version control.

Improved support of Perforce version control.

General bug fixes and enhancements

Perform check of all open diagrams when model subtree is refreshed after import of version control XMI

Model Consistency in shared environment (particularly where version control is employed)

Modified Project Browser to check status of selected element when right clicked or focused.

Detect when underlying element has been deleted or imported using XMI (including version control)

Reload model sub tree when inconsistency detected.

Modifications and improvements to Hierarchy window.

Includes dependency relationships

Include nested elements as dependency type

Added support for the import of binary modules such as Jar files, and .Net assemblies.

.NET binary import supported through reflection and/or decompilation to IL format

Data modeling changes:

Added support for reverse engineering of stored procedures for SQL Server and Oracle.

Fixed engineering of check constraints for Oracle and SQL Server tables.

Code Engineering:

Updated Property dialog to check for existing property that isn't linked when creating methods.

Fixed property dialog to check for property let functions in visual basic.

Added functionality to remove generalization and realization connectors not found in code when reverse synchronizing.

Added option to remove associations representing attributes not found in code when reverse synchronizing.

Fixed bug where attribute/operation positions were set incorrectly after reverse synchronising.

Added fix to support C++ operator() correctly

Addition of OCL type for element, attribute and operation constraints. Simple syntax checking included.

Automation changes:

Support for Add-in menu on connector and diagram

Added function to get selected connector

Added function to activate an Add-In tabbed window and give it focus

Modified EA to prevent closing Add-in tabbed view when user closes current model and opens another

Other functions added - see help file


Added additional accelerator key strokes to facilitate using EA by keyboard only

To ensure new accelerators available, go to Tools/Customize Keyboard tab - and press Reset All

Modified use of Arrow keys in a diagram to allow easier navigation and movement (see help)


Modified handling of UML Profile and UML Patterns in Toolbox

Show each UML Profile in separate toolbox tab

Modify behavior to be more like standard toolbox items (drag drop support, toolbox color etc.)

Some small changes to element menu to group advanced settings on separate sub-menu
Added option to prompt user on deleting connectors, "Hide in diagram" or "Delete from model".
Clean up of toolbar images and UI drawing
Improved user messages when shared key expires.
Fixed issue where nested element positions were lost in project view
Fixed issue with EA Lite opening models from certain repositories.
Disabled various menu items in EA Lite.
Fixed bug where new properties created in EA didn't get their positions set.
Added option to accept Windows authentication instead of logging on to models with security enabled.
Fixed bug where tagged values didn't show in diagram frames
Fixed issue with tagged values on stereotyped operations.
Fixed bug attaching a note to an element feature whose name includes an apostrophe.
Added functionality to allow changeable colors for status types
Enabled context-sensitive help on Add License dialog