Author Topic: Version 5.0 - Build 768 Released  (Read 2818 times)


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Version 5.0 - Build 768 Released
« on: July 13, 2005, 07:05:27 pm »
Significantly improved rendering time of RTF documents for Unicode EA documents with extended character sets
No longer allow multiple licence key checkout from same machine.
Modified docked relationships window to allow multi-selection when adding related elements to current diagram
Added auto-count feature for aliases.
Corrected direction of connectors created using Create Link dialog.
Fixed issue that prevented stereotype information being included in the OnPreNewConnector addin event
Fixed issue that prevented profile stereotypes based on certain meta-classes from being applied.
Fixed issue where images drawn in the built-in RTF editor/viewer we're incorrectly flipped.
Fixed issue where actors with alternate images were incorrectly drawn to clipboard.
Fixed issue of slow model loading when using certain Versions of CVS for version control.
Modified version control functionality to detect loss of connection to CVS server & alert user.
Fixed bug importing xmi with association names > 255 characters.
Fixed bug in syntax of generated DDL involving table owner and delimiteres ([[dbo].TableName] to  [dbo].[TableName]).
Fixed DDL import of multiple indexes from MySQL.
Fixed DDL import of multiple indexes from SQL Server.
Fixed problem where Scenarios attached to locked elements could still be edited through the dockable Scenarios dialog
Fixed problem of CVS not working when the specified path to cvs.exe contains spaces.
Fixed problem where the "Document Each Contained Element in RTF" diagram property option is ignored when generating documents with the new RTF Generator.
Fixed problem where Version Control configs that failed to connect to VC system, where left in the list of available configs.
Fixed problem where "Exclude Details for" option in the new RTF Generator would not work correctly for Activity Initial/Final and State Initial/Final elements.
Fixed issues with synchronising Java enumerations and methods with array parameters
Updated handling of tagged values in inherited and derived ports/parts
Added support for generating XML-based logs of the DiffMerge command.
Added support in the new RTF Generator for outputting RTF Bookmarks for Diagrams, Elements and Packages.
Code Template Updates:
- Updated Java Class Body template for enumerations to improve formatting.
- Update Java Parameter template to remove check for tagged value containing array information.
In Relationship Matrix, right-clicking outside of existing extended selection, replaces the existing selection with the clicked cell.
Fixed ODBC import of table owner for SQL Server.
Fixed ODBC import of MySQL auto_increment columns.
Fixed bug in CreateProperty dialog with updating a name.
Fixed problems transforming connectors to nested elements.
Fixed bug with java enumerations.
New substitution macros available in transform templates:
- %connectorEffect%
- %connectorGuard%
- %connectorTrigger%
- %connectorWeight%
Fixed context menu to observe user's permissions to lock elements in project tree.
Auto-checkin facility for shared keys.
Added automation method: Repository.GetDiagramByGuid
Fixed ImportTechnology to import tagged values, images, transforms.
Keystore now works under Wine and Novell client environments.
Added automation method: Repository.GetSelectedTreeObject.