Author Topic: Version 6.1 - Released (Build 785)  (Read 2717 times)


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Version 6.1 - Released (Build 785)
« on: January 18, 2006, 10:30:46 pm »
Sparx Systems are proud to announce that the Release Version 6.1 (build 785) of Enterprise Architect is now available for download.

Release Notes for EA 6.1 build 785  

Summary of new features in Enterprise Architect 6.1

New Model Wizard
   Range of Model Patterns to select from when creating a new model
   Kick-start development and modeling with pre-defined "starter" packages and views
   Patterns included for general use as well as Iconix and UP (Unified Process))
   Supplied patterns can be modified and supplemented by the end user
New Quicklink Technology
   New diagram behavior supports rapid creation of correct models                
   New user interface functionality to quickly draw new links "in place" with simple mouse clicks
   Ability to generate new elements and links concurrently
   Quicklinking is completely context sensitive and provides only "legal" UML connectivity options to speed development
   Quicklinking can also be integrated with UML Profiles (eg. the BPMN Profile available from the Sparx Website)

Updated .NET and Java debugger
   Sequence Diagrams now generated for a single, user-selectable thread
   Enhanced ability to "automatically", as well as "manually" step through a running application and generate Sequence diagrams
   Automatic detection of iterative loops when generating Sequence diagrams
   New Threads pane allows easy selection and debugging of specific threads
   Support for debugging and working with .NET 2.0 executables
   Many other refinements and fixes for both .NET and Java debuggers

MDG Integration
   Release 1.0 of the MDG Integration add-in for Visual Studio 2005 released concurrently with EA 6.1
   Provides deep integration of UML2.0 and EA's modeling capability into Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005

New Additional UML 2.0 Elements
   Signal, CentralBufferNode, Device, ExecutionEnvironment
   Structured Activity, State Machine, MergeNode
   CommunictationPath (link)
New Document Templates and Report Templates
   Added RTF document templates for reporting Use Case Scenarios, Diagram reports, Resource allocation, Model Glossary
   Added new document templates for linked documents such as source code reviews, test reviews and integration plans
   Linked document templates can be customised and added to by end users
Many other enhancements and fixes, including the following:                                
Generate DDL - added Oracle constraint state tags.
Added support for C++/CLI (.NET Managed C++)via option for C++ version.
Added Element Resource.Description field to the document generator
Fixed issue where Help Page became hidden behind EA
Added support for path substitution with version control.
Fixed problems with Package Control "browse" function.
Added support for use of sub-directories with CVS and Subversion.
Fixed problem with packages that are checked-out-offline, being locked by version controlled parent packages.
Disabled menu items Get Latest, Get All Latest, File History and File Properties whenever user selects "Version Control | Work Offline".
Fixed Notes not saving correctly
Show Behaviour check option now enables the Save button correctly.
Fixed deleting an attribute the Get/Set properties are now being deleted.
When copying an attribute, its Get/Set properties are now copied as well.
Fixed creating a Stereotype Override on cancel.
Fixed new interfaces not appearing on the Exposed Interface Dialog.
Fixed Notes links being dropped when the diagram was copied.
Fixed Diagrams Notes not being saved when navigating in the Project View.
Fixed parsing issue with C++ operator () methods.
Fixed possible crash after using Select Classifier to view class Operations.
Fixed problems with importing some .Net 2.0 libraries.
Fixed occasional parse errors importing Visual Basic 6 code.
Fixed export of RTF Documents as Reference Data.
Automation fix for EA.Repository.SaveDiagram()
Automation fix for EA.Method.Update()
Fixed drawing of diagram element if alternate image fails to load
Fixed override of inherited embedded elements when sub-class is in a different package.
Added option to rotate Fork/Join elements via their context menu.
Added "Add from toolbox" item to the diagram context menu.
Fixed positioning bug when resizing elements that are bound to their parents border.
Fixed problem of version control File History dialog not showing information when only a single revision exists.
Fixed issue where EA.Element.Abstract would be unchangeable when set to true
Fixed issue loading defined searches where Search Names may have alternate encodings
Fixed issue where EA freezes when using the Search & Report View in crossoveroffice 5.0
Fixed issue where printing State and Activity elements in linux draw incorrectly.