Author Topic: Version 6.5 - Beta Released For Registered Users  (Read 2307 times)


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Version 6.5 - Beta Released For Registered Users
« on: August 06, 2006, 05:32:59 pm »
Sparx Systems is proud to advise that the first BETA of version 6.5 of Enterprise Architect is now available for download.    
Registered users can access the BETA from the Registered User section of our website at    
Please take note that EA 6.5 BETA is provided for evaluation and informational purposes as BETA software, and should not be used with production models or on production machines.  
Please report any bugs by using the page. Direct any suggestions and/or comments to  
Enterprise Architect Version 6.5  
Release Notes for EA 6.5 build 795  
UML 2.1 Support

General changes to support latest UML 2.1 specification
Information Items and Information Flows
Association subsetting and redefinition
Generalization sets
Improved support for Triggers and Events in state transitions
Numerous small tweaks and refinements
Multiple stereotype support
XMI export for UML 2.1

Diagramming Improvements

New custom "Legend" elements
Improved, adjustable self-connectors for all connector types
Improved and extended "tree style" connections for most connector types
New curved line style available for ControlFlow, ObjectFlow, and StateFlow connectors
Ability to show composite elements as "diagram frames" with target diagram internally rendered
Significant changes to "Undo" capability:
- Improved ability to undo object deletions from diagrams
- Improved ability to handle connector deletions from diagram
- Improved general undo of moved labels
- Improved undo in sequence diagrams to restore message sequence
Option to create connectors precisely where the mouse is released - see Tools->Options->Links->New Connector End-Points
Option to snap new connectors to a perpendicular line - see Tools->Options->Links->Force perpendicular line
Creating a connector from an existing element to an empty area of the diagram will show the Quick Linker menu filtered to the connector type

XMI Support for UML 2.0 and UML 2.1

New support for both UML 2.0 and UML 2.1 export via XMI 2.1
Improvements in general XMI import/export speed
Export of UML 2.1 Profiles in XMI 2.1 format

MDG Technology Support

Custom diagram support for profiles
New Add-in event notifications
New Add-in model query and report view capability

Pan & Zoom Window

New docked "birds eye view" window for panning and zooming large diagrams

New HTML Report Generator for Web Publishing Models

Significantly enhanced HTML report generation
Capable of handling very large models deployed as HTML on the web
Outline structure mirrors actual model view

RTF Document Generator

Numerous refinements to generator
Ability to include tagged values as specific object level properties

User Interface Changes

General improvements to look & feel
Reorganized element and connector context menus
Test docked window modified to provide improved data entry and review
Maintenance, Requirements, Constraints, Scenarios windows modified for improved usage
Project Management and Resource windows modified for improved use
All toolboxes accessible in diagram from context menu "Create Element or Connector->" sub menu
Ability to switch toolbox from diagram context menu
Instant panning with middle mouse button (Tools->Options->Diagram->Auto-pan to revert to pre-795 panning)

Sequence Diagram Improvements

Support for nested/inline ports and parts
Nested callback activations
Activation quick buttons
Coregion notation UML 2.0
States snap to lifeline
Dragable timing constraint
Improved connection between message endpoints and fragments
Change condition order for fragments via quick buttons
Change top margin for diagram
Returns from callback messages
Improved undo support and more...

Debugging, Profiling and Visualizing Running Objects

Debugger support for Attaching to Process
Debugger support for Attaching to ASP.Net Web Service processes
Debugger support for Attaching to Java VM
New Object Workbench feature:
- Instantiate single Java or .NET classes in workbench mode
- Inspect object variables
- Invoke object methods passing custom parameters
- Record and diagram invocations
- Pass other workbench instances as parameters in invocations

Code Engineering Changes

Template Editor now invoked as a View in EA user interface
Improved parsing of code involving preprocessor commands

Version Control Changes

Support for Team Foundation Server (TFS) as a version control provider

Testing with jUnit and nUnit

Automatically record jUnit and nUnit test results after test execution
View test history and record all xUnit tests executed


Data modeling support for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
Data modeling support for SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase ASE views
Improved creation of data model composite foreign keys
ODBC DDL Import - improved import of MySQL tables with multiple foreign keys
ODBC DDL Import - improved import of MySQL INT(n) datatypes
ODBC DDL Import - fixed missing TIMESTAMP datatype importing from Oracle 10g
ODBC DDL Import - fixed import of check constraints from Sybase ASA version 9
Generate DDL - removed duplicate table owner for SQL Server

Automation and Add-In Interface Changes

New Add-In Manager window to enable and disable Add-ins
Added Project.RunModelSearch interface to execute Custom queries

ShapeScript Changes

Added StartCloudPath command for rendering cloud-like paths

Other Improvements

Improved performance when creating swim lanes on large Oracle models
Improved .NET error messages for automation exceptions
Fixed occasional crash when print previewing Relationship Matrix and closing via "X" button
Added orderly shutdown of EA when attempting to connect to an empty repository
Fixed issue saving long Package notes on Oracle repository
Automation EA_OnContextItemChanged now provides correct value for Guid on packages created through automation
Fixed Figure Number being calculated incorrectly with the legacy RTF Generator
Resolved issue where XMI import through automation would prompt for user input - accept current package or force reload
Enhanced version control functions in Automation Interface, now uses path substitution string to obtain working copy folder
Enhanced version control "Add" function in Automation Interface, now accepts log message
Improved version control "Undo Checkout" function - removed option to accept current package XMI file, always reloads
Added handling of some UML 2.x elements to XMI 1.1 with DTD