Author Topic: Version 6.5 - Released (Build 800)  (Read 2706 times)


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Version 6.5 - Released (Build 800)
« on: November 09, 2006, 03:10:21 pm »
Release Notes for EA 6.5 Build 800
Added support for importing EMX (*.emx) files.
Added support for SQL Server 2005 xml datatype.
Added handling of unsigned MS specific types to C++ parser
Added handling of generalizations to DDL transformation
Added handling for C++ methods returning a volatile member
Added handling of C++ generalization scope
Added automation call for importing individual files
Added ability to show multiple constraints on connectors
Added PI function macro to code generation templates
Added validation of attributes against association ends with the same name.
Added support for duplicate tags using the 'valueOf' field in RTF documents.
Added inplace editing of connector labels.
Added ability to change multiplicity from connector end context menu
Added cross table duplicate guids to data integrity check
Added support to allow multiple stereotypes to be applied to constructs using the Automation Interface
Added further corrections for case-sensitivity issues with TFS version control.
Added support for importing and generating WSDLs which use multiple prefixes for referencing the WSDL namespace.
Added ability for progress window to maintain its size across sessions
Improved import of Oracle NUMBER datatype to distinguish between NUMBER, NUMBER(50), NUMBER(10,2) types.
Improved DDL generation of DB2 autoincrement column.
Improved Visual Basic source code parsing
Improved import of foreign keys from MySQL InnoDB tables.
Improvements in Project Security, to observe user's permissions when attempting model updates from the Project Browser.
Improved import and generation of Delphi properties
Extended Synch Tagged Values and Constraints command to work for Activity Partitions.
Ensure new Elements created using the automation interface are owned by correct parents.
Removed option to "Force reload from XMI" when checking-out up to date packages in a shared model.
Modified Set Object State command to also list inherited states.
Modified Relationship Matrix to avoid incorrectly rendering elements with extended metatypes
Modified Artifact elements to preserve the 'artifact' keyword when applying stereotypes
Modified the processing of TFS results to accommodate non-english language output.
Stopped code generation changing diagram properties of class
Stopped code generation adding blank lines to end of files
Resolved issue creating a foreign key into a unique constraint (where the target table also has a primary key).
Resolved issue creating a foreign key between the same common datatypes (eg. integer datatype referencing serial datatype).
Resolved issue with DDL genration where a view with attributes was generated as a table.
Resolved issue importing database view and stereotype was uppercase instead of lowercase.
Resolved issue with drop-down lists for selection of VC configs not dropping-down under Windows 98.
Resolved issue importing Oracle tables where import list included a procedure with no name.
Resolved issue with ODBC DDL Import where "Include System Tables" checkbox not working (on Oracle).
Corrected code template conditional tag subsitution for connector and package tags
Corrected issue where Addin Manager dialog would show incorrect options
Corrected issue where source import may remove classes because of a parse error
Corrected issue where embedded elements would be incorrectly allowed to become direct package children.
Corrected issue where a Baseline in MDG Integrate for VS 2005 would cause a Javascript Error.
Corrected several minor issues with Element.ExtensionPoints property.
Corrected parsing of executable filenames containing more than one period.