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Version 7.0 - Released (Build 816)
« on: August 30, 2007, 08:35:16 pm »
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect Version 7.0

Release Notes for EA 7.0 Build 816
Added undo for Insert Related Elements command.
Added support for association-end tagged values and stereotypes in UML section of XMI 2.1.
Added DBMS dropdown to database view and stored procedure dialog.
Added support for border styles other than solid for ellipse and rounded rectangle boundaries.
Updated font scaling algorithm to
 Improve diagram appearance at all zoom levels
 Prevent inadvertent label wrapping at extreme zoom levels

General Improvements
 Removed namespace path in naming of reference classes in generated sequence diagrams.
 Removed overlapping of timelines in generated sequence diagrams.
 Selection of self messages on sequence diagrams having high call levels.
 Initial positioning of self message labels.
 Selection of transparent elements contained in another element.
 Importing documentation from an xml schema header and elements having inline complexType definitions.
 Generation of multiplicity to xml schema elements.
 Creation of profiled elements from automation interface.
 Rendering of timing constraints for messages on sequence diagrams.
 Merge of tagged values when applying a UML Pattern.
 Import of large notes and tagged values from XMI 1.1.
 XMI 2.1 export of operation behavior.
 XMI 1.0 export of package tagged-values.
 Handling of decimal symbol across all regional settings.
 Refresh of table objects when DBMS type is altered.
 Saving of tablespace for table elements.
 User manual improvements linked from Help buttons on dialogs.
 Behavior of Standard Mode and search results in Audit View.
 Readability and ordering of results in Audit History window.
 Integration with AllFusion Harvest version control provider.
 Importing and synchronizing table constraint columns.
 Importing unique indexes and foreign keys from Sybase ASE.
 Layout of fragments on sequence diagrams after deleting a message.
 Preventing creation of users with duplicate UserLogins or user groups with duplicate Group Names.
 Filtering of child packages based on Phase in RTF documentation.
 Generation of multi-line notes to RTF documentation.
 Inclusion of sequence numbers into RTF documentation.
 Indentation from Linked Documents into HTML documentation.
 ValueOf fields containing unicode text in RTF template editor.
 Refreshing foreign key information when opening and saving association properties.
 Added validation of 'Allocated Time' field in the Project Management window.
 Rendering of objects from diagrams showing diagram details to images.
 Prompts for saving changes in the Glossary dialog.
 Prevent users from deleting last model base root node in a model.
 List selection in various dialogs.
 Importing stored procedures (as individual classes) into a package when all diagrams are closed.
 Importing Informix database objects.
 Double-click of stereotyped document artifact opens text editor.
 Behavior of metatypes in the relationship matrix view.
 Embedding parts inside another part.
 Corrected reverse engineering of synonyms for Oracle tables.  
 Corrected reverse engineering of primary and foreign keys from PostgreSQL.
 Improved handling of diagram layout options when reverse engineering database schemas.
 Activity Partition stereotypes obey Show Element Stereotype option setting.
 Improved mouse tracking when sizing diagram swimlanes/grids at various zoom levels.
 Import of XMI into large models.
 Check to allow XMI import as root node.
 Generation of WSDL message parts.
 Nesting of packages within a diagram.
 Rendering of transition events on timing diagrams.
 Generation of connector constraints to RTF documentation.
 Generation of RTF documentation under Crossover Office.
 Size of objects with alternate images will be preserved.
 Creation of sequence messages by dropping an operation onto a lifeline.
 Display of sequence message format after changing it from context menu.
 Update of Audit View after adjusting audit settings.
 Corrected handling of adding activities from the element list and project browser.
 Improved rendering of swimlanes in UML diagram (frame) elements contained in other diagrams
 Improved rendering of swimlane names in diagram caption bar.
 Modification of transition details when changed in timing message dialog.
 Positioning of timing message labels when connector is first loaded.
 Improvements to drawing of dashed and dotted lines to printer and metafile devices.
 Improved undo behavior when adding an element with connections to embedded elements to a diagram.
 Diagram behavior when adding a package to the project browser.
 Improved XMI 2.1 export of packages containing various behavior diagrams.
 Pasting of Unicode characters into RTF editor.
 Performance of XMI import/export including alternate images.
 Allow StateMachine to be owned by a class element.
 Updates to open diagrams when connector properties change.
 Corrected several minor text rendering issues in Linux list controls.
 Updated Windows TaskBar button text to show current model when connected to DBMS repository.

Other Changes
 Allow merge of typed elements during pattern export.
 Corrected display of user names in Audit View.
 Warn users that Auditing will lock out Professional and Desktop editions
 Removing Field Protection from generated RTF documentation to allow later editing.
 Restructured appearance items in context menu for multiple diagram elements.
 Allow entering tab character into text fields using Ctrl+Tab.
 Stopped creation of example attribute on creation of new XSD Any element.
 Corrected display of file-name for Controlled Packages in "Import Package from XMI" dialog.
 Added diagram icon to diagram caption bar to add visual cue as to current diagram type
 Corrected auditing of security group locks.
 Prevented prompt to configure version control when model loaded by automation.
 Clarified error message when time-out waiting for version control provider.
 Update Toolbox for when changing the type of the current diagram.
 Allow automatic layout of Use Case diagrams.
 Diagram label wrapping is preserved when toggling bold text.
 Improved rules that allow new attributes and operations to be created with inplace editor.
 Improved usability of editing search filters.
 Clear Version Control configuration when importing package with strip guids enabled.
 Clear image for objects using an alternate image when that image is deleted.
 Prevent entry of carriage returns while editing connector labels.