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Version 7.0 - Released (Build 817)
« on: September 23, 2007, 08:27:38 pm »
Release Notes for EA 7.0 Build 817

General Improvements
 Modified auto-checkout of shared keys to provide warning when no keys can be obtained and to retain auto-checkout list when keys are not available.
 Improved model load time for models with many packages.
 Display audited changes to attribute default outside of Raw Mode.
 Improved Auditing SQL construction.
 Rendering of Pan & Zoom window immediately after diagram is loaded.
 Behavior of Audit Reverse Engineering option.
 Performance of message-operation updates.
 Models opening searches in output window on startup.
 Encode tagged value enumerations to allow for embedded commas.
 Make "Add Model Using Wizard" command available in task pane.
 Display of RefGUIDList tagged values.
 Modified display of operation parameters in tagged values window.

User Interface and Diagramming Changes
 Added option (Tools/Options/Objects) to automatically scale up all viewed diagrams by a personal scaling factor (between 10% and 50 %)
 Sizing swimlanes while hold alt key doesn't effect swimlane other swimlane positions.
 Moving of embedded elements when resizing swimlane matrix.
 Don't layout diagram if "Insert Related Elements" doesn't add new objects to diagram.
 Copying a timing diagram also copies messages.
 Expose IsComposite property to shape scripts.
 Changing association end objects on communication diagrams also updates children messages.
 Stopped State Table Diagram from resetting current mode.
 Added "States" edit button to timing diagram 'State Lifeline' elements.
 Improved hit-test behavior when dropping stereotyped element from toolbox over another object.
 Hide "Insert Related Elements" command for elements that don't appear in project tree.
 Prevent composite diagrams from being opened on creation.
 Vertical Activity Partition stereotypes obey Show Element Stereotype option setting.
 Stopped changing model appearance for multiple objects marking the current diagram dirty.
 Add timeline element and saving persists default state.
 Updating position of elements on diagrams when changing diagram matrix row height.
 Disable "Show element type (Port and Part only)" option for all other element types.
 Hide context menu commands that don't work for labels with shape scripts.
 Corrected behavior of selectable setting on boundary, screen, UI control, text and hyperlink elements.
 Corrected display of diagram context menu when the project browser has no selection.
 Allow saving of existing diagram changes before changing diagram, object or connector type.
 Allow saving of existing diagram changes before synchronizing profiled elements.
 Usability of Swimlanes Matrix dialog.
 Various rendering improvements under Crossover Office (LINUX).

 Table of contents in generated HTML documentation.
 Rendering of notes in RTF reports.

Version Control
 Improved "Get Package" command, to handle Subversion users having restricted access to SVN repositories.
 Improved processing of localized output from Subversion - connection now independent of locale.

Database Modeling Improvements
 Database type set on tables imported from SQL Server 2005 databases.
 Improved checking validity of and writing generated DDL to a file.
 Prevent occasional truncation of view definitions when doing ODBC import from various database types.
 Allow self-connectors for foreign keys to show each distinct label.
 Open DDL generation dialog for Generate when data modeling class selected.
 Improved handling of deleting foreign keys and creating foreign keys involving multiple tables.
 Allow removal of primary key constraint from a column being used to reference another table.
 Allow tagged values used for DDL Generation of properties for Oracle tables to contain the keywords to be generated.
 Propagation of column changes to the keys they are used in.
 Modified Class toolbox to create tables identically to the Data Modeling Toolbox.
 Restructured column properties dialog for consistency with other dialogs.
 Writing of files for DDL generation.
 Import of timestamp columns from MySQL ODBC import.
 Added option to select DB2 Windows or other DB2 versions for reverse engineering database schema.
 Generation of DDL sequences for Oracle columns when using aliases.
 Added support for creating unique constraints in "Foreign Key Constraint" window.
 Allow MS Access long and long integer foreign key columns to reference counter columns.
 Improved handling of progress dialog retrieving table list or details causes an error when reverse engineering a database.

 XSD Generation of model groups containing other elements.
 Logging of port creation during WSDL import.
 Round trip of non-compliant state operation return types in XMI 2.1.
 Round trip of connector line styles in XMI 2.1.
 Round trip of properties of non-UML elements in XMI 2.1.
 Improved export of association-classes in XMI 2.1.
 Exporting Operation Parameter direction and Operation Concurrencies as specified in UML Superstructure to XMI 2.1.
 Referencing correct classifier during an XMI import with StripGUIDs option.
 Added ability to import tagged-value notes > 4000 chars into Oracle from XMI.
 Updating large classifier sets when importing XMI.
 Layout diagrams after XML Schema and WSDL import.

Code Engineering
 Importing of Actionscript XML expressions.
 Synchronization of enumerations into existing classes and C source files.
 Handling of code and transform templates generating many levels deep.
 Performance of code generation of inherited methods.

Other Improvements
 Improve drawing of logos in MDG Technologies dialog.
 Allow any kind of Behavior to be used as classifier of CallBehaviorAction element.
 Draw AcceptCallAction as a concave pentagon.
 Improved Java Debugger selection of class loader for debug class.
 Allow save a element of Alias and Notes on PostgreSQL repository.
 Amended behavior of Docked Windows that allow data entry when docking with the project browser.